Tech Essentials For University Students Checklist For 2021

Tech Essentials For University

Written by Shefali Onawale

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May 24, 2021

Hey there. If you are reading this article there can be one of two possibilities. My first guess is that you are a university student who is planning to travel abroad for their education. If that’s true, you have come to the right place to complete your checklist. My second guess is that you are already a university student and want to upgrade your gadgets as per the latest requirements. Either way, there are some tech essentials for university students that one cannot afford to miss out on. 

This article is dedicated to help you find ways of surviving university life with the most essential gadgets for university students. 

Do Not Forget These 10  Tech Essentials For University Students 


No matter how obvious this sounds, you must remember that an adapter is different for each country. For example, if your country of residence is the UK and have the intention of flying to the USA or Europe, you may want to research about the country’s travel adapter. Travel adapters are not very expensive and one can easily find them online on sites such as Amazon. 

Antitheft Bag With USB Port

Electronics are one of the most important and most expensive belongings a student carries with them. Antitheft backpacks are innovative and have changed the game of fashion and technology. The main element of an anti theft backpack is that the main zip is hidden and not very approachable to a 2nd or 3rd person. With secret pockets all around the bag, it would make it extremely difficult for a thief or a robber to take what he needs without your consent.

Flash Drive or Pen Drive 

Pen drives, also known as flash drives are undeniable tech essentials for university students and staff. If you are well acquainted with the university lifestyle, you may be aware that lectures and classes are all about notes, presentations and documents. A pen drive will always come handy when you need to store important documents and need a safe place for backups. 

Portable Charger or Power Bank 

A power bank is a device that will allow you to charge your phone wherever you go with the help of a USB cord or a charging cable. If you are taking part in university events and activities and getting involved on-campus, you will spend most of your time away from your accommodation. In such cases, you need to think ahead and save your phone battery from dying. There is where a power bank will come to your rescue. 

Rocketbook Everlast

One of the world’s smartest notebooks, the Rocketbook everlast has a lot to offer and is one of the most irreplaceable tech essentials for university students. The notebook can be used indefinitely, you can erase and save notes and digitise them as well. The Rocketbook has integrated the traditional and digital ways of learning. There is no arguing that writing increases focus and memory. So instead of encouraging students to change their method of learning in order to become more digitised, The producers of the product transformed the learning experience for students. 

Kindle by Amazon 

Kindle is one of the top essential gadgets for university students. If you are a voracious reader, you may be wondering how you will be able to fit all your favorite story books in your luggage if you are intending to travel and be far away from home for a long time. For a situation like this, an e-book such as Kindle will allow you to carry an unlimited number of books wherever you go, in digital format. 

External Hard Drive 

An external hard drive is a must and an absolutely essential gadget for university students. Being a university student, you must be aware of the importance of storing your assignments and other essential documents in safe back-up. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is a lightweight, affordable option with ~2TB of storage that can also be used with laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Grado GT220 Wireless Earbuds

Even though Grado Might not be the world’s best earphone brand, its sound quality is said to surpass its price. With a battery life of 36 hours and Bluetooth version 5.0, the ear bud is made to perfectly suit university students and their lifestyle. What makes the earbuds (not earphones!) different from the rest is that they are water and sweat resistant. Easy to wear and one cannot make out that you are listening to songs while sitting in your classroom because the earbuds are small and fit right into your ears.

Laptop or Smartphone With A Front Camera

This is one of the tech essentials for university students who are flying internationally and will be far away from their loved ones for a long time. A smartphone or a laptop with a webcam will come to your rescue especially when you are finding ways to deal with homesickness. A gadget with a front camera will help you  connect virtually with anyone from any part of the world. 

Bluetooth Speaker 

A bluetooth speaker is an absolute essential, especially if you live in a university dorm room or a private accommodation. Often the sound of your smartphone or laptop does not offer a high sound quality and may not meet your expectations if you want to play music for a house party or a get together on the weekends. In such cases, a bluetooth speaker, which is essentially wireless, will take care of all that for you. 

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