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Cost of Living in Chester UK for Students [Updated Prices 2023]

The city of Chester boasts a happy and content student community. From history to culture to sport and food, Chester has loads to offer. Student life in Chester is a relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable and educating experience owing to the bustling city and dynamic universities situated there. The city houses some great student accommodation options and the cost of living in Chester for students is affordable with an array of economical alternatives for students. With all of this in place, migrating to Chester sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Moving to Chester is a breeze for international students considering its welcoming atmosphere and vibrant student body. When it comes to estimating living costs in Chester for international students, there are several factors that contribute to it ranging from accommodation, food, transport, clothing, entertainment, and more. The average monthly cost of living in Chester for international students ranges between £1,119 to £1,135. This article further details various expenses that contribute to their monthly living expenditures.

Cost Of Living In Chester

The cost of living in Chester is affordable as compared to the top cities in the United Kingdom. Below is the monthly breakdown of the living costs in Chester for international students –

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£412
On-Campus Accommodation£396
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,135
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,119

Student Accommodation In Chester

There’s a wide range of student accommodations in Chester depending on every student’s needs. You can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities along with an amazing set of communal spaces in the form of lounges and outdoor/courtyard areas, cinema and study rooms, and other daily amenities like on-site maintenance, launderettes, and even bike and car parking areas. Most student accommodations lie in close proximity to the University of Chester.

With the rentals ranging from £95/week to £300/week, let us take a look at the different kinds of living spaces available to better understand the cost of living in Chester –

Shared Rooms – These rooms offer a shared kitchen, living and bathroom space.
Private Rooms – These rooms offer a bit more private space with regards to the bathroom and study area meanwhile, offering a shared kitchen and living area.
Studios – Perfect for students looking for total privacy and extra space. Studios offer a private bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study and storage space.
Apartments – Total comfort – a fully furnished room that comes with an en-suite bathroom, living room, kitchen, study area and wardrobe.

Student-friendly Locations – Students usually end up picking the student accommodations centres at Liverpool or the Wharf like Tudor Place and The Towpath which provide everything that students are looking for to have a comfortable stay in the city.

Student Life In Chester

The walled cathedral city of Chester is a tight-knit community with a relatively small population of about 80,000 people. It has a great student-friendly atmosphere owing to the dynamic and reputed University of Chester there. It enjoys a relatively colder climate typically having an oceanic climate. The city has a lot to offer and is a great place to call home.

Restaurants, cafes and shopping – The city has a fantastic collection of restaurants serving multiple cuisines with the fan-favourite cuisine being European. Some of the most popular restaurants are The Yard, Urbano32, Made in Italy and Zuger’s of Chester to name a few. Pubs are a huge part of British culture and the city boasts some iconic pubs namely, Nelson’s Bar and Brewhouse & Kitchen. Grosvenor Shopping Centre and Forum Shopping Centre are great places to go if you fancy shopping.

Museums, Landmarks and Parks – Steeped in history, Chester is famous for two things – the cathedral walls surrounding the city and its iconic black-and white architecture. That makes the cathedral among the town’s most popular landmarks. Grosvenor Museum is the main museum that showcases historic Roman artefacts and tombstones and even has an art gallery. Grosvenor Park serves as the major part of the city. Edgar’s Field is another park that houses the shrine of the Roman goddess Minerva.

Nightlife – Being a town with a young population, nightlife in the city is a given. It has a variety of places depending on the vibe you fancy. Rosies Chester and Cruise are among the lively bars in Chester. Prohibition is another popular choice for a cocktail bar if you fancy having a quiet romantic night.

Student Travel In Chester

Getting about in Chester is easy and affordable because of the excellent public transport links throughout the city. Buses seem to be the most common transport of choice, but the city has an array of rented and private options which makes navigating the city fairly easy.

Train ­– The Chester train station is the main train station in the city and is situated right in the heart of Chester. It makes every corner of the city and neighbouring towns easily accessible.

Bus – Bus stops are peppered around the city which makes buses the most efficient form of travel to move about in the city.

Biking and walking – Chester has an economical bike rental scheme which is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to get around the city.

Chester Attractions

Chester’s city centre, train and bus station lie close to all the major student accommodations in the city.  Universities collaborate with local transportation providers to help university personnel and students save money on travel.

Take a look at the list below if you have some free time or are simply seeking new locations to explore in and around Chester.

  • Grosvenor Museum
  • Chester Castle
  • Cheshire Military Museum
  • Grosvenor Park
  • Chester Racecourse

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Cost of Living in Chester UK for Students [Updated Prices 2023]