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Cost Of Living In Australia Vs Canada

Australia and Canada are some of the most preferred countries to study abroad. These countries are known for their lovely culture, great infrastructure, services and quality of education. Australia and Canada are home to many top universities, too. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect destination to study abroad? Well, but the higher the demand, the greater the prices! If you are looking to study in any one of these countries, you should know the cost of living in Australia vs Canada and then decide which one suits your study plan, budget, and living conditions.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Australia Vs Canada?

The average cost of living in Australia and Canada is AU$ 2236 and CA$1,807, respectively. The on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation costs vary for each of the countries. Let’s look into these in detail:

ItemsCost Of Living In Australia (Monthly)Cost Of Living In Australia (Monthly)
Off-Campus AccommodationAU$ 800CA$ 550 (AU$ 626)
On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 1,754CA$ 1,611 (AU$ 1,321)
TransportationAU$ 150CA$ 100 (AU$ 113)
Food CostAU$ 780CA$ 720 (AU$ 819)
Utility CostAU$ 205CA$ 180 (AU$ 204)
EntertainmentAU$ 80CA$ 60 (AU$ 68)
GroceriesAU$ 68CA$ 64 (AU$ 72)
ClothesAU$ 153CA$ 133 (AU$ 151)
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus AccommodationAU$ 2,236CA$ 1,807 (AU$ 2,056)
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 3,190CA$ 2,868 (AU$ 3,264)
Annual Cost of LivingAU$ 26,832CA$ 21,684 (AU$ 24,682)

Student Accommodation In Australia Vs Canada

Some universities in Australia and Canada do not provide on-campus accommodation or even if they do, sometimes they are costly. This effects your total cost of living overall, especially given student visas are very expensive. So its really important to decide where to stay, understand the approximate cost of accommodation and only then plan your budget. Given below is a table consisting various accommodation options offered by these countries:

Well, picture this- you have applied to your dream university and have secured admission successfully, but then get to know that the university doesn’t provide accommodation, or even if it does, it’s way too costly! Hence, it’s important to check the accommodation costs and also decide on your stay to plan your budget accordingly. Australia and Canada offer multiple types of on-campus and off-campus accommodations or housing options. Let’s learn about these options:

CountryTypes of Housing OptionsPopular CitiesNotable Universities
AustraliaDormitories, apartments, shared housesSydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, AdelaideRMIT University, Monash University, Macquarie University
CanadaDormitories, apartments, shared housesOttawa, Toronto, Montréal, VancouverCarleton University, Langara College, Sheridan College

Average Rent In Australia (Monthly)Average Rent In Canada (Monthly)
Sydney: AU$329-519Ottawa: CA$722-1244 (AU$762-AU$1305)
Melbourne: AU$309-552Toronto: CA$715-950 (AU$756-AU$1005)
Brisbane: AU$455-769Montréal: CA$820-920 (AU$869-AU$975)
Perth: AU$360-431Vancouver: CA$675-850 (AU$715-AU$896)

If you are keen about finding out more on abroad student accommodations, contact UniAcco. We provide the best student accommodations that fit your budget! You can compare the prices of various properties, consult with other students and choose your housing.

Tuition Fees

When comparing the living costs in Canada Vs. Australia, it’s important to consider the tuition fees of the top universities in the country. The fee structure can help you borrow a loan or plan your financial roadmap.

AspectsAverage Tuition Fees Australia (Annual)Average Tuition Fees Canada (Annual)
Undergraduate DegreeAUD 20,000-45,000CAD 10,000-30,000
Graduate DegreeAUD 22,000-50,000CAD 15,000-65,000
Doctoral ProgramAUD 22,000-42,000CAD 7,000-17,000
Diploma/CertificateAUD 4,000-22,000CAD 10,000-15,000

Top 5 Universities In Canada and Australia

An international student like you who is going to put in so much money to study abroad should thoroughly research the best that you can get out of all that money. The most important factor here is the university. You must get a quality education no matter what. Given below are the top 5 universities in Canada and Australia: 

University of TorontoAustralian National University (ANU)
McGill UniversityUniversity of Sydney
University of British ColumbiaUniversite de MontrealUniversity of MelbourneUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of AlbertaUniversity of Queensland (UQ)

Food Cost

Cost Of Living In Australia Vs Canada - Food cost

When comparing the average monthly food costs between Australia and Canada:


  • You can expect an average monthly cost of AU$780 on food, including expenses like groceries and dining out. Groceries individually can amount up to approximately AU$68.
  • Vegemite on toast, Tim Tams, Meat Pies, and Fish and Chips are some of the dishes you can try in Australia. 


