Classroom Learning Vs Virtual Classes, What’s Better And Why?

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Last updated Jul 27, 2021

With the ever-changing world conditions and global challenges; adapting has become vital. Today amid the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual learning has become a valuable asset for institutions worldwide. But when we talk about classroom learning vs virtual classes, both hold their fair share of pros and cons that I will talk about in this blog. At the end of this, you will have a better understanding of which form of learning suits you the best! 

Virtual Classes Make Learning Approachable And Readily Available

A massive factor that gives virtual learning a benefit over traditional learning is how accessible it is. Schooling initially started in person but it had its limitations where an individual could not attend at times. But with online learning, it is now practically at everyone’ doorsteps. Education is available to more and more people. Digital education has allowed many learners to practice and retain their careers alongside education as it gives them the convenience to learn whenever and wherever. Especially formal education to people who can not commit to a full-time institution.

But Virtual Learning Has Its Disadvantages Too.

A common challenge that is faced by teachers online is the lack of feedback from the students. The reason why this is a key challenge is that a lot of times teachers modify and improvise their ways of teaching as per the student’s feedback. Hence, it becomes the teacher’s job to inculcate activities and learning patterns that engage the crowd. Apart from this, when we talk about classroom learning vs virtual classes, in a remote learning environment, the content of the designated course has to be tailored in a highly impactful manner, hence maintaining high standards. Whereas in a successful traditional classroom, the teachers prepare and understand the in-person teaching techniques which boost the interactions and improve connection. 

With the changing educational environment, one may feel a little stressed out when meeting the high university standards, to which there are many tips and tricks you can use to counter this problem. 

Medium For Instruction

Another factor of classroom learning vs virtual classes is the medium through which the teacher interacts. When it is physical interaction, to have the most wholesome university experience, the presence of a teacher along with verbal face to face interaction becomes essential to build up the bond. But with virtual learning, it demands tech-savviness. This becomes mandatory for the teachers; i.e to have the right knowledge of the tools they are using. 

Classroom learning vs virtual classes

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The Cost Of Classroom Learning Vs Virtual Classes

Virtual learning is far more cost-effective than traditional forms of learning because the cost of travel, as well as logistic requirements, is cut off and the student saves a considerable amount of cash. Furthermore, in formal education, other costs add up to your tuition fee such as library cost, lab cost etc which no longer exist in virtual classrooms. This makes online learning more flexible and efficient for students. This also allows the students to understand the pros of work-study and distribute their time to valuable activities. 

Access To Different Study Materials And Notes

The traditional learning environment has the limitation to strictly attend if you want to take notes. The study material is not readily available for the students to access whenever they want. Physically attending the lectures becomes essential to stay ahead in the course. On the other hand, the key feature and advantage of an online learning environment is how easily the academic material can be accessed and used anytime the student wants. In virtual lectures, the material is usually presented in the form of text or video transcripts, which augments the problem-solving process. 

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When the student starts studying at their convenience, it leaves them with the time to do something productive and fun that contributes to their extracurricular activities and skillset. 

Discipline And Deadline In Classroom Learning Vs Virtual Classes

Virtual learning comes with freedom. It gives you the time and pace in which you want to learn. A workspace you like with music that gets you in the mood to study. You can watch your lectures at any time and take a test whenever you feel prepared. The discipline and deadline are in the hands of the student which also means the success of the course is also up to you. At times, the absence of a strict deadline can have unfavourable effects on the learning process. This form of learning is usually not advisable for young students at all. 

When left to their own devices, young kids do not have the right reasoning skills to understand and work on the course. A traditional way of learning where there are fixed timings, routines in schools and deadlines to submit homework can actually help young kids to grow. 

The Verdict:

After understanding the different aspects of classroom learning vs virtual classes. Both hold their perks. Yet, online learning can never match traditional classrooms in certain areas. I believe that virtual learning may be suited for older students who have to work-study and take care of their expenses. Whereas for young students, there can be no alternative to physical education. 

Young minds learn more from the real world than mere academics and that knowledge is essential for them to have a bright future. The right solution can be the best of both worlds and extract the benefits of both forms of learning and use them at your disposal.

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