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Cost Of Living In New Zealand Vs The Uk

New Zealand and the United Kingdom are appealing destinations for students seeking high-quality education and exciting experiences. Both places are top choices for ambitious students looking to expand their horizons via education because they offer world-class colleges, inexpensive housing alternatives, and chances for personal growth. In this blog, we will understand the aspects of the cost of living in New Zealand vs the UK, including student accommodation, food costs, transportation, and educational costs, providing information to assist you in making decisions regarding your study abroad experience.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In New Zealand Vs The UK?

The average monthly cost of living in New Zealand for students ranges between NZ$ 2,058 per month for off-campus, while on-campus accommodation is slightly higher at approximately NZ$ 2,783. 

On the other hand, the estimated monthly expenditure for off-campus living in the UK amounts to £1154, approximately NZ$ 4327.42, while on-campus accommodations are projected to cost around £1218, equivalent to NZ$ 5851.90. When comparing “New Zealand vs the UK cost of living,” these figures play a crucial role in decision-making. Following is the breakdown of the average monthly cost of living in New Zealand vs the UK.

ItemsCost Of Living In New Zealand (Monthly)Cost Of Living In the UK (Monthly)
Off-Campus AccommodationNZ$ 600£ 408 (NZ$ 857)
On-Campus AccommodationNZ$ 1,325£ 472 (NZ$ 2786.12)
TransportationNZ$ 217£ 65 (NZ$ 456.29)
Food CostNZ$ 812£ 360 (NZ$ 1707.42)
Utility CostNZ$ 215£ 189 (NZ$ 452.09)
EntertainmentNZ$ 118£ 40 (NZ$ 248.12)
GroceriesNZ$ 168£ 28 (NZ$ 353.26)
ClothesNZ$ 145£ 64 (NZ$ 304.90)
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus AccommodationNZ$ 2,058£1154 (NZ$ 4327.42)
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus AccommodationNZ$ 2,783£ 1218 (NZ$ 5851.90)
Annual Cost of LivingNZ$ 24,696£ 13848 (NZ$ 51929.02)

Housing Facilities In New Zealand Vs The UK

The monthly cost of living in New Zealand is NZ$ 600 for off-campus accommodation and for  on-campus accommodation it is NZ$ 1,325. UniAcco helps you to find the best student accommodation in the UK, offering affordable and fully furnished accommodations near universities. 

Best Places To Stay In the UK

  • The Boulevard, York: Private apartments with en-suite bathrooms, new common areas, gym, and study spaces. Nearby cafes, pubs, and entertainment.
  • Vita Student Lawrence Street, York: Supportive management team, onsite maintenance, comfortable experience, and convenient location.
  • Abode, York: Close to universities, private apartments with kitchenettes and en-suite toilets, mediaeval city walls location.

Best Places To Stay In New Zealand

  • Massey University, Auckland: Modern accommodations with amenities like study areas, gyms, and social spaces.
  • University of Otago, Dunedin: Comfortable living close to campus, equipped with study areas and social events.
  • University of Canterbury, Christchurch: Quality student housing near campus with a range of amenities.

UniAcco‘s global network of 10,000+ students and receive expert guidance to make your study abroad experience in New Zealand exceptional. With UniAcco’s assistance, choose the best student accommodation in New Zealand and make your time abroad unforgettable.

Tuition Fees

Studying in New Zealand offers varying tuition fees based on degree types, with both public and private universities. Affordable options exist, particularly at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology. In the UK, tuition fees range for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and notable scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth, and GREAT provide financial support. When considering the cost Of Living in New Zealand vs the UK, tuition and scholarship opportunities are crucial factors.

Many students dream of studying at renowned institutions like Imperial College London, the University of Oxford, and the University of Canterbury. However, before deciding between the UK vs New Zealand’s cost of living, one should also compare the tuition fees, scholarships, and university rankings of both countries. This will help them make a smart decisions for their international education journey.

Scholarships In New Zealand

  • NZIDRS Scholarships: Funded by the NZ government for Indian PhD students in NZ. Covers tuition, living stipend (up to NZ$25,000 tax-free), and health insurance (up to NZ$600/year) for 3 years.
  • NZ Commonwealth Scholarships: For master’s & PhD, covers tuition, living (NZ$491/week), travel, health insurance, and establishment allowance.
  • NZ Excellence Awards: ENZ & universities fund scholarships at all 8 institutions. PG: NZ$5,000, UG: NZ$10,000. Experience excellence in diverse fields.

Scholarships In The UK

  • Chevening Scholarship: Fully funded, covers airfare, living expenses, and tuition fees for 12 months.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship: Various categories for postgraduate degrees.
  • GREAT Scholarship: Minimum £10,000 for a postgraduate degree.

Tuition Fees In New Zealand

  • Bachelor’s: NZ$ 4,100–6,100/year
  • Master’s: NZ$ 7,300–10,500/year

Tuition Fees In United Kingdom

  • Undergraduate Program Costs:  £20,000–45,000/year
  • Postgraduate Program Costs: £12,000–30,000/year.

Following are the list of 10 Best Universities to study in the UK and New Zealand:

Best Universities In UKBest Universities In New Zealand
Imperial College LondonAuckland University of Technology
University College LondonUniversity of Otago
University of OxfordUniversity of Waikato
University of CambridgeLincoln University
London School of Economics and Political ScienceVictoria University of Wellington
The University of EdinburghMassey University
University of WarwickUniversity of Canterbury
King’s College LondonThe University of Auckland
University of BristolUnitec, Mt Albert Campus
The University of ManchesterAuckland Institute Of Studies

Food Cost

Monthly food expenses diverge in these two countries. In New Zealand, an average of NZ$812 is spent, with NZ$1707.42 on groceries and NZ$353.26 on dining out. Meanwhile, in the UK, £360 (NZ$1707.42) is allocated for groceries, and £28 (NZ$353.26) for dining out.

