Top 10 Language Schools In UK In 2024

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According to Statista, over 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English as their primary and secondary language. Thus, English has inevitably become a crucial aspect of our lives as a major communication language. If you’re an international student seeking to improve your English language skills or a native speaker interested in learning a new language, the UK offers a wide assortment of highly-regarded language schools. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these institutions provide a diverse range of courses to cater to learners coming from different backgrounds. In this guide, we’ll discover the top 10 language schools in UK that are widely known for their academic excellence. 

School NameLocationAge GroupAverage Tuition (£/week)Focus
OISE LondonLondon, Oxford, Cambridge17+300-550Intensive courses
EC London Covent GardenCentral London30+80-390Adult learners
London Schools of EnglishCentral London20+860-1800Personalised learning
UCI Oxford InternationalOxford17+75-250Flexible scheduling
Kaplan International English London Covent GardenCentral London16+300-390An international network of diverse students
Regents University LondonLondon16+300-350Non-profit, practical skills focus
LAL London Summer SchoolLondon16+44-1000Summer programme, global network
Home Language InternationalNationwideChildren (<18), Adults (18+)900Full-time immersion with tutors
Oxford International Study CenterNationwide14-19300-550University preparation (A-levels, GCSEs)
Wimbledon School of EnglishLondon16-80135-1000Wide range of courses, all ages

Why Choose Language Schools In UK?

As an international student, the language barrier can bring forth certain challenges. While most students may not face this issue, it is a common concern. The impact caused by language barriers has been a major issue for years, according to many. Fortunately, almost all universities now feature dedicated language schools or centres where students can acquire proficiency in new languages. However, the United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after destinations for language learning due to these reasons:

  • Language schools in the UK maintain a strong reputation for academic excellence, regularly audited to uphold high standards.
  • England offers a culturally rich environment, providing abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Experienced and qualified teachers in the UK offer daily language instruction and extensive resources for comprehensive learning.
  • Languages in UK schools provide you with exposure to different accents, expressions, and vocabulary groups.
  • Studying English in the UK offers the opportunity to immerse in the local culture, from literary icons to iconic music, developing a deeper appreciation for the language and its heritage.

 Top 10 Language Schools In UK

The UK is widely admired for its cultural diversity and which other place could be better than England to learn English? For beginners and advanced learners, the country offers a thriving environment for those willing to elevate their language skills. Thus, here is an assortment of the 10 best language schools in UK for an enriching experience:

OISE London

OISE (Oxford Intensive School of English) is a renowned language school in the UK, featuring branches in premium locations like London, Oxford, and Cambridge which makes it one of the finest language schools in the country. 

  • Catering to students aged 17 and above, the school’s curriculum presents a diverse range of courses, including individual and specialised programmes tailored to meet specific learning needs. 
  • With a team of exceptional teachers, highly motivated students, and cutting-edge learning materials, OISE provides an unparalleled language learning experience.

Average Tuition Fees: £300 – £550 per week

Popular Age Group: 17 and above

EC London Covent Garden 

Located amidst the heart of London’s Covent Garden district, EC London Covent Garden English School offers a premium language learning experience tailored specifically for individuals aged 30 and above.

  •  It is one of the best language schools in the UK as it provides an engaging environment for adult learners seeking to enhance their English proficiency.
  • Strategically located in one of London’s most popular areas, the school is surrounded by a plethora of attractions, shops, and dining options, ensuring that students can seamlessly blend their language studies with exploring what the city has to offer. 
  • With over 50 years of experience in teaching English, EC London Covent Garden English School is certainly a strategic choice. 

Average Tuition Fees: £80 – £390 per week

Popular Age Group: 30 and above

London Schools Of English

With its origins tracing back to 1912, the London School of English stands as one of the oldest language schools in the UK. Through a century of experience and continuous advancements, the London School of English has become a preferred choice for multiple MNCs, including popular brands such as L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, Renault, and many others. 

  • These companies recognise the exceptional quality of education and the outstanding language proficiency of the school’s graduates.
  • It is conveniently located in two educational centres within the heart of London – Westcroft Square and Holland Park. Whether seeking traditional language courses or personalised individual programmes, learners can find the perfect fit to achieve their language goals.

Average Tuition Fees:  £860 – £1800 per week

Popular Age Group: 20 and above

UCI Oxford International

Situated in a strategic location, students at the UIC Oxford International Language School can leverage the experience of what it’s like to be first-generation Oxfordians. Oxford boasts a great deal of historic architecture, and from UIC Oxford, it’s easy to stroll to the city’s attractions and commercial districts. 

