Job Application Tips for Students

So, you have found the perfect student job for you. The next step may seem a daunting process especially if it is your first job application. While finding a part-time job as a student requires effort, making your application matters equally! However, we are here to help! Carry on reading to find out the top job application tips for students to stand out with your application! 

Job Application Tips: Reread the Job Description

Check that it suits you as you do not want to go through the whole process to find that the hours are not suitable, or that it is on the other side of the city. So, do your research before applying and ask yourself if it is something that you have an interest in, to ensure that it is the right job for you.

Job Application for Students: Take Your Time

Winning a race is definitely the goal for a sprinter, however, when it comes to applying to jobs, ensure that you go with the slow and steady wins the race motto. Take your time researching the company so that you understand the job for which you are applying. This way you can make your application the best it can be.

With that being said, don’t leave it so late that you miss the deadline! Sometimes, the company will advertise the closing date for applications, however, be wary that some recruiters may close the application page early if they receive a large volume of applicants. 

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Job Application Tips: Tailor Your CV

Tailoring your CV is ultimately the first step to ensuring your application gets noticed. By making sure that all your valuable experience and relevant skills are included, you are showing that you have taken the job demands into consideration. Also, making your CV tailored to the specific role you are applying for shows you are far more enthusiastic and willing to get the job, rather than sending your CV off to multiple different employers in just one moment.

Job Application for Students: Sell Yourself

After all, you are part of the digital native generation, who are highly sought after by employers! Show them your potential and how you would be a credit to their team. Making your name the title rather than just naming it ‘CV’, also helps create your branding and give your CV an identity at the first glance. 

Also, try to quantify your achievements. Figures make your CV far easier to understand and stand out to potential recruiters. Maybe you have raised money for a local charity, how much did you raise?

Job Application Tips: Double-Check Your Application 

Whether you are sending an application to an employer through a direct email or via a job board, ensure that you are sending everything required for your application to go forward. You do not want to find that you have sent an email to your potential employer, and have forgotten to add your CV and cover letter! 

Job Application for Students: Check Your Online Presence

Just about any student has online accounts, whether this is social media or even a blog platform! These are great ways to connect with others or develop an online portfolio. However, ensure that all of your social media platforms are suitable for your potential recruiter to have a little nosey around. After all, you do not want to find that you were only rejected on the basis of finding your Facebook and Instagram accounts only showed your drinking personality. 

How to Smash a Job Application for Students

Are you heading to your first interview? An interview can be a daunting process, even for the most experienced. However, if you do your research, you will feel the benefits! Research all you can learn about the company, as this will help you understand more about the job itself, and help you think of interview questions to ask! You should also think about things such as what to wear to an interview, and when to arrive (just a heads-up, early is better than late!).

A student job is a great opportunity to gain work experience to help your future graduate job applications, while also meeting new people! Good luck with your job application! 

Written by Rebecca Hart, (an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. )

If you are starting your job search but not sure where to start, then check out StudentJob. Our application tips will help you create an effective CV, cover letter and help you smash interviews!

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