Best Energy Suppliers In Australia 2024

Energy Suppliers In Australia

Finding affordable and reliable energy is a top priority for households and businesses in Australia. With electricity prices rising over 20% in the last decade and the average household spending $2000 per year on energy bills, comparing rates from different suppliers is more important than ever. 

Currently, the market is dominated by the ‘Big 3’ energy retailers – Origin, AGL, and EnergyAustralia – which together hold over 75% of customers. However, smaller providers are growing in popularity for their competitive pricing and customer service. When renting, energy costs will be a separate expense for most tenants, averaging $30-50 per week. With such a wide range of retailers and plans now available, Australian households stand to save 15-25% on their annual electricity and gas bills simply by shopping around for the best deal. 

This guide will outline the top energy providers across the country, cost comparisons, factors to consider when switching, and tips on securing the most affordable rate for your home.

Energy Suppliers In Australia Highlights
Top Suppliers– Origin Energy – AGL Energy – EnergyAustralia – Sumo Power – Nectr – 1stEnergy – OVO
Cost-Effective Options– Origin Energy – EnergyAustralia – Sumo Power
Customer Rating Leaders– Origin Energy (4.5 stars) – Nectr (4.5 stars) – Sumo Power (4.4 stars)
Savings from SwitchingUp to 15-25% on annual energy bills
Frequency of Price FluctuationsEvery 6 months for variable rates
Green Energy OptionsAvailable from most suppliers, often at competitive prices
Big 3 Energy RetailersAGL, EnergyAustralia, Origin Energy

Cost-Effective Energy Suppliers To Opt For In Australia

Australia has a vast selection of energy suppliers offering varied plans for electricity and gas. The following companies offer some of the most affordable energy rates in Australia currently: 

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is one of the leading Australian energy providers which was established in 2000 and has over 4.2 million electricity customers today. They provide electricity as well as natural gas in Australia. Origin is also involved in serving operations for natural gas and solar panel installation. One striking factor is that Origin has recently committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 2032.

  • It is available in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, ACT, and Queensland.
  • It is partially Australian-owned.
  • Origin currently holds around 27.1% of the retail energy market share. 


EnergyAustralia is one of the largest energy retailers in Australia that provides electricity and gas to more than 1.7 million residences and small business customers in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and South Australia.

  • Originally, EnergyAustralia was owned by the New South Wales Government but was acquired by CLP-owned TruEnergy in 2011.  
  • Key consumer brands of EnergyAustralia include EnergyAustralia, Country Energy and Integral Energy. 
  • The company has a strong focus on renewable energy and has invested significantly in wind power projects.

AGL Energy

AGL Energy is the second-largest energy company Australia has to offer. It contributes as a significant energy provider in the country with its diverse portfolio of energy assets, including coal, gas, and renewable energy sources.

  • AGL supplies electricity and gas to residential and business customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.
  •  AGL also serves a mix of conventional and renewable power generation assets such as wind farms and solar projects. 
  • Key consumer brands include AGL and Powerdirect. AGL has made significant investments in renewable energy like wind farms, solar power and hydroelectricity.

Sumo Power

Sumo Power has a good reputation for customer service and is amongst the best electricity providers Australia has to provide. It is Australian-owned and operated, with an internet facility too. This makes it a feasible choice for those who like to bundle their services. 

  • You can choose from three residential plans and seven small business plans.
  • Sumo Power features excellent customer service rating through Trustpilot reviews
  • Electricity-only plans are offered in Queensland. However, there are currently no plans available in the ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory.


Nectr is amongst the leading energy suppliers in Australia offering Solar, Battery, and Solar + Battery energy bundles with no upfront costs. It is a great energy provider if you are planning to switch to a renewable source of energy cost-effectively.

  • Nectr had been a finalist in the industry’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction Awards Energy for the best-rated electricity provider in NSW and QLD.
  • It is amongst the top 10 greenest energy retailers in Australia, according to the nation’s Green Electricity Guide.
  • It is certified as carbon neutral.


1st Energy is one of the best energy suppliers in Australia It was established in 2014 and has around 40,000 customers. Its head office is in Melbourne and is partly Australian-owned. 

  • It is available in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and Queensland.
  • 1stEnergy is Australian-based and partly Aussie-owned.
  • It is one of the smaller energy retailers in Australia and has good customer service. 


Although OVO Energy was founded in the UK in 2009, it marked its presence in Australia in 2019. Though its operations are still run via the Bristol headquarters in the UK, OVO has a local customer service centre in Melbourne.

  • OVO is available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
  • OVO offers renewable energy services and 10% Green Power energy by default. 
  • Customers get the option to upgrade to 100% GreenPower as well. 
  • OVO also estimates your annual energy usage and then divides this by 12 so you can pay the same rate every month by default. This princess is known as Bill Smoothing. 
  • If there is any credit remaining in your account, OVO will pay 3% interest on the balance.

