Best Coffee Shops in Cambridge: Top-Rated Cafes Near Cambridge

coffee shops in cambridge

Cambridge, being a university city, is home to a large population of students. About 20 per cent of the population consists of students, which adds to the lower age demographic of the city. And with the trend of cafe-hopping on the rise amongst the young, the upsurge in the coffee shops in Cambridge is spiralling high. For all the javaphiles eager to enhance their taste buds or cherish the beauty of coffee, Cambridge offers an extensive pick of coffee shops.  

If you’re looking to grab an easy-going brunch, plan a lunch date at an aesthetic place in the city or loosen up for the weekend with a calm cup of coffee, this blog is the perfect guide to help you find the best coffee shops in Cambridge. Right from cafes which specialise in freshly-baked goods to places that provide healthy food alternatives, here are a few coffee shops in Cambridge that assure a delectable bite. 

Top 9 Coffee Shops in Cambridge

1. Fitzbillies

Phone: +44 1223 352500

Address: 51-52 Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RG, United Kingdom. 

Best known for: Chelsea buns.

Brewing coffee and baking cakes since 1902, Fitzbillies is one of the most popular coffee shops in Cambridge. Ranging from a hot cup of coffee in the morning with the most delicious Chelsea bun, Fitzbillies offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and even afternoon tea. In case you’re mapping out a picnic across the Greens and Meadows of Cambridge, they also offer a selection of champagne picnics to take away. Also famed for their iconic homemade cakes, a trip to Cambridge while missing out on Fitzbillies is a pyrrhic voyage.

2. Bould Brothers Coffee

Phone: +44 7796320049

Address: 16 Round Church St, Cambridge CB5 8AD, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Top-drawer coffee.

This cafe is dedicated to brewing the best coffee possible. Bould Brothers Coffee is known for its pick of superior quality ingredients ranging from the best coffee beans, and real Belgian chocolate to expertly blended drinks that offer the customers several choices of milk and water to be used for their beverages. Spanning over two levels, this coffee shop in Cambridge gives its patrons a welcoming and cosy sense of aura. The tiniest attention to detail like the ratio of volumes and the outstanding grade of ingredients, given by baristas with at least six months of training under their belt, makes their delicacies truly palatable.

Aromi coffee shops in cambridge

3. Aromi

Phone: +44 1223 300117

Address: 1 Bene’t St, Cambridge CB2 3QN, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Sicilian cuisine.

Aromi has three branches across the city, with its roots established in Sicilian cuisine and highlighting the local food scene. Appetising treats like handmade gelato, pizza, arancini, focaccia, cannoli and a range of pastries are available to the patrons. Aromi provides spacious seating to its customers, and mouth-watering food at affordable prices. 

The cafe has a lively yet simultaneously laidback energy that makes it warm and welcoming.

Although it has been established quite recently, the 5-star institution quality of dishes has it in one of the best coffee shops in Cambridge.

4. Foy

Phone: +44 1223 366100

Address: 2 Quayside, Cambridge CB5 8AB, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Riverside location.

The whereabouts of this cafe are an immediate attraction to all those who love being by the sanctuary of water. Located on the Quayside, this small yet comfortable cafe has a wide pick of delectable food, wine, cheese boards and much more. Run by a pair of siblings who appreciate good food, good wine and good scenery, customers can enjoy the palatable dishes while relaxing with an overview of the beautiful river Cam and its lovely punts. Heart-warming soups, cheese-oozing delicacies, and hot beverages are some of their best attractions.

Cafe Blue Sage in cambridge

5. Cafe Blue Sage

Phone: +44 7557 106656

Address: 198 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 3NF, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Authentic Turkish fare.

Although situated a little way farther than the city centre, a small trip to this cafe is absolutely worth venturing. Cafe Blue Sage is well known for its Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines. This cafe, having bright and vibrant exteriors and painted with cheery colours is certainly hard to miss. Falafel and Baklava are a couple of its popular menu items, paired with beautiful Turkish coffee. 

6. Urban Larder

Phone: +44 1223 212462

Address: 9 The Broadway, Cambridge CB1 3AH, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Cheese toasts.

