Why Study in Cambridge? | Top Reasons to study in Cambridge

reasons to study in Cambridge

It’s not easy to try to determine which town or region to study in. Where do you even start, with so many options? We have put together all the explanations and reasons for why study at Cambridge in order to make things a little simpler for you.

Study at Cambridge University is generally recognised as one of the world’s best universities, ranking top in the UK and fourth internationally. However, Cambridge has a range of wonderful attractions that grab the hearts of everyone, not just the world-leading education that makes this tiny UK city a perfect place for students.

Here are some of the reasons to study in Cambridge that you need to consider :

  1. It has a lot of academic history

Do you appeal to the notion of living in the footprints of one of the best scientists the planet has ever known? If so, a visit to the Trinity College Cambridge grounds is a must. Sir Isaac Newton spent his entire undergraduate life in college, and much of his studies were performed here. 

  1. You can find loads of friendly people

Cambridge might be a city, but it feels as warm and friendly as any of the smallest towns in the United Kingdom. Getting around is easy-peasy (especially if you have a bike), and if you’re new to the area and want to know the best places to explore, locals are often prompt to give friendly guidance. It is one of the best reasons to study in Cambridge. One of the world’s most popular places to work and learn is Cambridge. Thousands of students from all over the world go to this magnificent university town every year to begin a new chapter in their lives. From a whole host of diverse cultures, you should prepare to encounter all sorts of special and fascinating individuals.

  1. Here were some of the world’s leading minds researching

There is a justification why Cambridge has a reputation for innovation in academics. Some of the world’s greatest poets, authors, scientists and policymakers ever known have studied here.

The poet Lord Byron, the scholar Francis Bacon, and the author A. A. Milne are prominent alumni of Trinity College. Want to learn for yourself at Trinity College? During public opening hours, tourists are able to explore the grounds. During tests and at some hours of the day, be mindful that connectivity is off-limits.

  1. Enjoy shopping? You’re going to love Cambridge

One of the top reasons to study in Cambridge for shopaholics. Grand Arcade certainly lives up to its reputation with its prime location in the middle of Cambridge. More than 60 premium and high-street stores, including John Lewis, Kurt Geiger, and Topshop, are part of this iconic shopping destination.

If, like us, shopping leaves you hungrier than Hades, you’re not going to have to look for something that takes your fancy for too long. With a variety of casual cafes and restaurants to choose from, the Grand Arcade makes dining out simple. Krispy Kreme (for those days when just a doughnut-shaped injection of sugar would do) and Ed’s Diner are our classics (great for both light bites and cocktails).

  1. For culture vultures, it’s a haven

Cambridge is host to some of the strangest and most wonderful museums in the world. This is a community that understands how to engage its tourists, from the famous Fitzwilliam Museum (where you will find paintings and antiques going back as far as 2500 BC), to the Centre for Gaming History (where you can be vigorously invited to play as many video games as you can, get in).

You’ll find the Whipple Museum of the History of Science if you’re into science. The museum houses a vast array of experimental devices, some of which date all the way back to the 16th century, a veritable treasure chest of scientific paraphernalia. 

  1. You’ll never get sick of the stunning architecture

It is easy to understand why Cambridge is regarded as one of the most stunning cities in the world and gives students ample reasons to study in Cambridge. It offers students the extraordinary opportunity to reside, function and learn amid some of the finest examples of Tudor, Victorian and mediaeval buildings in the world, with its distinctive mix of old and modern architectural styles.

Pay a visit to King’s College Chapel for a glimpse of English Gothic design at its best. Designed between 1446 and 1515, the chapel (especially inside) is so awe-inspiring and breathtaking that it brings many visitors to tears. Making sure the Kleenex is fully stocked for you.

  1. You’re going to find everything you like

A variety of shopping malls are in Cambridge, including the Grand Arcade and the Lion Yard. You’ll notice all sorts of high-street retailers, like Topshop, Schuh and Hollister; plenty of ways to optimise your discount for students. There are also a variety of cinemas and entertainment centres within walking distance of the university, and you will not be short of choices for dining out, with several great restaurants in the area.

  1. London is only a short journey away

The big smoke is less than an hour’s drive by rail from Cambridge (or marginally longer depending on the route), so if you want a day trip or a weekend escape to the city, you’re in the right place. Isn’t this one of the top reasons to study in Cambridge? The last train back is normally about 1am, so before going back to Cambridge for the night, you would also want to enjoy dinner and a few drinks in London.

  1. There’s a great music scene

It’s a big part of the university experience to go out and let off some steam, and if you’re considering Cambridge study, then this element of college life would not fail! With a host of music stages, Cambridge has a thriving music scene, which you can find a diverse variety of big artists, as well as up-and-coming bands to get into. Just a few famous places holding gigs and shows are the Junction or the Corn Exchange. There are also a range of pubs and parties for your mates to go out to, and the regular full schedule of college activities.

  1. The surroundings are beautiful

Cambridge, renowned for its picturesque avenues, parks, architecture and surrounding scenery, is the ideal spot to kick back and relax, or even to enjoy the great outdoors for some time. One of the few that make it possible to feel at one with nature in a famous university city is the breathtaking town.

Without a visit to Anglesey Abbey, the Botanic Garden of the University, The Backs or Wandlebury Country Park and Nature Reserve, your time learning in Cambridge does not slip by.

These are just some of the many reasons to study in Cambridge why you’re going to have a wonderful time studying in Cambridge. In reality, after you graduate, you may love the town so much that you want to continue and work there. One glance at Instagram’s latest Cambridge posts is all you need to fall in love with the beauty of this beautiful area. Every post looks like a movie still.

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reasons to study in Cambridge

Why Study in Cambridge? | Top Reasons to study in Cambridge

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