Kitchen Essentials For A Student

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Kitchen Essentials For A Student
Kitchen Essentials For A Student

While no student does college quite the same way, one thing is true of all of them: They need to eat. Depending on the school, dorm setups can vary greatly, but whether a culinarily minded student has to make do without a cooktop at all, can swing an induction burner in their room, or has access to a full kitchen, they won’t want to be without a set of cooking essentials. Whether you’re limited to a microwave in your dorm room or have access to a full kitchen, here’s the cooking equipment you need to eat better at college.

Today we’re going to talk about tools and equipment that can come in handy for a student living abroad. Make sure to consult the rules of your accommodation before using any of this equipment. Also, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for important safety guidelines. 

Here Are Those Student Kitchen Essentials You Would Need At Your Student Accommodation.

#1 Cordless Electric Kettle 

Kitchen Essentials For A Student
Kitchen Essentials For A Student

Being able to boil water in your student room is a huge game-changer. A cordless electric kettle is going to be your best friend and you have to trust me on this one. The best part is that it boils water super quickly and you can use it to make mac and cheese, to make coffee, and tea, you can even pick it up and go to your neighbour’s room if needed and then bring it back and get it boiling again. 

#2 Air Tight Containers│College Kitchen Essentials

The last thing you want in your room or really anywhere is a rodent problem so whatever snacks you’re keeping in your room, you need air-tight containers that really do the job and make things very easy for you as a student living abroad. They are so easy to store and arrange in your kitchen and even give you that aesthetic touch because they’re pretty attractive looking if you want to put them up on your wall. There are a lot of affordable options out there. 

Kitchen Essentials For A Student
Kitchen Essentials For A Student

#3 A Mini-Fridge│College Kitchen Essentials

Another great thing to have in your room which you couldn’t carry over here is a mini-fridge. There are a lot of affordable options out there for you to go for. A mini-fridge comes in handy when it comes to cheese, fruits, drinks you want to keep cold. 

Kitchen Essentials For A Student
Kitchen Essentials For A Student

#4 Microwave│College Kitchen Essentials

Another item that I don’t think many students have access to in their rooms and couldn’t carry over with them is a microwave. It’s great for making popcorn, reheating your leftovers, and you can even make yourself those study snacks to keep yourself motivated like a plate of nachos! 

#5 Multi-Cooker (Instant Pot)

Another great item on this list is a multi-cooker. Trust me on this one, these multi-cookers can do so many things! They are also a one-time investment and go a long way! You can make rice, you can even experiment with making yoghurt if you want, during the chilly season you can also go ahead and keep yourself warm by making those stews and soups. All without ever needing a stove. You’ve probably heard of the instant pot before this is like the king of multi-cookers and it will be awesome to have one for yourself. 

Kitchen Essentials For A Student
Kitchen Essentials For A Student

#6 Cutting Board │College Kitchen Essentials

No matter how much cooking you want to do in your student room, you’re not going to get any far if you do not have a cutting board for yourself. A good quality plastic cutting board really comes in handy. There are a bunch of different sizes you can opt for, it is easy to clean and wash, it is also very easy to store, you can just always plot it on top of your microwave when it is not in use. 

#7 Knives │College Kitchen Essentials

Of course, to cut on your cutting board, there are 3 basic knives that every student should have in their kitchen. 

1. A Pairing Knife

This is great for cutting smaller fruits and veggies. If you even want to peel vegetables and don’t have a peeler, this comes in use. 

2. A Bread Knife

If you want to make sandwiches with some really good freshly-baked bread that does not come pre-sliced, a bread knife is great for that. 

3. A Chef’s Knife

Finally, this is the most essential knife in any kitchen. You can use this for all sorts of tasks. There are so many affordable options for you out there and this comes in really harp out of the box. 

You can also get a really cool magnetic knife rack and this way it doubles up as cool storage decor. 

#8 Immersion Blender

Traditional blenders can be really bulky, expensive, and difficult to clean. So, for student rooms, an emersion blender is the best thing a student can get. This is really helpful because if you want to make a smoothie real quick and you’re running late for your morning classes, all you have to do is put all your ingredients in a container and wiz it up.

Thank you for reading this blog on kitchen essentials for a student kitchen. If you’d like to read more, here are some blogs that might be of interest to you:

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Kitchen Essentials For A Student

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