Comparing Perth Vs Sydney Cost Of Living: 2024

A girl comparing Perth Vs Sydney Cost Of Living

Dreaming of studying Down Under? Australia, with its vibrant cities and world-class universities, beckons students worldwide. But before packing your bags, a crucial decision awaits: Perth or Sydney?

Both cities are top contenders, offering diverse experiences and academic excellence. Yet, understanding the cost of living plays a vital role in making an informed choice. Buckle up as we unveil a comprehensive comparison of Perth and Sydney’s living expenses, helping you navigate this critical aspect of your study abroad journey.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

The Numbers Speak Perth vs Sydney Cost of Living:

  • Perth: The average annual cost of living in Perth sits at a comfortable AU$17,820.
  • Sydney: While offering a bustling metropolis experience, Sydney demands a higher price tag, averaging AU$23,820 annually.

These figures encompass essential expenses like accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, and more. But wait, there’s more! This guide delves deeper, providing a meticulous comparison of various living costs in both cities. Stay tuned as we explore:

  • Accommodation: From bustling apartments to student-friendly co-living options, we’ll compare the housing landscapes.
  • Transportation: Discover the costs of navigating each city’s public transport infrastructure and potential alternatives.
  • Food and Groceries: Explore the affordability of groceries and dining out options in both locations.
  • Additional Expenses: We’ll shed light on miscellaneous expenses you might encounter, from phone bills to entertainment.

Armed with a clear understanding of the cost of living, you can make an informed decision about your Australian study destination. So, let’s dive deeper and uncover which city offers the most cost-effective environment for your academic adventure!

Breakdown Of Perth Vs Sydney Cost Of Living

As previously mentioned in the above section, the average annual cost of living in Perth is AU$ 17,820, whereas that in Sydney is AU$ 23,820. We can clearly derive that Sydney is more expensive to live in. However, to properly understand Perth vs Sydney cost of living, let us look at each factor individually. The following table consists of a side-by-side comparison of Perth vs Syndey cost of living.

ParticularsMonthly Living Expenses in Perth (AU$)Monthly Living Expenses in Sydney (AU$)
Off-Campus Accommodation AU$ 352AU$ 705
On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 640AU$ 936
TransportationAU$ 168AU$ 160
Food CostAU$ 696AU$ 754
Utility CostAU$ 147AU$ 190
EntertainmentAU$ 66AU$ 51
GroceriesAU$ 147AU$ 182
ClothesAU$ 77AU$ 103
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation AU$ 1,485AU$ 1,985
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation AU$ 1,773AU$ 2,216
Annual Cost of LivingAU$ 17,820AU$ 23,820

Housing (Perth vs Sydney Cost of Living)

Both off-campus and on-campus accommodation in Sydney are nearly 50% more costly than in Perth. However, we can conclude that on-campus accommodation is more expensive in both places. Off-campus housing has other benefits, too, such as more flexibility, liberty, and choices. Consider the following table for a better insight into accommodation prices in Perth and Sydney.

ParticularsLocationCost in Perth (AU$)Cost in Sydney (AU$)
Rent of 1BHKIn city centreAU$ 1,626/monthAU$ 2,576/month
Outside city centre AU$ 1,277/monthAU$ 1,854/month
Rent of 3BHKIn city centreAU$ 2,638/monthAU$ 4,895/month
Outside city centreAU$ 1,816/monthAU$ 2,638/month
Total cost of an apartmentIn city centreAU$ 6,900/sq. m.AU$ 15,968/sq. m.
Outside city centreAU$ 4,274/sq. m.AU$ 9,464/sq. m.
Mortgage rates3.08%AU$ 2.74%

Finding accommodation by yourself can be challenging in a foreign place. Fortunately, UniAcco can help you out! We assist you in comparing different properties in the same place so you can pick one that suits your needs and preferences. Check out the following table for some of our top recommendations for accommodation options in Perth.

AccommodationWeekly Rent Starting From (AU$)Room options
Campus Perth AustraliaAU$ 224Studio, co-living spaces
Murdoch University VillageAU$ 189Shared apartments
Boulevard PerthAU$ 319Shared apartments, studio
Perth CentralAU$ 305Studio, shared apartments, ensuite

Similarly, check out housing options in Sydney in the following table. It is advisable to choose one that has maximum utilities and amenities within a budget that suits your pocket!

AccommodationWeekly Rent Starting From (AU$)Room options
Scape DarlingtonAU$ 769Studio, apartments
Scape Redfern0AU$ 399Apartments, twin apartments, studios
UKO AnnandaleAU$ 580Studio
Y Suites on GibbonsAU$ 539Studio, standard apartments, twin sharing rooms
Redfern VillageAU$ 400Balcony studios, single room, twin sharing rooms, apartments

Transportation an Important Factor in Perth vs Sydney Cost of Living

Miniature car on the globe showing cost of living in Australia for transportation

Both Perth and Sydney foster a well-connected network of public transportation. Although private transport is also available, it is significantly more expensive than public means of transportation. Also, it is highly advisable for students to look for housing properties within walking distance of their college campus as it will help them save both money and time of commute. Students can also avail of student passes and other concessions to save on expenses. Here’s a compilation of the average costs of transport.