Top Australia Energy Suppliers With Their Customer Ratings

When searching for the best energy suppliers in Australia, evaluating customer reviews is highly beneficial. Here are the customer star ratings for the top energy suppliers in Australia to help you make more informed decisions when comparing electricity and gas companies.

Supplier NameTrustpilot Star Ratings
Origin Energy4.5
AGL Energy3.5
Sumo Power4.4
OVO Energy4.3


Comparison Of The Best Energy Suppliers In Australia

Energy prices are bound to fluctuate for several reasons with differences in the energy plans for different providers. You might likely be paying more for gas and electricity if you have not switched your energy provider since the last contract ended. 

Switching to another supplier could prove to be beneficial as it can help you save money on your monthly bills along with getting better customer service.

Here is a comparison of the average energy prices in 2024 by the top energy suppliers in Australia as represented in the table below. However, it is important to note that these are average energy costs which can vary depending on the location and the plan that you opt for. 

Supplier NameElectricity Rate(per kWh)Gas Rate(per kWh)Daily Standing Charge (Electricity)Daily Standing Charge(Gas)
Origin Energy$0.28$0.22$1.10$1.20
AGL Energy$0.27$0.21$1.05$1.15
Sumo Power$0.24$0.18$0.90$1.00
OVO Energy$0.29$0.23$1.15$1.25

Why Switch Gas And Energy Suppliers?

High energy bills and poor customer service are the most common reasons for Australians to switch providers. If you are looking for the best energy providers Australia along with saving money on your energy bills, it is important to evaluate the per unit energy charges and the best deals. 

You may want to switch if your current provider raises rates, your contract expires, you use more energy than expected, or you underestimate your usage initially. It is important to compare plans from multiple suppliers to help you save on costs. If you are looking for a better service and a competitive plan, it is advisable to compare your options carefully and read reviews from other customers to make sure you’re making the right choice. 

How To Choose The Best Energy Suppliers In Australia?

When choosing an energy supplier in Australia, it’s important to compare plans across a range of providers. Make sure to choose a plan that matches your energy usage patterns and budget.  Here are some primary factors that you should certainly consider to help you go for the best Australian energy providers:

Renewable Energy

Opt for green energy generated from solar, wind and renewable biogas if you want to be environmentally conscious. At present, around 30% of Australia’s electricity is from renewable sources. Switching to green energy is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Customer Service

You can go to the official websites of the individual energy providers in Australia to read genuine customer reviews and comments, statistics and relevant information for making informed choices.

Dual Fuel Deals

You can go for an energy supplier that offers good gas and electricity plans. Option for such dual fuel deals will require you to deal with only one provider. Compare the prices for such dual fuel plans. Alternatively, you can make a smart choice if two separate energy companies work best for you based on the cost and service.

Online Experience

It is important to consider the online services offered by the energy supplier before making the switch. Online account access, digital bills, and a user-friendly mobile app are required for tracking and managing your energy usage.

Frequency Of Energy Price Fluctuations

Energy rates in Australia can fluctuate rather frequently, which can be frustrating for households on variable rate plans. Both wholesale and retail electricity prices are influenced by complex factors like power station outages, demand spikes, and network costs. Natural gas rates also shift based on market conditions. 

While exact pricing adjustments vary between providers, most major retailers change their variable rates at least every 6 months. 

Finding the most affordable energy deal can be a confusing process, but is well worth the effort for Australian households. However, by understanding the key factors like renewable sources, customer service, online systems, and dual fuel options, you can opt for the best energy suppliers that cater to your needs for households and commercial spaces.


Who are the major energy providers in Australia?

The Australian energy market is dominated by the Big Three energy providers, Origin Energy, AGL Energy and EnergyAustralia.

Who are the Big 3 energy retailers in Australia?

There are only three Tier 1 energy retailers in Australia: AGL, EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy. 

What are the main factors to consider when choosing an energy supplier in Australia?

The main factors to consider before choosing an energy supplier include renewable/green energy options, customer service ratings, online account features, dual fuel bundles, and competitive pricing. 

How frequently do energy rates change in Australia?

Variable rates from most major energy suppliers change at least every 6 months. But fixed-rate contracts allow households to set a fixed pricing for 1-5 years. 

Is green energy more expensive in Australia?

While 100% renewable energy plans were pricier in the past, costs have come down substantially in recent years. Now you can often switch to green power for little to no extra cost thereby allowing you to adapt to an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

We hope this guide gave you some valuable insights. For more such interesting reads, here are some recommendations:

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Energy Suppliers In Australia

Best Energy Suppliers In Australia 2024

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