COVID-19 and Student Housing

As you’re probably aware by now, Coronavirus or COVID-19 has a firm stranglehold on the entire world. Normalcy, as we know it has been disrupted by change we’ve never imagined before. These are testing times for us all, but we at UniAcco, firmly believe, that with a little bit of trust and cooperation, we can get through this together! 

We understand that for some of you, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding whether or not you will be attending university, let alone the status of your accommodation. Some of you’ll have even booked your accommodation ahead of time but are uncertain about going through with it. There are many tough decisions to take, but be rest assured that whatever you choose, we promise to back you 100% to ensure that the next step gets executed smoothly. 

As of now, student housing and booking can still be done, thanks to our partners’ flexible terms. Students are still booking their accommodation with a view that things will get back to normal, come September when most universities open. In case you decide not to attend university this year or delay your trip, we will offer full refunds or alter the duration of your tenancy at no extra cost.

To ensure that you have a pleasant journey with us, we assure you that we will –

Leave no stone unturned to support you.

We have a dedicated team who are working 24/7 to assist you with your current or future student accommodation queries. We are committed to exploring every option that will ensure you remain happy and minimise any kind of risk. You can get in touch with us via LiveChat on our website – or simply call us on +44 808 168 1080. We’ll be more than happy to entertain any type of questions you have on what to do next.

Advise rooms that fit your situation

We are in touch with property management companies who are offering flexible terms and conditions that are suitable for your changing demands and needs. Our trained booking executives will guide you into selecting properties that have minimum risk, so that in the event of you not being able to attend university or needing to change the tenancy duration, you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket. 

Give you periodic updates

We are working around the clock to obtain vital information from our partners so that we can relay the same back to you. We’re also keeping our ears to the ground to get the latest updates on visas and international travel. Check out our blogs that range from current news reports to detailed student guides at

Tell you what to do next.

You can still plan your student accommodation, despite the furore created by COVID-19. Since most of our properties have flexible terms, you are not at any risk from booking your room now. Furthermore, most of our bookings are subject to “No Visa, No Pay” – or also, “No University, No Pay” – policies. These policies ensure that if you cannot travel due to no visa being issued or no place at your university being made available in the event of a cancellation of your course or suspension, then you will get a full refund. Save hundreds of pounds on your next booking!

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COVID-19 and Student Housing

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