ParticularsCost in Perth (AU$)Cost in Sydney (AU$)
A one-way ticket for local transportAU$ 4AU$ 4.5
Monthly Pass AU$ 139AU$ 217.39
Fuel/litreAU$ 1.63AU$ 1.73
Taxi (Starting)AU$ 6.54AU$ 5
Taxi/kmAU$ 1.86AU$ 2.7

Food And Groceries

The cost of food in Perth is around AU$ 696, whereas that in Sydney is AU$ 754. Similarly, groceries in Sydney are priced at AU$182, considerably more than that in Perth, AU$ 147. Food, groceries, dining out or takeaway are highly subjective expenses. They depend on each person’s standard of living and preferences. Generally, groceries are priced around 3.06% higher in Sydney than in Perth. Let’s explore the standard cost of basic groceries.

ParticularsCost in Perth (AU$ )Cost in Sydney (AU$ )
Milk – 1 litreAU$ 1.69AU$ 1.7
White Bread – 500gmAU$ 2.51AU$ 3.05
Eggs – one dozenAU$ 4.82AU$ 4.81
White rice – 1kgAU$ 2.66AU$ 2.71
Potatoes – 1kgAU$ 2.89AU$ 3.39
Lettuce – 1 headAU$ 2.18AU$ 2.61
Tomatoes – 1kgAU$ 4.82AU$ 6.17
Chicken – 1kgAU$ 10.78AU$ 11.32
Cheese – 1kgAU$ 11.67AU$ 12.15
Apples – 1kgAU$ 4.82AU$ 4.29
Oranges – 1 headAU$ 3.71AU$ 3.57

You can save on the cost of dining out by accessing student discounts. Some places offer concessions on entry to students if they can produce valid proof of identification and university. Although, in theory, the difference between restaurant prices is 3.4% higher in Sydney than in Perth, it isn’t much in practice.

Entertainment & Miscellaneous

Other than the housing, commute, utilities and groceries, a major portion of monthly expenditure comprises clothing, accessories, and recreational expenses. Although these costs can be adjusted depending on the budget, preferences and overall living standards, they still contribute significantly. Look at the following table for a better insight.

ParticularsCost in Perth (AU$ )Cost in Sydney (AU$ )
Pair of JeansAU$ 91.32AU$ 111.02
Dress (from chain stores)AU$ 113AU$ 120.28
Nike shoesAU$ 178.39AU$ 171.53
Business shoesAU$ 208.34AU$ 193.36
Movies – 1AU$ 19AU$ 20
Gym/fitness club – monthlyAU$ 73.62AU$ 88.17

ROI – Returns on Investment

ROI indicates the amount of money or benefits you derive against the initial investment. In simpler terms, ROI could be the average annual salary earned against the annual cost of tuition. Let’s first begin with the former to analyse the returns on investment while comparing Perth vs Sydney cost of living.

Tuition & Salary in Perth

Check out the popular universities in Perth and their average annual cost of tuition.

University NameCost of Studying in Perth (AU$ )
Edith Cowan University AU$ 32,000
Murdoch University AU$ 30,000
Curtin University AU$ 25,000
University of Notre DameAU$ 37,000
The University of Western Australia AU$ 30,000

To understand the returns, let’s look at the average annual salaries in Perth for some of the most popular job profiles. Perth has an average annual salary of AU$   94,985.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (AU$ )
Operations Manager AU$ 93,000
AccountantAU$ 62,000
Project Engineer AU$ 87,000
Mechanical Engineer AU$ 80,000
General Manager AU$ 117,000

Tuition & Salary in Sydney

After Perth, let’s consider the cost of tuition in Sydney. The following table consists of the popular universities and their average annual fees.

UniversityAnnual Cost of Tuition (AU$ )
The University of SydneyAU$ 50,194
University of New South WalesAU$ 31,494
University of Technology SydneyAU$ 22,872
Macquarie UniversityAU$ 37,665
Western Sydney UniversityAU$ 32,999
Charles Sturt UniversityAU$ 32,362

Next, for an accurate comparison of Perth vs Sydney cost of living, let us look at the average annual salaries for popular jobs. The average annual salary in Sydney is AU$ 91,278.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (AU$ )
Operations Manager AU$ 91,439
Software EngineerAU$ 88,000
Project ManagerAU$ 1,09,852
Marketing ManagerAU$ 93,720
Account ManagerAU$ 70,955

Conclusion – Perth vs Sydney Cost of Living

After analysing all major expenses, it is quite evident that Sydney is considerably more expensive than Perth. The key to coming ahead of your expenses is budgeting wisely and saving more. It is advisable to verify the amenities and utilities included in your rent to save on the total monthly expenditure. Other than this, try to avail as many discounts and student concessions as possible.

In the end, Perth vs Sydney cost of living is a mere comparison. Choosing the city you wish to live in also depends on your choice of universities, preferences, and career goals. However, if living expenditure is a significant contributor, Perth might be more suitable for you.


1. Is it more expensive to live in Sydney or Perth?

The cost of living in Sydney is significantly more than in Perth. Whether you consider housing, commute, groceries or dining out, Sydney costs more in each aspect.

2. Which city has better attractions – Sydney or Perth?

Both Perth and Sydney have lovely beaches and attractions. But Sydney tends to be more crowded, whereas Perth has more scenic aesthetics and isolated surroundings. 

3. Which city has a better salary, Perth or Sydney?

The average annual salary in Sydney is AU$ 91,278. On the other hand, Perth has an average annual salary of AU$ 94,985. Thus, Perth has slightly better returns on investment.

Thank you for reading our guide to Perth vs Sydney cost of living! If you enjoyed this blog, check out others on our website –

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A girl comparing Perth Vs Sydney Cost Of Living

Comparing Perth Vs Sydney Cost Of Living: 2024

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