11 Ways You Can Find A Part-Time Job While Studying

Find A Part-Time Job While Studying

Working a part-time job while studying has become a new normal for university students today. The number is increasing tremendously. The reason being, university students are either on debts/student loans or look out for exposure and experience through these jobs for a better career ahead. But here arises the question for countless freshers; how must one find a part-time job while studying? What are the different ways that can help them make that extra cash and help them in their profession later in life? Let’s find out how you can find a part-time job while studying.

Here In This Blog, I Present To You 11 Piquant Ways In Which You Can Find A Part-Time Job And Ace It!

1. Online Networking

The ever-changing social media channels and online platforms have awarded students with a wide area of the network where people are seeking and presenting jobs. Platforms like LinkedIn are designed for people to showcase their skills and find jobs online through networking. Facebook and Instagram are close behind. People are now connecting globally through such platforms, so make sure you are present and have an eye on upcoming opportunities. 

2. Network Internally (Friends and Family)

A self-referral never hurts anybody. Spread the word within your social groups and peers. Let them know about your skills and the kind of work you are looking for; keep in contact. Through word of mouth, you might end up landing on a few exciting projects here and there!

3. Don’t Get Stuck On Job Listing

Go beyond job listing, make sure you look out for companies that suit your job profile, more than vacancies. A good company that has to offer the right experience will help you later in your professional career extraordinarily. So keep sending in your resume to hiring managers of companies you wish to work in. 

4. Broaden Your Mind And Search

Today there is a myriad of courses that are not very popular yet highly in demand. Have you ever thought about what a UI/UX designer does? Have you ever thought of investing as a student? Well, there are many such courses and options which offer a niche market for you to dive into. Make sure you learn about them and maybe try a few, because the lesser the competition, the better are your chances of getting selected. 

5. Be Amiable And Confident

You must have always heard people say, “stand out from the crowd” It is true indeed. Make sure your personality and confidence make you stand out and get in the eye of hiring managers. Do not send your flat resume and a cover letter copy to organizations, make yourself interesting. For that, you must learn about the company you are sending your resume to and tweak your way into their emails. 

6. Work In Your University

Not many students know about this, but your university has countless vacancies for students in various departments. Part-time jobs in Admin, University festival, certain skill-based tasks and much more. Keep a lookout for such opportunities and this will help you be more involved in university activities while having a good budgeted life alongside.

7. Become A Part Of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities always play a key role in amplifying a students skill set and resume. Your extra certificates in sports, competitions and challenges give you an upper hand over the conventional students. These assets will serve to sell your skills better to any employer. 

8. Be Enthusiastic

To find a part-time job while studying you must be enthusiastic about your job, everyone loves a person who is excited and keen to learn. Your enthusiasm and dedication towards a job will give you better chances over the mundane crowd. Always be open to new challenges and opportunities. 

9. Try An Internship

Internships are usually contractual and for a brief period but have a great scope of learning and experience. Try interning for a dynamic company where you can learn skills that will add value to your resume and expertise. 

10. Try Finding Work Through A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are matchmakers between the employee and the employer. They help you find the right job. They have a wide database of positions ready to be filled. A credible agency will find the best job that suits your requirements.

11. Start On Your Own

Many people are scared to kickstart their own company or a small business. It might sound a lot but through one or two freelancing projects and after getting an idea of what you are good at, starting small on your own can take you places and contribute greatly to your work experience all over. 

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These 11 ways are just a starting point for the candidates, by understanding them and implementing them correctly the student will land up on the right job that will serve as a great side hustle along with adding value to your career ahead. 

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Find A Part-Time Job While Studying

11 Ways You Can Find A Part-Time Job While Studying

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