What Are The Benefits Of Living With Friends As Roommates?

Benefits Of Living With Friends

Written by Kimberly Linhares

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July 30, 2021

Yes, that could be a decision worth taking. As teenagers, we’ve all come across a movie or a tv show about two best friends moving in together and the first thing that comes to mind is,” That could be me and my best friend!” There are many benefits of living with friends. Well, I’m here to elevate the excitement of moving in with friends a little more for you! 

Benefits Of Living With Your Best Friends

Entertaining Chores 

You no longer need to feel awkward while you sing and clean since now, you have backup vocals and dancers! Chores begin to feel more like fun activities rather than a job.

It’s Like You’ve Got Two Wardrobes 

If your friend has good style, you’ve got some really stylish clothes to slip into. As friends, we love to share not only thoughts but also clothes. Living together comes with the perks of barging into each other’s wardrobe and you instantly have two wardrobes now! No need to go shopping! Although this is one of the benefits of living with friends, it’s good to have some boundaries. Follow one rule, if you come across anything in your friend’s wardrobe that is brand new, avoid being the first one to wear it.

Binge Buddy

We all love to binge-watch a tv show or movie series and spend a few hours relaxing. When you’re living with friends, this binge session is no longer only just you. You’ve got a company that is borderline amazing. Even the simplest tv marathon becomes a party when you love your roommates, who definitely won’t judge when you want to watch just one last episode, ten times in a row.

Sharing A Shoulder To Lean On

Having friends to go back to every evening is not only something you’d look forward to but it is good for your mental health too. Whether it is a recent breakup, an argument with another friend or you’ve had a horrible day at work, your friend will always be there to listen to it all. You’ve got someone to talk to about how you feel, every day and it’s probably the best benefits of living with friends

Have Each Other’s Back

Living together with your friends gives you the liberty to lean on each other and always have each other’s back. Those heartfelt conversations form a bond and you get to know more about their likes, dislikes, and weird little habits.

A Game Of Errands

Whether you’re headed to the store, gas station, or fast food joint, you now have a bunch of back seat passengers to shout out music lyrics with you. It’s mind-boggling how fast grocery shopping becomes a grocery store adventure when you’re living with a friend. Probably the best part of living with a friend is that daily errands become an adventurous game of errands!

No One To Judge

A new roommate might not like it if you leave your dishes in the sink after a long tiresome day. But the benefits of living with friends are that these things don’t matter that much. When you share a home with your friend they know exactly what to expect from you as a roommate as they are familiar with your habits and schedule and vice-versa. They won’t judge you for postponing your part of the chores.

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Reasons You Should Live With Friends 

Apart from all the fun and games here are some ways friends improve our lives, mentally and physically, keeping us healthy.

Cope With Stress

A study conducted by a university found that people use their family and friends as a stress buffer. Speaking up about their problems to a loved one, instead of seeking negative coping mechanisms like drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs. People who spend time with family and friends find healthier ways to cope with stress. 

Life Lengthening

The benefits of living with friends that contribute to positive health effects are important. It is known that older adults with a huge social network have a strong episodic memory, better cognitive functions (mental abilities like learning, thinking, remembering, etc), and a lower allostatic load which is the wear and tear of being stressed. Having an outing or going shopping with friends helps with stress.

Boosts Mental Well-Being 

One study found that people who view their friends and families as supportive reported a greater sense of meaning in life and felt like they had a stronger sense of purpose. The emotional support provided by social relations enhances your mental well-being. 

Cardiovascular Health

Having good friends and a strong social support network can relieve stress. Stress can actually encourage inflammation in the arteries, which is a parent to diseases like atherosclerosis or clogged arteries. One found that people who discussed difficult times in their lives had a lower pulse and blood pressure when they had a friend by their side. The Benefits of living with friends are that it can keep you stress-free! 

The Pros Of Living With Friends

  • You are already buddies
  • You’ve known each other for a long time
  • You both will get along and you might have a lot in common
  • You can do the most mundane things and it’ll be exciting
  • You can marathon tv shows or movies, or have game nights and host parties
  • You are used to sharing. 
  • You don’t mind sharing 

Moving in with a friend is not always sunshine and roses, everything has its pros and cons. Roses have thorns that could hurt and sunshine could leave a burn. But along with all the good and bad times that you may experience with your roomie, it’ll only bring you closer to each other. 

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