  • Coming to Canada, the average monthly food cost in Canada is about CA$ 720 (approx. AU$ 819). Considering the groceries, individually cost CA$ 64 (approx. AU$72) of this total. 
  • In Canada, you can have tasty dishes like Poutine, Butter Tarts, Nanaimo Bars and BeaverTails.

In Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to savour iconic dishes such as Poutine, Butter Tarts, Nanaimo Bars, and BeaverTails.


Whether it’s going to the university, shopping for groceries, or even hanging out on a day off, you have to use transportation. Taking into account the transportation costs can help you manage your monthly expenses wisely. Below is an overview of the transportation costs in both countries:


Various transportation options are available in Australia, including its cities and regions. Some of them are given below: 

Mode of TransportationShortened Points
Public TransportIncludes- Buses, Trains, Trams, Ferries
BikingYou can use Bike Lanes, Pathways 
WalkingSuitable for short distances
Average transportation cost = AU$150


Canada offers a range of transportation modes due to its vast geography. Some of them are given below:

Mode of TransportationPoints
RailExtensive network, scenic travel, advance booking for cost savings
BusCity commuting, intercity travel, cost-effective for travelling between cities, longer journeys
FerryPopular in coastal regions like British Columbia and Atlantic region
Average transportation cost in Canada = CA$100

Healthcare Facilities For Students

Given below are some of the healthcare facilities for students offered in Australia and Canada: 

  • In Australia, permanent residents have a facility for basic healthcare, doctor visits, and hospital treatments through Medicare. 
  • You can even choose private health insurance for extra coverage like dental care and routine and specialist consultations with Medicare. 
  • Inclusive Approach: Canada’s humane healthcare system emphasises equal access for all, relieving financial burdens and serving residents, including international students.

Job Opportunities For Students

Part-time job availability is widespread for students in Australia, offering opportunities to balance work and studies while comparing the cost of living in Australia vs Canada.

CountryCommon Part-time Jobs Work Hours
AustraliaRetail sales, restaurants/cafes/bars, hotels/motels (admin & housekeeping), farming, sales/telemarketing, administration, tutoringAverage workday: 7.6 hours, 38 hours/week, 1797 hours/year
CanadaServer/bartender, sales assistant, barista, dog walker, tutor, ride-sharing/delivery driver, teacher assistant, freelancing, nanny, translator, bookkeeper, customer service, cook, program facilitator, writer/editorStandard hours for federal employees: 8 hours/day, 40 hours/week, 2086 hours/year


It’s a wrap! With this blog, you might have learned about the costs you would incur if you stayed in Australia and Canada. Knowing about such things gives you a clear picture of what your finances should look like.


Q1. Is it cheaper to live in Canada or Australia?

Ans: Living costs can vary, but generally, Canada tends to be cheaper than Australia.

Q2. Which is better Australia or Canada for students?

Ans: The choice between Australia and Canada depends on your academic goals, lifestyle preferences, and desired experiences as a student.

Q3. Is Canada or Australia safer?

Ans: Both Canada and Australia are considered safe countries, but specific safety conditions can differ based on location and local factors.

Q4. Is Australia colder than Canada?

Ans: Australia generally has milder winters and warmer temperatures than Canada, which can experience much colder weather.

Q5. What are some best universities in Australia and Canada?

Ans: Some top universities in Australia include the Australian National University and the University of Sydney, while Canada boasts the University of Toronto and McGill University among its best institutions.

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Cost Of Living In Australia Vs Canada

Cost Of Living In Australia Vs Canada For Students 2024 – UniAcco

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