Black Book Project Topics: Discover the Top Ideas For A+ Grade

Black Book Project Topics

How do you pick the best topic for your third-year final project? Which topic is best suited to you? What will it take for your ‘Mission Project’ to be a success? If you’re in your final year and have a big black book project on your ‘To Submit’ list, this blog will help you comprehend all you need to know. We’ve got it all covered, from selecting a theme to delivering the best black book project for students!

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Getting Started

Most final-year students (particularly third-year students) at Mumbai University and other Indian institutions are obliged to submit 1-3 copies of a black book containing your project report to your college/institute. Before completing the final project, several colleges require students to submit the Project Synopsis. A project synopsis summarises the whole project, including its goals, objectives, and other relevant elements.

Before submitting your final year Black book project to the college, ensure that it follows the proper format. A standard structure comprises the following elements: a college diploma, acknowledgement, declaration, a list of figures, a table of contents, and a project report. Once you’ve begun the planning process and you know the format you have to adhere to, it is easier for you to get started.

Template For Your Black Book Project

Your final year black book project should be following a particular format that should cover the following elements –

  • The Cover Page (Embossed on the black book cover)
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgement: Index Thank you message to your coordinator, instructor, and principal
  • The Abstract 
  • An Overview/ Introduction
  • Research Design
  • The Company Profile
  • Data Interpretation
  • Findings
  • Recommendations/Suggestions
  • Final thoughts
  • Bibliography

Structure Of The Project

Every third-year BMS student is required to complete an individual project (for 200 marks). Your BMS course faculty/project will have a supervising instructor or BMS coordinator who must approve your project proposal. The project would have an internal supervisor (usually a college faculty member) and, if necessary, an external guide (approved by the Principal or the Head of the Department).

Do keep in mind that your black book project must be written well in Times New Roman font, sized 12, with points double-spaced on the A-4 paper throughout. Also, note that your project should be hardbound comprising at least 50 pages. 

On the hardbound copy, the following information must be printed: 

  • Student Name
  • Class  & Section
  • Seat Number
  • Name of your internal guide
  • College name & department
  • Submission Date
  • University Name

It is required that TYBMS students must submit two copies of their project 4-5 weeks before the viva test. While both copies must be certified, one will be retained by the college and the other will be returned to the student prior to the viva commencement date.

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The Most Common Black Book Project Topics

Now that you’ve read up well enough about what this project must include, what should the structure be and what details you must include in it, let’s arrive at one of the most difficult aspects – selecting a topic. Now, based on the field you choose, you can narrow down certain topics that you think could mark a great presence in your project. Being unique is key here since this project will thoroughly be based on your research, data, interpretations, and conclusions. Here below, we have categorised topic ideas based on areas of interest –

Topic Ideas For Marketing

  • Study of consumer engagement and test marketing
  • Amul milk market research and sales development
  • Life Insurance: The Role of Integrated Marketing Communication in it
  • Marketing Survey and Channel Development
  • Cadbury Company’s Marketing Strategy
  • Lux Marketing

Topic Ideas For Advertising

  • Advertising on the radio 
  • Advertising in schools
  • How are commercial advertisements created? 
  • Advertisement depictions of women
  • Children’s Role in Advertising
  • Advertisements for alcohol and drugs
  • Advertisements that promote smoking

Topic Ideas On Consumer Behaviour

  • Consumer behaviour in the Automobile Industry
  • Study on consumer behaviour on different soap brands in Mumbai
  • Consumer Attitudes toward Public and Private Sector Banks
  • Consumer Behaviour in relation to Life Insurance products in Mumbai
  • Consumer Behaviour in upgrading to visible goods in branded apparel

Topic Ideas For Business Ethics

  • Business Ethics: Its History and Teachings
  • China and India’s cross-cultural ethical concerns
  • Indian managers’ and workers’ professional ethics
  • Wrongdoing in Businesses – Corruption Practices
  • Top management’s role in ethics

Topic Ideas For HR

  • Employee perceptions of the Organization
  • The motivation of the Employees vs the Management
  • Recruitment and selection of employees

Topic Ideas For Strategic Management

  • Strategies for establishing an effective internet-based customer service
  • Report on BEST activities
  • Six Sigma initiatives in Indian industries 
  • Methodology of ERP implementation
  • Supply Chain Management in the International Market

Black Book Project Topics for Finance, Banking & Insurance

  • ForEx & Risk Management
  • Financial Institutions in India: Their Roles & Responsibilities
  • A Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes
  • India Infoline: Derivatives
  • Strategies for Derivative Trading

How to Make Black Book Project?

Students can demonstrate their creativity, research abilities, and subject-matter expertise with a black book project. Although the word implies that the project needs to be presented in a black book, it actually refers to any kind of thorough and well-researched opportunity.

Here are some pointers for students who are unsure about how to create a black book project:

  1. Select an interest: The first step in creating a black book project is deciding on a subject that piques your interest. Picking a topic of interest ensures that you stay motivated and dedicatedly work on it. 
  2. Do in-depth research: After you’ve selected a topic, you need to start researching. Take help from different sources online: your mentors, subject matter experts, professors, and libraries. Collect and organise the information in the best way possible. 
  3. Organise your undertaking: Make sure everything is planned out before you start working on it. This should include the elements of your project, the data you wish to use, and the instruments you plan to use. 
  4. Make a plan: A project overview is a useful tool that will aid you along the way. It will assist you in arranging your ideas and guarantee that your project is logically and methodically organised.
  5. Write your project: The moment has come to get your project written. Make sure to speak succinctly and clearly and back up your claims with research-based data.
  6. Edit and proofread: After the completion of your project, finish off your project, take some time out for thorough proofreading and editing. This ensures an error-free, flawless and professional-looking clean project work.

In conclusion, students may find that creating a black book project is a fulfilling experience. You can produce a project that highlights your knowledge and abilities by selecting an interest-related topic, carrying out in-depth research, organising your project, making an outline, writing your project, editing, and proofreading it.


1. What is a black book project?

Third-year BMS students at many Indian universities, including Mumbai University, are required to complete an independent project, typically for 200 points. The supervising instructor or BMS coordinator for this BMS course/project will need to accept your project proposal.

2. How to write a black book project?

Your final year Black Book Project should have the following structure: Cover Page (which should be embossed on the Black Book Cover); Declaration; Acknowledgment; Overview; Abstract; Research Design; Company Profile; Data Interpretation; Findings; Suggestions; Concluding Remarks; Bibliography.

3. How to choose a black book project topic?

You can narrow down certain topics that you believe will have a strong presence in your project depending on the field you pick. Being unique is important here because your project will be entirely dependent on your research, data, interpretations, and conclusions.

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Black Book Project Topics

Black Book Project Topics: Discover the Top Ideas For A+ Grade

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