Fire Safety Tips For College Students On And Off Campus

fire safety tips for college students

Fire safety tips for college students is key knowledge that everyone should have. Whether it is on or off-campus, these are important tips that will help you prevent a deadly hazard from happening. When it comes to private safety, it is your responsibility to be aware of the condition of your apartment. When selecting one, make sure you ask the potential landlord about the fire alarms. Does it have smoke alarms already in build or would you need to ask to install one? Are there more than one exit in the building that can be accessed? Yes, we know that you want to live on a budget and save money but keep this as a priority because your life is more valuable than any budget.

For students living on campus, you will have the advantage of the university’s stringent and capable fire safety precautions. But along with that one needs to be a responsible adult and knowing basic fire safety tips for college students is a necessity. 

It is also the college’s responsibility to educate the crowd on this. Teach things your students can do to prevent injury in a fire outbreak. It may sound melodramatic now but we push you to please read through this fire safety tips for college students guide so that you remember these little details if (we hope not) something happens and you will be able to save your own as well as others life.

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The College Student’s Guide To Fire Safety

No Candles Please

We request you to keep open flames out of your apartment or campus because it can be very dangerous. Candles have open flames and believe it or not, according to the NFPA, candles have started almost 17,000 fires in the year 2004 alone. So it is advisable to buy a flashlight or maybe use a power outage to prevent yourself from any kind of hazard. If you want the nice smell of candles then go ahead and buy alternatives like room fresheners. 

Another thing that many people overlook is how cigarettes can start fires. Especially when you are smoking outdoors. Let’s not even start with the harmful things it does to your body but also if you do not smother it correctly after smoking, you never know where that lit bud can go and start a fire, especially if there is oil or dry leaves around. Be careful the next time you smoke one!

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Have A Working Smoke Alarm |  Fire Safety Tips For College Students

Yes, a working smoke alarm because today many apartments have a smoke alarm but it does not work. Your landlord will provide you with smoke detectors which you might have to change the batteries yourself. When you choose to study abroad or anywhere away from home, keep a fire alarm as a priority on your checklist. Also, one more thing you must note down is that fire officials always advise you to have a photoelectric variety of smoke alarms instead of the less efficient ionization kind. 

Avoid Overloaded Outlets That Cause Electric Hazard

When you choose to be on your own you must be very careful and smart. Never overload an outlet with unnecessary extension cords. Maybe use frayed or cheap cords. Or even run cords under the rugs. Power surge protectors are advisable, the ones that are approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Other things to prevent an electric hazard are the basics that you know but forget so here I am reminding you. Keep fabrics away from open flames or lamps. Never walk away from an iron that is on, never go to sleep with space heaters on. These are the fire safety tips for college students that will save your life and others as well. 

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Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

Well, when it comes to your university, they do have campus fire safety outreach materials but for your safety always keep one in your apartment. And learn how to use it. Read the directions properly and remember that the primary duty that you must fulfil during a fire outbreak is to evacuate. Well, when in doubt, just flee! 

Be Cautious When Cooking

Never leave your stove on. Be very focused when you choose to cook. College students have the habit of being in a hurry, don’t be! If at all you end up starting a fire in the kitchen, use a Class B or Class C fire extinguisher. If you don’t have one (which you should), try extinguishing fire with baking soda. Throwing water on a grease fire will only make it spread more. Again I will remind you that always remember the first thing you should do is evacuate because smoke can easily knock you out. 

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Here Are Some Quick Facts For You

  • Most of the residential fire victims die due to smoke and not burn injuries. 
  • Someone dies in a residential fire every 143 minutes
  • Fire breaks out in someone’s home every 83 minutes
  • 74% of the deaths that take place in residential home fires happen because of no working smoke alarms
  • Candles are the main cause of fires started by university students.

I hope you find these fire safety tips for college students useful! If you did, make sure you check out our other related blogs linked below!

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fire safety tips for college students

Fire Safety Tips For College Students On And Off Campus

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