Famous Dishes

  • New Zealand: Enjoy iconic Kiwi delights like the Hangi (Maori earth oven-cooked feast) and Pavlova (meringue-based dessert).
  • UK: Savor British classics such as Fish and Chips, and the delectable Yorkshire Pudding.


When evaluating the cost of Living in New Zealand vs the UK, understanding transportation expenses is vital. The following is the breakdown of the cost of transportation in New Zealand and the UK.

  • Options: The UK offers an extensive transport system, while New Zealand’s is smaller, especially outside major cities.
  • Public Transport: Both countries have buses and trains, but rural NZ coverage may be limited.
  • Cars: Cars are affordable in NZ ($5k-$10k), costing about $250/mo. UK car owners spend $508/mo, plus insurance ($985/yr) and road tax.
  • Public Transport Costs: In Auckland, a ride costs $4-$6, monthly pass $215; London’s costs are £1.50-2.50 ($3-$5), £94.90 ($193).
  • Fuel: NZ petrol is cheaper at $2.47, UK at $2.97.
  • Monthly Average: The average monthly transportation cost is around £65 ($456.29) in the UK and £ 65 (NZ$ 456.29) in New Zealand.

Entertainment And Other Expenses

Cost of entertainment

Understanding these expenses help in planning for a balanced student life in your chosen destination. Comparing entertainment and essential expenses between these two places:

  • The monthly entertainment cost in New Zealand is approximately NZ$118, while in the UK, it’s around £40 (NZ$248.12).
  • Clothing expenses per month are about NZ$145 in New Zealand and £64 (NZ$304.90) in the UK. 
  • Utility cost per month is £189 (NZ$452.09) in the UK, while in New Zealand it is estimated at NZ$ 215 per month.
  • As per the study of Numbeo, in the UK, a pair of jeans costs around $123.54, while in New Zealand, it’s $115.75. A summer dress is approximately $60.61 in the UK and $67.58 in New Zealand.
  • Prices for footwear like Nike shoes and men’s leather business shoes also vary between the two countries.

Both New Zealand and the UK have distinct energy sources affecting utility costs. While the UK’s energy mix includes natural gas and renewables, New Zealand’s emphasis on hydroelectric and geothermal power contributes to potentially cost-effective electricity generation.

Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare systems of both New Zealand and the UK are publicly funded, providing free medical services for eligible residents, including work visa holders. Notably, in the UK, employees contribute 12% of their income to National Health Service (NHS) coverage, while in New Zealand, no such payment is required.

As per the study of, in New Zealand, a nominal fee of $40-60 is charged for GP visits before specialist referrals, covered by the state. Dental care, ophthalmology, and some prescriptions are generally paid out of pocket in both countries, encouraging private insurance options like Cigna Global.

Insurance needs vary; New Zealand mandates few, while the UK requires car insurance. Average costs are around NZ$500 and £484 (NZ$985) in the UK. Additional coverage like contents, dental, life, and pet insurance can be tailored through insurance providers.

Part-time Job Opportunities For Students

Looking for part-time work while studying? Explore a variety of job options in both countries that can enhance your experience and finances:

  1. Server: Interact with diverse people, practice English, and earn tips.
  2. Teaching Assistant: Gain professional experience by assisting in lectures and providing feedback.
  3. Tutor: Make an impact by tutoring in subjects you excel in.
  4. Retail Worker: Develop customer service skills and potentially earn commissions.
  5. Translator: Utilize language skills for translating texts or websites.
  6. Research Assistant: Collaborate on cutting-edge investigations and gain mentorship.
  7. Hotel Receptionist: Interact with global guests and enjoy travel perks.
  8. Prep Cook: Enhance cooking skills and learn a variety of cuisines.


In comparing the cost of living between New Zealand and the UK, it’s evident that both countries offer varying expenses for accommodation, tuition fees, food costs and other miscellaneous expenses. These differences in living expenses can influence the overall affordability for students in each country. We hope this blog helps you to get a clear understanding of the cost of living in New Zealand vs the UK.


Q1. How does the cost of living in New Zealand compare to the UK?

The cost of living in New Zealand is generally lower than in the UK, including expenses like accommodation and daily necessities.

Q2. What is the average New Zealand vs UK cost of living?

The average monthly cost of living in New Zealand with off-campus accommodation is approximately NZ$2,058, while in the UK it is £1154 (NZ$4327.42).

Q3. Are there significant differences in accommodation costs between New Zealand and the UK?

Yes, there are notable differences, with both off-campus and on-campus accommodations in New Zealand being more budget-friendly than their UK counterparts.

Q4. How do the accommodation costs impact the overall student experience in these countries?

Lower accommodation costs can positively impact the overall student experience, allowing students to manage their finances more effectively while enjoying a comfortable living environment.

Q5. What UK and New Zealand is famous for?

The UK is renowned for its history, landmarks like Buckingham Palace, prestigious universities, and cultural impact. New Zealand is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, outdoor activities, Maori culture, and as a backdrop for “The Lord of the Rings” films.

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Cost Of Living In New Zealand Vs The Uk

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