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Cost Of Living In Berlin

Berlin, Germany’s lively capital, is well-known for welcoming students from all over the world. It provides a distinctive and welcoming environment for students seeking higher education because of its rich history, diversified culture, and vibrant intellectual landscape. Berlin is a popular choice for students looking for a rewarding and meaningful educational experience because of its low cost of living and effective public transportation system. In this blog, we’ll explore the aspects of the cost of living in Berlin, including housing cost, food and transportation, discovering the best colleges to study in Berlin and more. 

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Living In Berlin?

The average monthly cost of living in Berlin for students ranges between €1,042 per month for off-campus, while on-campus accommodation is slightly higher at approximately €1,069. 

ItemsCost Of Living In Berlin (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation €295
On-Campus Accommodation€322
Food Cost€200
Utility Cost€295
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation €1,042
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation €1,069
Annual Cost of Living€12,499

Housing Facilities And Cost In Berlin

Living costs in Berlin for international students may vary depending upon many factors. Student accommodation in Berlin is one of the prominent factors to consider while planning Berlin’s monthly expenses. Renowned for its vibrant culture, Berlin offers various housing options for students, making their stay enjoyable and convenient.  These options include on-campus and off-campus dorms, apartments, and shared houses.

Best Places To Stay In Berlin

  1. Friedrichshain: Known for its artistic flair and historical significance, it offers direct tram connections to Catalyst and exceptional student housing options.
  2. Kreuzberg: A trendy, edgy area with a strong sense of community, perfect for those seeking a lively atmosphere.
  3. Schoenberg: A slightly more affluent neighbourhood with premium shops and restaurants, suitable for young ex-pats.
  4. Mitte: Situated at the centre, Mitte offers a lavish living experience with access to major attractions and a mix of nightlife and culture.

Comparison Of Rent Costs (Monthly)

  • Ensuite: Starts from €449/month.
  • Non-Ensuite: Starts from €380/month.
  • Twin-Ensuite: Starts from €469/month.
  • Studio: Starts from €709/month.
  • Twin-Studio: Starts from €350/month.
  • Dual Occupancy Studio: Starts from €1511/month.
  • Dual Occupancy Studio: Starts from €529/month.

To gain a clear insight into accommodation abroad, contact UniAcco. UniAcco is a global student accommodation leader offering premium housing near the top universities in Berlin. With UniAcco, you can easily compare, consult with other students, and select your dream housing, all at affordable prices.

Tuition Fees

When considering the cost of living in Berlin, understanding the tuition fee structures and university choices is essential. Following are the average fees of top private and public universities in Berlin and a listing of the best universities in Berlin with thor QS World Ranking 2023-24.

UniversitiesQS World Ranking 2023-24
Freie Universität Berlin118
Humboldt University of Berlin131
Technical University Berlin158
HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences120
Berlin University of the Arts48
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin51
ESMT Berlin85
Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin7594
Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin4289
SRH Hochschule Berlin148

Public Universities

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Offers English-taught Master’s programs with a semester contribution of around €315.64. No tuition fee except for specialised or Master’s degrees requiring work experience.
  • Freie Universität Berlin: Provides humanities, social, natural sciences, and medicine programs. The semester contribution is approximately €237.89. 

Private University

  • ESMT Berlin: Ranked highly for business education. The tuition fee for a Master’s is €32,000, and for MBA is €49,000.
  • SRH Berlin University: Offers a wide range of programs with varying tuition fees. The bachelor’s cost for EU students is €650 per month; for non-EU students, it is €4,500 each semester. For EU students, the master’s cost is €800 per month, while it ranges from €5,400 to €6,450 for non-EU students.

Food Cost

Food Cost In Berlin

The cost of food in Berlin can vary depending on your preferences and dining choices. On average the monthly food cost around €850 to €900.

  • Famous food: Berlin has a diverse culinary scene, from classic German sausages and pretzels to a worldwide assortment of cuisines.
  • Budget-friendly Choice: Purchasing groceries, which cost about €200 per month, is an economical way to enjoy home-cooked meals.
  • Famous Restaurants: Indulge in Berlin’s renowned culinary scene by visiting places like Curry 36 for currywurst, Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap, and Markthalle Neun for a variety of cuisines.