  • Because of its excellent reputation, flexible scheduling, and high academic requirements, its programmes are beneficial to students all around the world. 
  • Needless to say, it is one of the most sought-after language schools in the United Kingdom.

Average Tuition Fees: £75 – £250 per week

Popular Age Group: 17 and above

Kaplan International English London Covent Garden

With a rich legacy spanning over 75 years, Kaplan International presents an extensive network of more than 50 schools in seven countries. Their programmes are tailored to not only enhance students’ English proficiency but also develop cross-cultural connections and improve communication skills. 

  • By bringing together learners from around the world, Kaplan creates an immersive environment that celebrates diversity and promotes a deeper understanding of different cultures.
  • In the heart of London’s Covent Garden, a fashionable district renowned for its charm, Kaplan’s language centre has garnered significant popularity among students under the age of 25. 
  • With a commitment to personalised learning, each class accommodates no more than 15 students, ensuring a focused and engaging educational experience. 

Average Tuition Fees:  £300 – £390 per week

Popular Age Group: 16 and above

Regents University London

Regent’s University London is one of the best English language schools in the city. As a non-profit organisation, Regent places a strong focus on exceptional teaching and student growth, with all tuition fees reinvested into enhancing the university’s offerings. 

  • It attracts students from over 140 countries worldwide, including the UK, Europe, and beyond.
  • The university’s approach seamlessly blends European and American teaching styles, creating an engaging learning experience. From the moment students arrive, Regent’s promotes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, easing the transition into a new academic setting. 
  • Moreover, the curriculum is designed to equip learners with practical, real-world skills essential for their future professional endeavours.

Average Tuition Fees:  £300 – £350 per week

Popular Age Group: 16 and above

LAL London Summer School

LAL London Summer School is a renowned language school in the UK which is part of a prestigious global network of LAL language centres. Strategically situated in the southwestern part of London, the school offers easy access to the city centre.

  • It is just a 20-minute commute via public transportation. Nestled in the neighbourhood of Twickenham, the school provides an ideal environment for focused study while still being within proximity to London’s myriad of attractions. 
  • Established in 2010, LAL London Summer School accommodates up to 140 students at a time. It attracts learners from over 30 countries worldwide due to the comprehensive and enriching language learning experience the school offers. 

Average Tuition Fees:  £44 – £1,000 per week

Popular Age Group: 16 and above

Home Language International

Home Language International offers a unique learning experience for the students. The school’s speciality lies in placing learners with highly proficient English instructors. The students study under their tutor’s guidance to gain proficiency in the language.

  • This full-time language experience creates an environment where students are constantly surrounded by English. 
  • Home Language International’s innovative method provides an intensive and effective way for learners to rapidly enhance their English proficiency in a supportive, home-based environment.

Average Tuition Fees:  £900 per week

Popular Age Group: Children and teenagers under 18, Adults and professionals- 18 and above

Oxford International Study Center

Catering to both boys and girls, this renowned private school specialises in preparing students aged 14-19 for university education in the UK. Despite its modest size, the school has a strong reputation for its exceptional track record in equipping students for crucial exams like A-levels and GCSEs. 

The institution offers a personalised learning experience through one-on-one instruction or small group classes for a maximum of four students per teacher. 

Average Tuition Fees:  £300 – £550 per week

Popular Age Group: 14 – 19

Wimbledon School Of English

Spanning a legacy of 55 years, Wimbledon School of English offers a wide range of English courses tailored to diverse needs, including general English, academic English, legal English, medical English, and business English. 

  • The school caters to learners of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, the school offers online classes accessible to students worldwide. 
  • Whether you’re a high school student or an adult learner seeking to improve your English proficiency, Wimbledon School of English offers a transformative learning experience.

Average Tuition Fees:  £135 – £1000 per week

Popular Age Group: 16 to 80

Thus, with the presence of world-class language schools, the United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations among learners across the world. By choosing to study at one of these 10 esteemed language schools, you can harness your command of the language to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


What are the benefits of studying at a language school in the UK?

Learners get exposure to diverse accents, local culture, experienced teachers, and internationally recognised qualifications.

Are these language schools only for learning English?

No, many offer courses in various languages like French, Spanish, German, and many others.

Do the language schools in the UK provide accommodation for international students?

Yes, many reputable language schools help with arranging student accommodations like homestays or residences.

What are the fees to study at a top UK language school?

Tuition fees can range from £80 to £1,800 per week, depending on the course and institution in the UK.

Are there any age restrictions for these language programmes?

Age groups vary across schools, but many institutions cater to learners ranging from teenagers to adults.

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Top 10 Language Schools In UK In 2024

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