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Important Tips On How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

how to overcome fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is a significant cause of anxiety. The fear of public speech (also known as glossophobia) is ranked higher by the common man than the fear of death. It can vary from mild uneasiness to paralysing discomfort. The reality is that this anxiety could be affecting both your work and family. It is vital in life for you to be able to bring your point across. We would also have to appear in public at some stage. Speaking abilities are important in a professional environment, whether we are making a structured address to an audience or actually challenging our manager for a raise. The fear of public speaking is quite true. Still, with planning and perseverance, you will transcend the anxiety. You’re anxious, your hands sweat, and your stomach coils up. You don’t want to do that. However, with these basic public speaking ideas, you will know how to overcome fear of public speaking.

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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Be Ready

How to overcome speech anxiety? It may seem evident, but being organised is the first step in calming your fears. This involves learning the subject so well that you don’t have to worry about it. It also entails being certain that all preparations are in place beforehand. You want to remain calm and attentive, not frantically trying to get the audio to run. Checklists are useful for ensuring that all of the items are protected. If practicable, schedule a dry run of all of the audio-visual facilities ahead of time.

If you organise all of your ideas and materials, you feel even more patient and cool. When you have simple, organised ideas, you can concentrate more on the task at hand, delivering a great speech, which can significantly decrease the nervousness.

None beats learning and planning your voice. Make a script with your main points, but don’t recite the exact text. Plan your speech so well that you would be able to address every query that might be posed to you.

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How to Overcome Glossophobia: Concentrate on Patterns

As you talk, strive to find a rhythm or a movement. Make the sentences brief and to the point, and reiterate important points. A brief pause between points can heighten the anticipation of what follows.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Make a Recording of Yourself to Learn Your Voice

Record your voice with your handset or a video camera. Record yourself giving the talk from start to finish. Then watch or listen to it and make suggestions about how you might improve it. Some people dislike hearing the audio of their own speech on film, so it is essential that you become acquainted with your own voice and speaking style.

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How to Get Over Fear of Public Speaking: Courses in Public Speaking

Locate a fantastic teacher or tutor. There are many organisations where you can master the art of public speaking. 

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Choose a Topic That is Important to You

How to choose a topic you are passionate about? 

  • The topic should have had a significant effect on you.
  • You want to discuss it with everyone.
  • You are convinced that others would benefit from your knowledge.
  • You are free to express your feelings about it.

So if you speak about something you are enthusiastic about, you will feel more at ease and competent.

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How to Overcome Public Speaking: Be Open to Being Hurt

Concentrate on delivering your content in the most effective manner possible. It’s easy to mistake confidence for the ability to keep anything from getting to us. However, the truth is that our vulnerability can be our biggest attribute. Being a person is the most effective way to communicate with an audience. That means having faults and making errors. It entails allowing your audience to get to know you. You can’t connect with them if you don’t allow them to connect with you. They aren’t just there to listen to what you’re saying. They are there to feel something and develop relationships.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Avoid Talking Too Quickly

Speaking quickly through a speech disrupts breathing habits. If you speak too quickly, you will take in less oxygen. Shortness of breath can cause you to sweat and become more vulnerable to anxiety. Slowing down your speech will make you more calm and relaxed.

Pay whatever price and devote any amount of time to speaking well.

Take a decision right now that you want to learn to speak excellently and achieve your goal.

I’ve seen individuals advance in their professions by resolving their public speaking phobia. With the passage of time, experience and practice, the better you are and the better you get at it, the further you will advance in your business career.

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Use the Powerful Speech Pause 

The powerful speech pause may be the most significant speaking method you will ever learn. It will not only help you achieve your fear of public speaking, but it will also help you understand your authority over the emotional effect of your speeches.

I’ve been using this trick for many years. In fact, dramatic pauses are so effective that they should be illegal.

All of the beauty in music is contained in the silences between the notes.  The suspense and strength of a speech are stored in the silences that you generate as you move from spot to spot.

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how to overcome fear of public speaking

Important Tips On How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking