Cost Of Living In Bath: A Detailed Overview

Cost of Living in Bath

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March 23, 2021

Bath is the largest town in Somerset County, England, recognised and called for its Roman-built baths (which is why Bath is called Bath, quick realisation am I right?)

Bath has close to 1.3 million travellers a year, rendering it one of the ten English cities most visited by foreign tourists. Attractions in Bath include spas, canal boat rides, Royal Crescent, Bath Skyline, Parade Gardens and Royal Victoria Park, which host carnivals and seasonal activities. Where to shop? There is the SouthGate shopping centre, the Corridor arcade and craft stores on Walcot, Milsom, Stall and York Streets for you to explore and shop your heart out. There are theatres, like the Royal Theater, as well as other museums, like the Bath Architecture Museum, the Victoria Art Gallery, the East Asian Art Museum, the Herschel Astronomy Museum, the Fashion Museum, and the Holburne Museum. 

What’s in for students you may want to ask. Well, the city has two colleges – the University of Bath and the University of Bath Spa – with Bath College offering higher schooling. 

Did you know Bath has its own sports teams as well? Bath Rugby and Bath City F.C are totally for sports fanatics. The town is also home to electronics, publishing and service-oriented companies such as Future plc and Rotork. Bath became the core of trendy life in England in the 18th century when the Old Orchard Street Theater and architectural projects such as Lansdown Crescent, the Royal Crescent, The Circus and Pulteney Bridge were constructed.

Bath is a town with a high quality of life. Here is a breakdown of the average monthly expenses in Bath.

Accommodation | Cost of Living in Bath

Bath has a good choice of student accommodation for you with plenty of amenities to choose from. Here are some of the top accommodations in Bath.

Where? Lower Bristol Road Bath BA2 1EZ United Kingdom

Where? Brougham Hayes, Bath BA2 3GF, United Kingdom

Where? Avon Studios, Midland Road, Bath, BA1 3BZ

Where? Lower Bristol Road, BA2 3ES

Travel | Cost of Living in Bath

How much is the cost of living in Bath? Assuming you are staying in UniAcco’s student accommodation, then you are not going to have a lot of transportation to deal with since all UniAcco properties are located in the closest proximity of all universities. The price of the bus is £1.50 for a ticket and £2.50 for a day’s pass if you pay on the bus, and it will be easier if you booked the fares on your phone in bulk. You can also weigh the expense of a train/coach home, since this is something one is actually going to do, particularly in the first semester. This obviously depends a lot based on where you live, but Bath is well linked to the train and bus station in the centre of the area.

BathRider Bus Passes make an unrestricted week’s journey on all Bath Buses (with the exception of Park & Ride and private tours) for £17.50. The FirstDay ticket provides unrestricted travel in and from Bath on a daily basis for £4.10 off-peak (after 9 am Mon-Fri and Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays).

Nightlife | Monthly Living Expenses in Bath

As far as nightlife is concerned, I will say that the cost in Bath is around the average. Depending on the club and the weekend, the tickets vary from £5 to £10. Drinks in the club appear to be very costly, but bars and pubs in Bath tend to give concessions to students, rendering them cheaper. Also, the buses operate 24/7 over time, making it very reasonable to get to and from the club.

Bath also has a minimal but atmospheric “Royal Theater.” It’s Christmas pantomime is very common, and several London producers visit Bath as part of their regional tours. Students take £1 off ticket rates and there are 40 seats a day available for £6 at noon on the day of the performance.

Eating and Drinking | Cost of Living in Bath

There is no lack of possibilities for any of these in Bath – and the good news is that there are always several choices that provide outstanding value for your money. Take your choice from a broad variety of pubs where you can taste locally brewed beers and ciders as well as all other foreign labels. For more economical quaffing The Old Green Tea, 12 Green Street is a good old skool.

Bath doesn’t lack luxurious high-end restaurants, but it still has some surprisingly fun, cheaper places to eat. Try Same, same but different, a tapas-based restaurant that uses only local ingredients (approximately £10 per main course) at 7a Princes Buildings (Bartlett Street entrance) or The Raven of Bath, 6-7 Queen Street, famous for its pies (the main course is also about £10).

If you live in student accommodation and go out-to eat out-rarely, you might do so for £700, so about £1,200 is a reasonable budget for anyone who needs their own place and enjoy-at least some of what this fantastic city has to give.

Total Costs

Total costs that you will have to bear during your stay in Bath will be as given below.

RestaurantA meal in an inexpensive restaurant: 20.42 $
Market*Water, 0.33 litre bottle: 1.36 $
*Milk, 1 litre: 1.28 $
*A loaf of fresh white bread, 0.5 kg: 1.66 $
*White rice, 1 kg: 1.16 $
*Eggs, 12 pack: 2.93 $
*Local Cheese, 1 kg: 9.08 $
*Chicken Breasts, Boneless and Skinless, 1 kg: 6.40 $
*Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat, 1 kg: 12.49 $
*Apples, 1 kg: 3.40 $
*Banana, 1 kg: 2.04 $
*Oranges, 1 kg: 2.72 $
*Tomato, 1 kg: 3.85 $
*Potato, 1 kg: 2.04 $
*Onion, 1 kg: 1.73 $
*Lettuce, 1 head: 1.31 $
*Water, 1.5 liter bottle: 1.47 $
Transportation*One-way Ticket, Local Transport: 3.74 $
*Monthly Pass, Regular Price: 92.79 $
*Taxi Start, Normal Tariff: 3.81 $
*Taxi, price for 1 km, Normal Tariff: 1.87 $
*Taxi, price for 1 hour Waiting, Normal Tariff: 24.51 $
Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage353.85 $
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local0.20 $
Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL54.46 $
Clothing and Shoes134.79 $


1. Is living in Bath Expensive?

According to new research released, the city of Bath is among the most costly places for students to live in, with student essentials’ costing more than twice as much as items elsewhere.

2. What is the cost of living in Bath, UK?

The cost of living in Bath, UK, for a single person’s monthly costs is estimated to be 799£ (without rent). Bath is 22.33% cheaper than New York (without rent).

3. Where do students live in Bath?

Bath’s main student district is Oldfield Park. It is a very convenient place to live because it has a wide variety of shops and is on the 418 and 410 bus routes. Other popular places among students are South Down, Twerton, Weston and Widcombe.

4. How much does it cost to study at Bath?

The cost of studying in Newcastle for a Bachelor’s programme will cost you about £17.7k – £23.4k and a Master’s programme will cost between £15.9k – £25k based on the type of course you wish to study.

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