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Countries With The Most Immigrants: 2023

The effects of globalisation lead to the need for new skilled and unskilled workers. When countries can’t fill the gap between the labour force and job vacancies, they depend on external help to find internalised employment. Immigration helps countries fill their five-year and ten-year plans. Thus, countries need to encourage employment and immigration. Countries with the most immigrants often benefit from long-term increases in number of taxpayers. 

In this blog, read and understand which countries have the most immigration, the impact of immigration, and the advantages and disadvantages of the top countries with the most immigration.

Immigrant V/s Emigrant

There is a stark difference between the two. Understanding the terminologies is also important. An emigrant would be a person who leaves a country. For example, countries like India, China, Mexico, and Russia, China and conflict-inflicted countries like Syria witness the most emigrants. Whereas, when the person who has emigrated reaches the destination country, they are called immigrants.

Consider Suresh. Suresh has left India to explore opportunities in Germany. While leaving India, he would be called an emigrant, whereas, while landing in Germany, he would be called an immigrant. Countries like the USA, UK, and Canada receive the most immigrants.

Countries With Most Immigrants

While we consider the statistics of countries with the most immigrants worldwide, there is a stark difference between the first country – the USA and the second country in the list. There is over a 30 lakh difference in the total number of immigrants. The below table will help you understand this difference. Do understand that there are recent policy changes when it comes to immigration policies, while Germany has rolled out policies in support of immigration, the UK has rolled out policies that are debatable if they support immigration as of reports in 2024. However, due to global political and economic changes, policies are dynamic.

CountryTotal Number of ImmigramtsShare of Country’s Population
Saudi Arabia13,122,33838.30%
United Kingdom9,552,11014.10%

1. United States of America

The top destination for immigration across the world. The USA witnesses a record number of legal and illegal migration. Often, the legal pathway is the safest with the wide availability of jobs for the occupants. The following table will help you understand US immigration and the numbers a bit more clearly:

Key InformationStatistics
Total number of immigrants in the United States50,632,836
Percentage of immigrants in the total U.S. populationOver 15%
Increase in immigrant population since 1965At least 400%
Diversity of the immigrant populationRepresents nearly every country worldwide
Leading origin country for U.S. immigrantsMexico
Number of immigrants from MexicoOver 11 million (approximately 25% of all immigrants)
Role of immigration in shaping U.S. cultural identityVital

2. Germany

Despite a language barrier, Germany witnesses a large influx of people from other countries. Germany often welcomes immigrants with open arms due to the large percentage of their old population. The country needs new skilled workers to effectively implement their long-term economic growth. The table below shows the exact number of people moving to the land:

Key InformationStatistics
Total number of immigrants in Germany15,762,457
Percentage of immigrants in the total German populationApproximately 19%
Factors contributing to Germany’s attractivenessRobust economy, educational opportunities, favourable immigration policies
Germany’s position in global immigrant populationSecond-highest after the United States

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia works in the favour of expats and immigrants due to its easy tax laws. People are often attracted to the high salaries as well. This is one destination where people worldwide find a new life. The following information presented will help you understand the number better:

Key InformationStatistics
Total number of immigrants in Saudi Arabia13,454,842
Percentage of immigrants in the total Saudi populationApproximately 38%
Sectors attracting foreign workers in Saudi ArabiaConstruction, healthcare, oil-related industries
Saudi Arabia’s ranking in global immigrant populationThird after the United States and Germany

4. Russia

Russia also witnesses a good number of people seeking new life and opportunities from other countries. The following table will help you understand the exact number of people seeking a new home in the country.

Key InformationStatistics
Total number of immigrants in Russia11,636,911
Percentage of immigrants in the total Russian populationApproximately 8%
Main source of immigrants to RussiaNeighbouring countries, particularly former Soviet republics
Role of immigrants in Russia’s economySignificant contribution to various sectors, particularly in labour migration
Russia’s position in global immigrant populationFourth after the United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia

5. The United Kingdom

Due to the iconic lifestyle ample opportunities in the country, a lot of immigrants are attracted to the UK. Despite being on the pricier side of things, this destination can birth a new life for migrants. There were recent policy changes, however, there is a still a large number of people who wish to move to the country! The following table will help you understand this better:

Key InformationStatistics
Total number of immigrants in the United Kingdom9,359,587
Percentage of immigrants in the total UK populationAround 14%
The role of immigrants in the UK’s historyRich history of immigration, contributing to cultural diversity and economic growth
UK’s position in global immigrant populationFifth after the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Russia

Along with the above list, the following countries such as United Arab Emirates, France, Canada, Australia as well as Spain are in the top 10 list of most immigrants in the country!

