Here’s How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

Here's How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

It’s no secret that clubbing in the UK can be an expensive affair. You have to combat surged Uber fares, wear designer outfits, buy pricey cocktails and pay those pesky entry covers. We want to provide you with some respite with each one of those. So today, let’s concentrate on how you can get into clubs for free. 

Know the bouncer, DJ or member of the bar staff.

Here's How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

Knowing someone who works in a club can never hurt. Try to befriend a bouncer, the in-house DJ or any member of the bar staff. If you feel like this is something you can’t do, then convince your mates to take up a part-time job there. This will ensure you get a free pass aka entering the club for free.

P.S- Friends of the bouncer rarely have to pay to get into clubs. 

Get on the promoter’s guest list. 

If you are on the promoter’s guest list, no one can deny you entry into the club. Not even that 6’7” behemoth of a bouncer. So, if you know a promoter, request them to put you on the guest list. If you don’t know a promoter, then reach out to them and tell them you’re willing to do some tasks for them in return for getting on the guest list. Usually, you’ll be told to get as many people as possible to the club. So, be prepared to stand on busy street corners, handing out flyers for the club. 

Pretend you’ve already been inside once.

Try to use this trick. You’ll be surprised by how nicely, “I just stepped out to use the ATM” works. The key is to project confidence. Some other lines that can be thrown in are, “I thought my girlfriend was in front of me when we left but it seems like she’s still in there” and “We’ve lost one of our friends. He must still be in there”. Basically, anything that can get you in for 5-minutes will work. But be warned, if you’re pulling this stunt on a busy night, you will be thwarted aside. 

Bring along a group of friends

A big crowd outside the club can put any promoter over the moon. So, bring along a group of friends to the club and speak to the promoter/club manager. Mention to them that you have a huge group of friends waiting outside, then try to work out a deal where your friends win discounts, and you get free entry. In most cases, the promoter/club manager will oblige. This will not only save your friends a few bucks but also allow you to enter free of cost. 

Get on the DJ’s list. 

Here's How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

Most people don’t know this, but all guest DJs have guest list allowance. Oftentimes when they play outside their home city, they have no one to put on their guest list. Use this opportunity to get yourself on the guest list. Remember to help the DJ before you ask for a favour. You can try to promote their gig by promoting them on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Make sure you tag the DJ so that they know you’re trying to help out. Once you’ve established contact, ask them to put your name on the guest list. They will definitely agree. 

Reach the club early. 

No doormen, no cover – It’s that simple. Reach the club early and have free access to the club. Many partying venues are actually bars/lounges that turn into clubs later on at night and don’t charge patrons who are already at the venue. So play your cards right by reaching the venue, a couple of hours before the cover kicks in. 

The old “Box of Lemons” tricks.

Here's How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

Trust us with this one. This is an ingenious way to get into sold-out, hyper-popular, big-ticket shows. All you have to do is walk up to the door, bold as brass, with a box of lemons in your hand. Start with, “Hey, you guys seem awfully busy. No wonder you’ve run out of lemons” and walk right in. The bouncer will be too caught up in handling the crowd, and your confidence will not make things easier for him. He’ll be forced to assume that you’re from a nearby bar doing the bar manager a favour. 

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Here's How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

Here’s How You Can Get Into Clubs For Free

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