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August 9, 2022

Fun Facts About Manchester

Manchester, the third largest city in the UK, attracts a wealth of students to its city from all over the world. The city is home to the industrial revolution and has had a profound impact on music, science, and industry. Manchester has many beautiful aspects and just as many hidden mysteries – we have identified the most intriguing facts about this amazing city that you may not have heard of. If you’re considering studying in Manchester, this may just push you to do so. These fun facts about Manchester will certainly fascinate you whether you are a tourist, an international student, a native of the city, or simply a fan of the culture.

#1 Peaky Blinders And Manchester Do Share A Bond

You may argue that the show Peaky Blinders was staged in Birmingham, which rose to prominence shortly after the series debuted. The truth is that some scenes from this popular show were filmed in Manchester and Liverpool. The city served as an ideal setting for the show thanks to its stunning industrial background and this most certainly makes it one of the lesser-known yet fun facts about Manchester.

#2 The First Time An Atom Was Split; It Was In Manchester

Manchester is renowned for its universities and for providing a supportive setting for learning, researching, and discovering. Ernest Rutherford realised the first time the atom was split at Manchester University. He was a university professor and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1908 and made the first atomic split in 1917. As a result of this significant achievement, nuclear energy and radiation for the treatment of cancer have both revolutionised the world in several ways.

#3 The Rolls Royce Story Began Here

They were destined to be together; they simply didn’t realise it yet. We’ve all heard of the brand ‘Rolls-Royce.’ Who would have guessed that such legendary identities would come together in Manchester? They met on May 4, 1904, in Manchester (that we know of), when Charles Rolls saw Henry Royce’s classic 10hp automobile, the first motor car Royce had developed and constructed himself, and realised immediately that he had discovered what he had been looking for.

#4 Over 200 Languages Are Spoken In The City

This is one of the most remarkable fun facts about Manchester. With a population of over 510,000 people, the city is deemed to be the most linguistically diverse city in the country. The Curry Mile in Manchester is well-known for its excellent Indian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Turkish, and Persian cuisines. Every day, over 200 languages are spoken in Manchester, highlighting the city’s incredible diversity. What’s more, it’s believed that half of the adult population here is multilingual, and four out of every ten young people can talk in more than one language.

#5 The Favourite Brekkie ‘Kellog’s’ Has Its Largest Factory In Manchester

Kellogg’s largest headquarters is in Trafford, Greater Manchester where it also has its main UK headquarters. This plant, founded in 1938, has been producing all of your favourite cereals, including Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, and many others. Despite the fact that Kellogg’s is an American business headquartered in Michigan, the Trafford mill is the largest Kellogg’s factory.

#6 The City Prides Itself In Being The Home Of Football

We are all well aware that the two largest football clubs in the Premier League play here, but did you know that one of the fun facts about Manchester is that the world’s first professional football league was also established here in 1888? The inaugural season of the new ‘Football League’ began on September 8, 1888, with just 12 clubs participating.

#7 Manchester Uni Boasts 25 Noble Laureates

Prepared to enrol in classes at the University of Manchester? The University of Manchester, the third-best university in the nation after Oxford and Cambridge, can boast 25 Nobel prize winners among its faculty, staff, and students. This includes James Chadwick, Ernest Rutherford, Joseph John Thomson, and the list can go on.

#8 The Industry Revolution Began In Manchester

Manchester is arguably best known for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution started in 1761 with the opening of the Bridgewater Canal. Manchester became the primary stopping point for the textile industry as a result of the development of steam power and the rising need for produced cotton.

#9 The City Is Home To The First Free Public Library Ever

One of the fun facts about Manchester is that Chetham’s Library, which is close to Victoria Station, is the first and the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. It includes 100,000 books, including 60,000 that were written before 1851, and has been in continuous use since 1653. Make sure to visit the library – open from Monday to Friday along with going around the open tours offered.  It’s a gorgeous building and worth a visit.

#10 Textile Departments In Australia Are Known As Manchester Departments

If you visit Australia and are shopping for textiles such as bed linens or similar things, you will be sent to the store’s ‘Manchester department’.  This is because the textile would reach Australia by ship, and all of the containers and crates would have “Manchester” inscribed on them. As a result, the word Manchester has become synonymous with produced cotton.

#11 Salford, Manchester Birthed The Concept Of A ‘Vegetarian Diet’

It is a little-known truth that more than 200 years ago, Reverend William Cowherd advocated the benefits of a vegetarian diet. In Salford in 1847, the vegetarian movement was first established. The Beefsteak Chapel in Salford was both the first long-standing modern vegetarian organisation and the first vegetarian church in the UK.

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