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Cost of Living in Salford For Students [Updated 2023]

A modern oasis that is developing by the day, Salford always find itself on the list of cities people want to build their homes and careers. Living as an international student in Salford can be a great experience. Salford is a city located in the northwest of England and is home to the University of Salford, which attracts many international students each year. As an international student, you will have access to the university’s support services and resources, as well as the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. To understand the cost of living in Salford better, let’s take a look at the rise of this dynamic city.

The cost of living in Salford, England as an international student can vary depending on a number of factors, such as your housing situation and lifestyle choices. However, in general, you can expect to spend money on housing, food, transportation, and other necessities. The average cost of living in Salford for students ranges between £1,016 to £1,096 per month. It’s also important to budget for other necessities such as books, course materials, and personal items, as well as leisure activities. International students should also budget for any additional travel costs such as flights and visa application fees.

Living In Salford As A Student

Salford is an urban city with a strong vision for education and development. It houses some of the best schools, the award-winning University of Salford and educational institutions in the UK and thriving commercial practices. The climbing student numbers have given rise to some of the best student accommodation centres and the cost of living in Salford can go as low as £107. These student living centres deliver on the promise of modern living and provide state-of-the-art facilities like launderettes, car and bike parking areas, on-site maintenance, high-end security and great spaces to socialise with your counterparts like lounge areas, gym rooms, games rooms, courtyards with BBQ spaces and much more.

Cost Of Living In Salford

Despite being a metropolitan borough and a thriving commercial centre in the UK, the cost of living in Salford does not reflect the same, providing a comfortable standard of living at affordable rates. 

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£400
On-Campus Accommodation£320
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,096
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,016

Student-Friendly Locations – The majority of student housing centres in Salford are located around the University of Salford making them close to the city centre and other daily amenities. The best student accommodation villages in the city are John Lester & Eddie Coleman Courts and True Salford.

Rent for Students – For a bustling city like Salford, it is surprising to see that the rentals go easy on the pocket. Keeping in mind the needs of the students, we have carefully curated a list of comfortable student accommodation options ranging from £107/week to £217/week.

Student Accommodation in Salford

Student accommodation in Salford strives to maintain the highest standards at affordable rates. With the properties ranging from £107/week to £271/week, let us learn the different kinds of living spaces available to better understand the cost of living in Salford –

Shared Rooms Offer a shared kitchen, living and washroom space.
Private Rooms – Students looking to enjoy a bit more private space can opt for private rooms where they can have a bathroom and study area all to themselves yet enjoy a shared kitchen and living area.
Studios – Want complete privacy? Studios are perfect for students looking for a private bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study and storage space. Apartments – Total comfort – a fully furnished room that comes with an en-suite bathroom, living room, kitchen, study area and wardrobe.

Student Life In Salford

Salford is ranked among the top cities in the United Kingdom to put down roots in. Situated to the northwest of London, the city has a great heritage and a rich history and boasts one of the best education, commercial and economic landscapes in the country. It is a melting pot of cultures and is the perfect place for a thriving student community and opens up a door of opportunities and educating experiences for students there.

Restaurants, Cafes and Shopping – The city has a collection of eateries with cuisines ranging from Middle Eastern to Mexican to European. Some of the popular restaurants frequented by locals are Vero Moderno whipping up exquisite Italian fare, Porta Wine & Tapas Bar and The Alchemist MediaCityUK. Some of the fan-favourite cafes in Salford are The Bus Stop Cafe, Cafe North, Cafe 19 Bar and Fig + Sparrow. The city is a shopper’s haven with the Salford Shopping Centre and Quayside MediaCityUK having a wide selection of national and international brands.

Museums, Landmarks and Parks – Salford has something for everyone to explore. True to British culture, it is big on sports and the AJ Bell Stadium is a great place to check out for a sports fan. Historical sites galore, Salford houses the world’s first free public library. The Tudor house and Ordsall hall are a must-visit for history buffs. The Salford Museum and Art Gallery is a great tourist spot too. The cityscape has made provisions for beautiful serene parks too like Peel Park, Buile Hill Park and Light Oaks Park.

Nightlife – Every big city has a thriving night scene and Salford delivers. It has some great nightclubs like Salford Lads Club, Hidden at Downtex Mill, De La Salle Social and Sports Club with an enjoyable and buzzing vibe.

Student Travel in Salford

Salford has an excellent and well-connected transport system in the form of rail, buses, trams, taxis and an airport. The two main railway stations are the Salford Crescent and Salford Central. They make every corner of the town easily accessible and even have further links to Manchester Piccadilly. Manchester’s tram system, Metrolink connects to Eccles and MediaCityUK.

Salford Attractions

Salford’s city centre, train and bus station lie close to all the major student accommodation centres in the town. Universities collaborate with local transportation providers to help university personnel and students save money on travel. 

Take a look at the list of must-visit places in Salford to get to know the dynamic city more.

  • Ordsall Hall
  • Salford Quays
  • Salford Museum and Art Gallery
  • Tudor house
  • Peel Park

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Cost of Living in Salford For Students [Updated 2023]