9 Awesome Things To Do In Toronto

9 awesome things to do in toronto

Arguably Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the entire world. More than a third of the people who live here speak a language other than English and French. Plus, more than half of them were born outside the country. Meaning lots of sights, flavours and over 180 different dialects and languages. It is such a massive city that you will find endless fun things to do in Toronto. Whether you like shopping, history, foods, architectural structures or famous events; chances are this sprawling city has everything you wish for. 

Toronto is also called ‘the melting pot of Canada’. It welcomes over 40 million visitors annually. Thus, stands at overall visitor spending of $7.2 billion during their visits. This speaks volumes about why it is the most visited city in Canada. This article will explore all the best things to do in Toronto. Let’s get started with this adventurous rollercoaster ride of the city.

1. Witness The Spectacular View From The CN Tower

CN Tower is one of the city’s must-see attractions. This 553 metres high structure is not only the tallest building in Toronto but also on the entire continent. Until 2007, it was the world’s tallest freestanding structure. 


Given so many details about the height of this tower, the next thing can only be soothing your eyes with this view yourself. It tops the list of Toronto attractions. You may appreciate this beauty from the ground or a glass floor inside the building at a height of 342 metres. The highest viewpoint is SkyPod at 447 metres. If you want even more adrenaline rushing through your body then you may opt for SkyWalk where participants stand on a hands-free ledge towering over the city.

People having Acrophobia (fear of heights) are recommended to not try this. 

Address: 301 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Pro Tip: Get as early as you can over here. The queues can keep you waiting for multiple hours so to avoid that reach way before the opening time. 

2. Dive Deep Into The Marine Life 

Just at the base of CN Tower is Ripley’s Aquarium. Don’t forget to visit this place while leaving the tower. The aquarium is home to over 450 different species in its 5.7 million gallons of water. Definitely, one of the best places to visit in Toronto.

The most impressive part of the museum is The Dangerous Lagoon, which is a huge underwater tunnel where you can see sharks, stingrays and turtles swimming above your head. The Rainbow Reef is also popular particularly because of its interactive dive show. Again, this experience cannot be put into words. It is a must-visit and a serene experience for all ages. 

Address: 288 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto

3. Engulf In History

The Royal Ontario Museum is a premier museum of Canada and has an international reputation for excellence. It is home to natural history, art and culture from around the world and all eras. This place is easily recognisable because of its outstanding ‘crystal’ architecture. 

It has a collection of more than six million artefacts that are up for display in 40 separate galleries. In addition to that, they also have collections of minerals, dinosaur bones, fine arts and design items from the Art Deco period. Soaking in all the history is one of the other best things to do in Toronto. 

Address: 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto

Things To Do In Toronto

4. Visit An Island 

It is a mandate to visit the most popular Centre Island when visiting Toronto. Take a ferry from Queen’s Quay Terminal to the Toronto Islands. There are 13 islands in total and they spread across 820 acres. They have picnic areas, a beach, amusement parks and magnificent gardens. 

You can also try various water activities here which makes it one of the best things to do in Toronto.

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5. Tour A Castle

Casa Loma – the Gothic Revival castle – is one of the most unique pieces of architecture in the city. Right when you enter this castle, time will rewind and take you back to a period of European elegance and splendour. It has close to 100 rooms and almost three dozen bathrooms. The secret passages, decorated suites, ecstatic gardens and towers are surely mesmerising. 

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

Fun Fact: Casa Loma has been featured in many films, including The Pacifier,  X-Men and Chicago.

6. Shop Until You Drop

Toronto has a total of 9,520 streets. Even if you call yourself a shopaholic, this one is going to be difficult for you to cover. Starting from Toronto Eaton Centre to Yorkville, there is something for everyone with money to spend in their pockets. This is yet another one of the amazing things to do in Toronto. 

Chinatown is the go-to shop for designer duds and cheap souvenirs. Queen Street West has some funky independent boutiques for trendsetters

7. Spend Some Time With Animals

The Toronto Zoo seems impossible for most tourists to explore entirely in one visit. It has over 5,000 animals living here in its natural environment. This massive zoo is divided into several zones each of which intends to represent a major region of the globe. 

Some of the animals here include giraffes, penguins, orangutans, hippos, lions, tigers and polar bears. It lies about 40 kilometres northeast of the city centre.

Address: 361A Old Finch Road, Toronto

8. Stroll Through Markets and Graffiti Alley

Kensington Market is an area with a bohemian and multicultural vibe. This National Historic Site used to be a Jewish market. However today it is home to all sorts of artists, writers and foodies. The music from the street-side musician, the smell of incense, the shops that display colourful murals and street art will leave you overwhelming. If you enjoy calm walks then this would be one of the perfect places to visit in Toronto.

This place is the apex of multiculturalism in Toronto. Tibetan jewellery, bags, purses can also be easily found here. The restaurants and coffee shops offer a range of choices like Jamaican, Mexican and Tibetan. Also, make it a point to appreciate the graffiti all along the journey. You can also find eclectic tattoo shops over here. 

You can also visit St. Lawrence Market that has plenty of vendors selling food, products, flowers and other items. 

9. Be A Part Of Some Amazing Festivals and Events

September’s Toronto International Film Festival, Pride Week, The Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival are some of the world-renowned events that attract stars from all over the world. When in Toronto, check for these and many more events and be a part of them. These will be the most incredible and enthralling experience you ever lived.  

The ‘Things To Do In Toronto’ list is endless. However, these were (or what we believe) to be the best ones. Other sights that may interest you include:

  • The Hockey Hall of fame
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Day trip to Niagara Falls
  • Royal Alexandria Theatre
  • City Hall & Nathan Phillips Square
  • Eaton Centre
  • Yonge Dundas Square

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘9 Awesome Things To Do in Toronto’. We hope you enjoyed it and if you wish to more of our content then we suggest you give a read to the following blog as well.

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9 awesome things to do in toronto

9 Awesome Things To Do In Toronto

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