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List Of Countries With A Free Education

Countries With A Free Education

Most people dream about pursuing their studies in another country or maybe countries with free education. Studying abroad allows you to meet new people, learn about other cultures, try new cuisines, travel to new places, and learn a variety of new things along the way. But above all, you get the opportunity to get top-quality education from world-renowned universities. 

Regardless, leaving your home country and moving to another country to begin your studies may be a challenging process, and exorbitant university expenditures can make it impossible for students to fulfil their goals.

The good news is that there are countries with free higher education throughout the world, and students only have to pay administrative costs.

Which Country Is Best For Free Study?

Germany | Countries With Free Education

The fact that practically all public universities in Germany do not charge university tuition fees to German and international students is one of the reasons why international students have been flocking to Germany to pursue their studies in recent years. Students simply need to pay administrative expenses, which could vary from €150 to €250.

The number of foreigners that come to Germany each year is likewise increasing as the education system improves. In the World University Rankings, Germany has almost 40 universities rated among the finest in the world.

Austria | Countries With Free Education

Austria is an excellent study option for students who desire to study abroad for free. Austria provides the same rights to Austrian and EU/EEA international students in terms of higher education expenditures, allowing them to study for free at any programme or degree level.

Students must, however, pay €363 per term after they have registered at any Austrian university. If students come from outside the EU/EEA, the charge increases and a semester will cost roughly €700 or more.

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Brazil | Countries With Free Education

Domestic and international students in Brazil can attend most state colleges for free but still have to pay registration fees. The price that students must pay at private higher education institutions, on the other hand, is determined by the university and the degree programme that a student selects.

Students should take an exam to establish their knowledge of the Portuguese language before applying to any university in Brazil. Brazil is also regarded as an economical place for students, as food and transportation prices are lower than nearby countries. Amongst other attractions, Brazil is popular for its tuition-free universities for international students.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as “the heart of Europe,” is yet another country that provides free education to foreign students. Applicants must, however, speak the local language to qualify for free tuition at any public university.

If a student wishes to continue her or his education in English, she or he must pay a tuition cost of €4,000-12,000 every year. 


France, formally known as the French Republic, is a country in northwest Europe with a rich cultural significance and is one of the world’s oldest countries. International students should consider continuing their studies in France because of the country’s excellent education sector and the fact that higher education is free at numerous universities.

Students in France can also take advantage of a variety of scholarships offered by the French government, ranging from €7,000 to €21,000 per year. Unless students choose to reside in the country’s capital, Paris, living costs are also reasonable.


Swedish students, EU/EEA students, and Swiss students are all eligible for free bachelor’s and master’s degrees at numerous Swedish institutions, except non-EU students who must pay to study in Sweden. Meanwhile, all PhD programmes are open to students from all over the world. Sweden also provides financial assistance to PhD students for their research projects, and foreign students in Sweden can take advantage of a variety of scholarships offered by many Swedish universities.

Sweden’s most popular universities include:

  • Uppsala University
  • Stockholm University
  • Karolinska Institutet

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Finland is also one of the countries with free education where every year a lot of international students fly to attend higher education. Especially for doctoral and postgraduate degrees. The Finish education system is renowned and known for its high quality and is considered amongst the finest in the whole world. Top universities in Finland offer courses in specialised fields such as:

  • Architecture
  • Designing
  • Communication

EU students study free of cost in Finland for any programme whereas non-EU students must pay a certain tuition fee for higher education. 

Make sure you take advantage of these top universities and attend the best universities all around the globe at no cost. Although some universities charge non-EU students which can be compensated through international scholarships that will fund your study abroad dreams. Good luck!

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Countries With A Free Education

List Of Countries With A Free Education