Cost Of Transportation

It is simple and economical to utilise Berlin’s transportation system, which makes getting around the city convenient. In Berlin, the average monthly cost of transportation is projected to be €80. As per the analysis of Discover 194, the following is the breakdown of transportation costs and modes available in Berlin: 

  1. Options: Berlin has a strong public transportation system that includes the S-Bahn (train), U-Bahn (underground), Tram, and Bus.
  1. Single Ticket: The price for AB is €3.20, BC is €3.80, and ABC is €4.00.
  1. Monthly Ticket: 24-hour validity; AB €91 (annual cost: €802.80), BC €93 (annual cost: €864), and ABC €114 (annual cost: €1,056).
  1. Reduced Rates: Free travel is available for children under 6 years old, a dog, and one adult (Mon–Fri: 8 pm–3 am, Sat-Sun: all day).
  1. Bicycle Transportation: Bicycle transportation is permitted with certain tickets; students, trainees, and holders of six-month tickets are exempt.

Healthcare Facilities

One of the key considerations while deciding whether to study in Berlin is healthcare. Discover the essential aspects of healthcare coverage and insurance options to ensure your well-being during your studies in Berlin while exploring the cost of living for single students.

  • Students under 30 can enrol in public health insurance, however, those over 30, students enrolled in language or preparation courses, PhD candidates, and visiting scientists require private health insurance.
  • Health Insurance Costs: Basic healthcare and long-term care are covered by public insurance, which costs between €103.94 and €111.75 a month. Monthly premiums for private insurance start at about €33.
  • Details of Coverage: Basic dental care is covered by public insurance, as are medical visits, prescriptions, screenings, and rehabilitation. Private choices like German Student Insurance provide customised solutions.

Job Opportunities For Students

In the dynamic city of Berlin, renowned for its diverse cultural landscape and vibrant student community, exploring job opportunities for students becomes essential to managing the cost of living in Berlin.

  • Flexible Part-Time Jobs: Berlin has a range of part-time employment opportunities that let you balance your education while getting important experience.
  • Average Monthly Salary for Working Students in Berlin: According to Glassdoor, working students in Berlin make an average monthly salary of €564 and receive extra cash benefits of €550. 

5 Tips For Planning The Budget

When navigating the cost of living in Berlin, consider these 5 tips for effective budget planning

  • Start by looking at your income and making a list of your regular costs, such as rent and utility bills. Set aside money for entertainment, groceries, and travel while leaving room for unforeseen expenses.
  • Choose cheap supermarkets, take advantage of student discounts, and think about getting a monthly transit pass to reduce the expense of commuting. 
  • Utilize student discounts at nearby establishments and explore free or inexpensive activities.
  • To save money on eating out, prepare meals at home. Check out parks, free cultural events, and exhibitions for low-cost amusement.
  • Use spreadsheets or budgeting software to keep track of your spending and pinpoint areas that need work. 


It’s crucial to understand living expenses in Berlin if you want to have a good academic career. Students may take advantage of everything this bustling city offers while maintaining their financial stability and well-being by creating a realistic budget, researching money-saving techniques, and adopting frugal living. We hope this blog helps you to get a clear insight into the cost of living in Berlin.


Q1. Is it expensive to live in Berlin?

Ans: In comparison to other European cities, Berlin’s cost of living is reasonable, providing affordability and a wide range of possibilities.

Q2. What is Berlin famous for?

Ans: Berlin is famous for its iconic structures, like the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall, its thriving art scene in areas like Kreuzberg and Mitte, and its rich history, which is on exhibit at museums like the DDR Museum.

Q3. What are some best universities in Berlin for international students?

Ans: Humboldt University, Freie Universität, and Technische Universität are some of the best universities in Berlin for international students.

Q4. Where do most students live in Berlin?

Ans: Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg are popular with students because of their vibrant atmospheres, whereas Schöneberg provides a more wealthy and suburban environment.

Q5. What is the monthly cost of living in Berlin?

Ans: Berlin has a wide range of monthly living expenses, with off-campus housing costing on average, €1,042 and on-campus housing €1,069.

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Cost Of Living In Berlin

Cost Of Living In Berlin For Students: Price Guide 2024 – UniAcco

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