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Insider’s Guide for Student Tips in Toronto: Tips and Tricks

international students in Toronto

The trend of studying abroad in Canada is getting more and more popular among international students. The country has witnessed a steep increase in the number of study permit holders as depicted in the statistics image below. There are multiple debatable reasons for this. However, one thing that is not so debatable is the fact that Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the major cities welcoming these students.  A recent study listed Toronto as the best city to study in the world. If you are also a student who is looking forward to studying in Toronto or maybe if you are already studying here, then this guide is specifically curated for you. It contains all the little tips you need as international students in Toronto that will make your student life even better. 

international students in toronto

Important Tips for International Students in Toronto

What according to you is the reason behind this ever-increasing number of fresh international students in Canada? Is it solely because of the quality of education? Or is it due to the ease of getting a permanent residency (PR) after the education in Canada? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Meanwhile, let’s start with our tips on studying in Toronto for international students.

Learn The Canadian Culture

Since you will be residing in Toronto for at least a few years, it will be good if you acquaint yourself with Canadian cultures and manners. Take a stroll near your student accommodation and talk to the locals. Knowing well about the city and the country will ease your social life. Do note that ‘punctuality’ is an important aspect for all the locals. Be early or be on time but never ever be late to even a casual meet. Also, use the golden words – “please” and “thank you”- more often. 

Adjust To The Education System Of Toronto

Like most other Canadian cities, lectures here in Toronto can be very long. They go as long as 3 hours. This comes as a big blow for most international students in Toronto. So, make sure you are prepared well for this. Work on increasing your attention span. Also, don’t forget to grab a snack and a cup of coffee just before the lecture begins. There won’t be any breaks ahead so make it a point to not let hunger become a hurdle. 

Be Prepared For Extreme Winters

The climate and weather of Toronto will fluctuate a lot. The summers here are warm (30 to 35 degrees Celsius) and the winters are relatively mild (0 to -10 degrees Celsius). It will be very chilly most of the time so pack your thermals or buy them here before the snow begins.

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Carefully Select Your Accommodation

Toronto is a large city. It has a population of about 3 million people in the proper City of Toronto and an equal number in the suburbs (often referred to as the Greater Toronto Area or GTA). But it is a city with a very small subway system. It has been hampered by decades of inaction on a number of infrastructure fronts. Since you will be an international student in Toronto, I highly recommend you to find housing near your university. Trust me you don’t want to remember your study abroad experience as mere travelling memories. If you are unable to find the perfect accommodation for yourself then head over to UniAcco. Whether you want to save on accommodation costs or live in style by choosing an expensive condo, the best deals will be found here. If you want to save that effort as well then just fill out the form visible on the screen right now and the team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Grab The Study-Work Opportunity

One of the major plus points while studying in Toronto is that you are allowed to take up a part-time job. The Canadian government allows students to find work to support their studies. You can work up to 20 hours a week on campus or outside its grounds. During summer breaks you can take on up to 30 hours per week of work. If you wish to save a little or explore the city better, then find a part-time job at the beginning of your course itself. Most students realise this later or by the end of their course and regret it later on. Don’t make that mistake. 

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Make The Most Of The Exciting City Life Benefits

This city has evolved into a bustling metropolis with loads to offer all the international students in Toronto. It’s the country’s centre for business, arts, culture, design, and communications. All of these means you’ll have plenty of city life benefits to enjoy here once you move for your higher studies.

There are various coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and shopping centres to choose from. There’s Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, Portugal Village, Greektown and more. Make sure you complete the ‘Things To Do In Toronto’ checklist. Expect a wide array of events throughout the year as well. All the international students in Toronto do immerse themselves in these new experiences and hope you too do the same. Whether you’re into the performing arts, festivals, sports, food trips, or cultural experiences – Toronto will not disappoint.

Explore The Outskirts Of Toronto

It is not just the main Toronto city that’s great. There are many popular tourist destinations just a few hours’ drive from the city. Niagara Falls, Kawartha Lakes and Algonquin Provincial Park are a few to name. Now that you will be living in this city do ensure that you plan to visit all these locations.


Bonus Tip: Take the chance to visit Toronto on a short holiday before you finalize your decision to move here. Check if the city’s weather patterns, environment, cuisine, and other essential factors are aligned with your international study needs.

Requirements to study abroad in Toronto

A minimum score of on the GMAT is required to get into the U of T Graduate Programs. However, a higher score than 600/800 is necessary. A GRE score of 309 or more is required for an engineering graduate who wants to apply for a post-graduate program.

Hope these tips will help you in maximising the quality of your study abroad experience. Cheers!

Popular FAQs by Students 

Is Toronto good for international students?

According to the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2019, Toronto is the 11th best city to study in for international students. This can be attributed to the high quality of education, comfortable living and affordable rates.

Is Toronto expensive for international students?

Toronto is a relatively expensive city to live in for international students. Tuition fees can range from 11,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD. Speaking in the broadest sense, the cost of living may run from 700 CAD to 5,000 CAD per month.

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘Useful Tips for International Students in Toronto’. If you enjoyed reading this blog then do check our other blogs as well.

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international students in Toronto

Insider’s Guide for Student Tips in Toronto: Tips and Tricks