What Drives Immigration?

The causes of immigration are often widespread and long termed. There is a upward trend in immigration with more competitive atmosphere. Moreover, thousands of emigrants leave due to internal conflicts or lack of opportunities in their own countries also affect immigration.

Factors influenicing immigration

        Factors Affecting ImmigrationDescriptionExamples
        Economic OpportunitiesImmigrants go to other countries due to promising job prospects, higher wages as well as favourable business support. – Job availability
        – Wage levels
        – Business climate
        Political StabilityNations that are often with good political systems, quite low corruption levels as well as utmost respect for human rights are favoured to be immigrated into as it assures safety and security.– Political system stability
        – Corruption levels
        – Human rights protection
        EducationThere needs to be good and recognised institutions that help the immigrants and their families to grow and upskill. – Quality of education
        – Availability of academic institutions
        – Career development opportunities
        Quality of LifeThe major factor that affects people is the quality of life, good environment as well as a clearn and safe environment.– Healthcare availability
        – Environmental cleanliness
        – Social services provision
        Sociocultural EffectsAdds as a positive society and has several layers of understanding for newer cultures to be sunk in to the existing ones. – Diversity promotion
        – Multiculturalism
        – Inclusive society development

          Immigration Policies

          Every country differ in their rules and regulations for the right and the legal ways to immigrate to another country. The following table will help ones understand the rules it takes for a person to follow to move into another country:

          CountryVisa ProgramsCitizenship Process
          United StatesTemporary work visas (H-1B), visitor visas (B-1/B-2), family-sponsored immigrant visasLawful permanent residency (green card), meeting residency and language requirements
          GermanyWork, study, family reunification, asylum seeker visasMeeting residence and language requirements, passing an integration course, demonstrating commitment to German values
          Saudi ArabiaWork, residency, religious pilgrimage visas (Hajj and Umrah)Generally granted by birth to Saudi parents or marriage to a Saudi national, introduction of “green card” residency program for skilled expatriates, reforms to sponsorship system (kafala)
          RussiaTourist visas, work visas, study visasMeeting residency requirements, passing language and history exams, renouncing previous citizenship for certain countries, recent introduction of electronic visas and expansion of simplified naturalization process for Russian-speaking individuals
          United KingdomWork visas (Tier 2), student visas (Tier 4), family visas (Spouse/Partner visas), visitor visasIndefinite leave to remain (ILR) or settled status, meeting residency requirements, passing language and life in the UK tests, demonstrating good character, recent introduction of new points-based immigration system post-Brexit, prioritizing skills and qualifications, ending free movement of EU citizens

          Challenges And Opportunities

          Quite often, it is not easy to move to another country and settle down. One of the most difficult thing to do is check all the boxes in paper work after which the official move can even be started. The following table will help you understand the step by step challenges as well as the opportunities that one might face!

          Strain on resourcesEconomic growth
          Social integrationCultural diversity
          Public servicesEntrepreneurship
          Political debateGlobal connections
          Labour market issuesSkills and innovation

          Immigrants fills in the gap in the economic growth of the countries that need skilled workers and labour force as well as gives a chance at a better life for the immigrant. This is definitely a win-win situation for both the parties involved. Other than that immigrants also get a politically stable, new and better standard of living as well.


          Q1. Which Country receives most immigrants?

          Ans: The United States of America witnesses the most immigrants across the globe. 

          Q2. Does the country Germany support immigration?

          Ans: Yes, Germany has several positive immigration laws with reduced barriers to entry.

          Q3. Which are the countries that most Indians immigrate to?

          Ans: The two countries with most Indian immigrants are United States and Canada. Along with these two, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates are also top choices for Indians to immigrate. 

          Q4.  Which country is difficult to migrate to?

          Ans: If not done appropriately with up-to-the-mark documentation, immigration is difficult in all the countries listed in this blog. 

          Thank you for taking the time to read the article “Countries with most immigrants”. We hope you found the information helpful and informative. If you’re interested in exploring more such information, we encourage you to continue reading similar articles below:

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          Countries With The Most Immigrants: 2023

          Countries With The Most Immigrants: 2024 Updated List – UniAcco

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