Cost of Living in Canterbury, UK 2022 – The Ultimate Guide!

Everything About The Cost Of Living In Canterbury, UK

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March 29, 2022

The city of Canterbury has many stories to share with students about itself. So, before we dive into the cost of living in Canterbury, UK, let’s get to know more about the history and beauty of the city. 

About Canterbury

Canterbury has city walls that are a series of protective huge walls around the city. The Romans built the first city walls, most likely between 270 and 280 AD. At least 5 gates were built into the walls, connecting to the region’s network of Roman roads. 

Canterbury is located in east Kent, approximately 55 miles east-southeast of London.  Canterbury in Kent has many other beautiful buildings, as well as excellent schools and affordable housing. Kent is the 10th safest county in England, with an average rating of 7.7. It is beaten by East Sussex, but it ranks higher than the more rural areas such as Devon, Suffolk, and Shropshire. Oxfordshire has been designated as England’s safest county.

Student Life In Canterbury

It’s no surprise that large numbers of students relocate to Canterbury each year. There are many fun things to do in Canterbury and the capital, due to the high-speed public transport links to the capital that make it a hub for most of the university students. However, it is also an excellent transport hub for exploring the coast and countryside. It is generally regarded as a safe environment to settle in, with crime rates that are lower than the national average. Canterbury was named Kent’s third happiest city in 2019. It is also known as being one of the safest university towns in England. With Canterbury being a city, it seemed like the rivers would be the closest you could get to a beach. However, it is right in the middle of a slew of coastal cities, making it an excellent location for visiting all of the beaches that surround it.

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Reasons Why Canterbury Is Famous

Since the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170, Canterbury has been a significant European pilgrimage site. In the Canterbury Tales, pilgrims took the ‘Pilgrims Way’ to Canterbury to worship and repent at the grave of the murdered Archbishop, Thomas Becket.

Canterbury is one of the most gorgeous old cities in the country, and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts history buffs from around the world. Westgate Towers, for example, is one of the ancient walled city’s main gates and, at nearly 640 years old, England’s largest mediaeval gateway. Now let’s take a look at the cost of living in Canterbury, Kent.

Cost of Living In Canterbury, UK: Compared

While living in Canterbury, you would need around £3,360.91 to maintain the very same standard of living that you can have in London with £4,900.00. (assuming you rent in both cities). Canterbury is 24.58% cheaper than New York (without rent). Canterbury’s rent is, on average, 69.20% less than that of New York.

The vast beauty of Kent’s countryside provides peace and tranquillity, but you’ll never feel far from the hustle and bustle of heritage and diverse hubs like Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Deal, and Folkestone. Living in Kent provides much more than a different way of living.

Best Place To Live In Canterbury

In Canterbury, popular student neighbourhoods include Sturry, Blean, Barham, Wickhambreaux, and Bekesbourne. Canterbury is a reasonably priced public transport option for Londoners who can’t get enough of the bright lights. Canterbury, located in the heart of Kent, suffers from a lack of diverse culture, with a predominantly white, Christian population. It’s also a relatively wealthy area, with the high cost of living in Canterbury, UK, in this vicinity you can find many affordable student accommodation in Canterbury, close to your university.

Cost Of Living In Canterbury, UK 

The cost of living is determined by where and how you live. Your costs will be determined by factors such as the course you choose, your personal circumstances, and your way of life. The costs listed below are estimates to help you to identify what you need to cut back on spending for.

CategoryCost (Weekly)
Electricity Bill$30
Mobile phone$5
Contents and Liability Insurance$10

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