Why Should You Study A Foundation Year Programme? Everything You Need To Know.

foundation year programme

A foundation year programme is a course designed to offer a supportive environment. If you have had a gap between your education and need assistance embarking on the University degree. For example; colleges like the University of Bedfordshire start their initial classes with career aspirational topics and include an analysis of your existing interchangeable skills.

What Is A Foundation Year Programme

An International foundation programme will surprise you with how much there is to offer when we talk about education. Having a new start with a foundation year programme helps mature students to revive their ambitions and aspirations and become fully ready for their degree-level education. It is a form of alternative education into university where you can ease your way back into education. There are several undergraduate foundation year courses.

It is mainly useful when you decide that you want to study in an international university and do not hold the required qualification to get admission. A foundation year university will help you focus on particular interests. Hence, providing the best chance to get admitted with the right qualifications.

Why Should You Study A Foundation Year Programme?

Most degrees with a foundation year are beneficial for international students. There are countless advantages for students wishing to study abroad. Below you can come across a few. 

Higher Chances Of University Admission

A fully qualified foundation year programme will land you in a good graduate programme. Most students who successfully complete the International foundation programme get into top-notch universities abroad. 

Increased English Language Proficiency

To get a good college abroad, you have to be proficient in English and pass exams like IELTS & GRE. Your English skills are advanced tremendously when you complete this course. Foundation programmes for international students invariably include language courses, and that amplifies your communication skills during studies as well as in daily activities. 

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A Direct Entry To Top Universities

List down the universities that you want to study for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree accordingly. Learn about all the requirements, practices, and the type of culture it has. Get in touch with the university and learn about the various aspects of that college so that you have a good knowledge beforehand.

Understanding Of The Culture

The foundation year programme will help you get used to the country’s culture. It will be much easier for you to adjust. There will be a reduced culture shock and the studying process smoothens. Usually, students that fly abroad directly for University education tend to find it difficult to adjust and get uncomfortable. An international foundation year will diminish that anxiety and you will be able to start your university journey with a lot more confidence. 

Another reason why people hesitate to study abroad is that they don’t hold the knowledge of the paperwork and formalities. By having an international foundation year you get time and space to learn about it properly before entering any university.

The Right Mindset

Maybe you don’t need to fulfil any requirements before starting your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This does not mean that a foundation year programme will be of no use to you. It is designed to help you get the right mindset before studying anywhere abroad. A degree in foundation year helps you prepare mentally for studying abroad. It is easier to get going if you already have an idea of what to expect.

Foundation year courses are mostly a UK-style preparation course that takes one year to complete. The year is divided into three semesters and each has its modules. These modules are further split into specialised and more generic subjects (minor & major). These are based on the student’s future academic preference. In the UK and Continental Europe, students start their foundation year programme in September and graduate in time so that they can start their Bachelor’s in October the following year. 

Cost in a Foundation Year University

The tuition fee for a foundation year course differs from college to college but usually, it is lower than the tuition fee for degree courses. It ranges from 2,500 & 25,00 EUR per year. Scholarships for the same are available along with a collection of other scholarships for studying abroad. 

Completing a foundation year programme can give you a level of testimonial of completing your Bachelor’s or Master’s and act as a great investment. Because a lot of time due to lack of knowledge and less preparation can lead to delays in completing your university degree, hence resulting in a higher cost overall. 

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foundation year programme

Why Should You Study A Foundation Year Programme? Everything You Need To Know.

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