Cost of Living In Bath For Students [Updated Prices 2024]

Cost of Living in Bath

Bath is an internationally renowned city for its history, culture and architecture. The city attracts over half a million visitors every year, and with good reason: it offers a great variety of things to see and do. Now, you may be wondering about the cost of living in Bath as an international student. Well, that depends on what your standard of living is like at home! But if you’re looking for an affordable way to study in one of the UK’s most beautiful cities, then we have some good news: Bath is one of the most affordable places you can study abroad!

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

Bath also has a lot more international students than other cities because of its numerous universities. The monthly average cost of living in Bath for an international student ranges between £2,408 and £1,615. Your living expenditures vary according to how much money you make and what kind of lifestyle you choose to live. There are plenty of affordable options available if you’re willing to compromise on things like location or the number of roommates, you can comfortably live within your budget.

Bath students should budget around £1,100/month (excluding rent and tuition). This includes £65 for clothing, £45 for entertainment, £20 for health, and £20 for materials, leaving £850 for other needs. Remember, your actual costs may vary. This budgeting framework is crucial for understanding the cost of living in Bath for students.



About Bath As A City

Bath is the largest town in Somerset County, England, recognised and called for its Roman-built baths (which is why Bath is called Bath, quick realisation am I right?) What’s in for students you may want to ask? Well, the city has two colleges – the University of Bath and the University of Bath Spa – with Bath College offering higher schooling. 

Did you know Bath has its own sports teams as well? Bath Rugby and Bath City F.C. are totally for sports fanatics. The town is also home to electronics, publishing and service-oriented companies such as Future plc and Rotork. Bath became the core of trendy life in England in the 18th century when the Old Orchard Street Theater and architectural projects such as Lansdown Crescent, the Royal Crescent, The Circus and Pulteney Bridge were constructed.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Bath?

A variety of expenses including accommodation, food, groceries and miscellaneous costs defines the cost of living in Bath. On average, students can estimate their monthly living costs in Bath to be around £1400 – £1500. However, these expenses can vary depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here is a tabular representation of the same to provide you with clarity on these average individual expenses per month:

ParticularsMonthly Cost (£)
Off-Campus Accommodation£704
On-Campus Accommodation£816
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,452
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,564

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change.

Below is a breakdown of the cost of living in the Bath for Indian Students

The living costs in Bath are inclusive of various expenses including food, accommodation, travel and many others that are beyond the tuition fees. Here is a representation of the average total expense that Indian students will have to incur while pursuing their studies in Bath:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation66,976
On Campus Accommodation85,931
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation (Per month)152,914
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation (Per month)164,709

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change.

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Cost Of Tuition Fees

The University of Bath, consistently ranked among the top institutions in the UK features average annual fees of around £22,000 for most courses. Bath Spa University charges average annual fees of around £14,700. However, tuition costs in Bath can vary basis the course and university that you opt for.


Cost Of Student Accommodation In Bath

The prices of student accommodation in Bath can vary depending on factors such as location, amenities, and the type of housing. Purpose-built student accommodations can range from approximately £160 to £300 per week depending on the property type. 

Bath Accommodation
Student AccommodationPrivate AccommodationUniversity Accommodation
Cost160-300 GBP/Per Week350 GBP/Per Week + Utility bills 200 GBP/Per week
SafetyThese are gated communities with utmost safety and all facilities included like CCTV, biometric entrance, etc.Depends on the landlord and areaThese are on the university campus with all the safety precautions
Utility BillsIncludedNot IncludedIncluded
Home InsuranceIncluded in rent160 GBP per yearIncluded in rent
Proximity UniversityWalking distance to campusDepends on areaInside/nearby Universities
Other AmenitiesMostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge etc.Based on landlord/locationMostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge, etc.

Cost Of Transport

Bath offers seamless connectivity to the major university campuses along with convenient transportation alternatives to travel within and around the city including:

Bus: Bath benefits from a comprehensive bus network operated by companies such as First West of England and Bath Bus Company.  A single trip can cost around £2.50 which can vary depending on the distance. 

Train: Bath is served by Bath Spa railway station, offering regular train services to destinations across the UK, including London, Bristol, and Cardiff. A single ticket can cost around £7, which can vary depending on the distance.

Bike: Bath is a bike-friendly city with designated cycling paths. Bike rentals in Bath will cost around £25 for a day. 

Cost of Food and Groceries

A grocery haul for a single person will cost around £50 – £60 per week on average. Bath offers a diverse range of dining options, from cosy cafés to upscale restaurants. 

A meal for one at an inexpensive restaurant is estimated to cost around £12 – £15, while a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant can cost £40 – £60.

Is Bath Expensive To Live For Students?

While Bath offers a bustling student life and top-notch educational institutions, the cost of living can be a significant consideration for those on a tight budget. Fortunately, the city provides various affordable options for students. Additionally, many scholarships offer financial assistance for students to cover their educational expenses which contribute to a major chunk of the costs. Thus, with the right planning, the living costs as a student in Bath can be managed well. 

Factors Influencing Cost Of Living In Bath 

For students, the cost of living is influenced by a variety of factors specific to their lifestyle and needs. Here are some key factors that can impact the cost of living for students in Bath:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food & Groceries
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Health care expenses
  • Study supplies
  • Miscellaneous costs

How To Save Money As A Student In Bath?

Saving money as a student in Bath can seem to be difficult due to the higher living costs and several associated expenses. However, with some careful planning and mindful spending habits, there can certainly be scope for savings. Here are some helpful and practical tips:

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Q1. Is living in Bath Expensive?

Ans: According to new research released, the city of Bath is among the most costly places for students to live in, with student essentials’ costing more than twice as much as items elsewhere.

Q2. What is the cost of living in Bath, UK?

Ans: The cost of living in Bath, UK, for a single person’s monthly costs is estimated to be 799£ (without rent). Bath is 22.33% cheaper than New York (without rent).

Q3. Where do students live in Bath?

Ans: Bath’s main student district is Oldfield Park. It is a very convenient place to live because it has a wide variety of shops and is on the 418 and 410 bus routes. Other popular places among students are South Down, Twerton, Weston and Widcombe.

Q4. How much does it cost to study at Bath?

Ans: The cost of studying in Newcastle for a Bachelor’s programme will cost you about £17.7k – £23.4k and a Master’s programme will cost between £15.9k – £25k based on the type of course you wish to study.

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Cost of Living in Bath

Cost of Living In Bath For Students [Updated Prices 2024]

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