Urban Larder is one of the most comfortable, cosiest coffee shops in Cambridge. This cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating to its customers where they can choose to bask in the mild sun with their coffees or sit in the warm embrace of the cafe. Along with the creamiest and most texture coffees, this cafe also offers an assortment of different bread items on the menu, ranging from cheesy toast and garlic bread to croissants. The ambience of this lovely cafe is hard not to love. 

7. The Locker Cafe

Phone: +44 7786 212120

Address: 54 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LN, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Pottery exhibits and sale.

The Locker Cafe is certainly one of the most creative and innovative coffee shops in Cambridge. Run by the father-son duo, it’s one of the famous art-based cafes where patrons can explore artisan pottery. The son runs the cafe whereas the father sculpts the pottery. All the artwork created is up for sale and also incorporated to be used in the cafe. Not only their exclusive work, but this cafe also features exhibitions for local sculptors on the terrace of their establishment quite routinely. Evidently, the cafe is extremely popular for its unique and creative way of cherishing sculptures and encouraging sculptors and is often packed with tourists. 

The food offered by the Locker Cafe is equally delicious. They offer a varied pick of meals, baked goods like cakes and pastries, and of course, the most palatable beverages of coffee and tea. The cafe emanates a vibe of warmth and comfort. 

The Box Room Board Game Cafe

8. The Box Room Board Game Cafe 

Phone: +44 1223 662266

Address: 58 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DP, United Kingdom.
Best known for: Ambience and the setting.

Looking for a fun place to hang out with your group of friends inciting old-school nostalgia? Then this is the perfect cafe for you. The Box Room Board Game Cafe consists of approximately 500 different types of board games lined up on the shelves with a huge assortment of beverages, food and wine. Customers can spend an entire afternoon here to unwind and relax with peers, playing any of their games while also enjoying the delicious coffee, cakes, toasties, milkshakes and much more, at affordable prices. They also lease out the space for hosting events and parties. This cafe’s innovative way to initiate making bonds with your peers makes it one of the most popular coffee shops in Cambridge.

9. Greens Coffee And Co.

Phone: +44 1954 714902

Address: 5 High St, Great Cambourne, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6JX, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Ambience and outdoor seating.

The perfect coffee stop to replenish your energy, Greens Coffee and Co is known for its welcoming and warm ambience, and polite service. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it is a small independent cafe that serves its customers delicious and affordable food and a few of the best types of coffee. Altogether, this lovely cafe is definitely worth a visit.

Cambridge has hundreds of cafes to offer delicious food, beverages, alcohol, ambience, and comfortable and cosy auras, something that would be preferred by each of us. There are many other coffee shops in Cambridge that employ creative and innovative ideas to attract their patrons. Pet-friendly cafes or cafes based on pets and pet parents are especially on the rise. 

You can always find a coffee shop in Cambridge that fits your pockets and helps you unwind in the way you want. 


Q1. How popular are coffee shops in Cambridge?

Ans: There are around 7500-8000 cafes and coffee shop establishments in the UK. Cambridge has several different types of coffee shops as they’re especially popular amongst the youth these days. Coffee shops are often seen as places to relax and catch up with friends and family.

Q2. Which are the most popular coffee shops in Cambridge?

Ans: Cafe Blue Sage, Bould Brothers Cafe, Limoncello, Aromi, Cafe Foy, and Savino’s are some of the popular cafes in Cambridge. 

Q3. How much does an average cup of coffee cost?

Ans. The average cost of a cup of coffee is around 3£. Studies show that the average adult consumes about one cup of coffee every day. However, there are several pocket-friendly cafes that offer the same assortment of food and beverages at affordable prices. 

Q4. Can you get food at any of these coffee shops?

Ans: Most coffee shops in Cambridge provide their customers with a varied menu of different food items and alcohol too, more than often. Most popular food items include different baked goods like cakes, pastries, etc, or English breakfast and brunch meals.

Q5. How long can you stay at these coffee shops?

Ans: Customers can stay at these coffee shops for as long as they want since there are no restrictions limiting the amount of time patrons spend. Most cafes are designed with the idea of relaxing and creating an environment of comfort and ambient aura for the customers to unwind. Hence, you can stay at these cafes for any amount of time.

Let us know in the comments below if there’s anything about Cambridge cafes that we missed! 

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Best Coffee Shops in Cambridge: Top-Rated Cafes Near Cambridge

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