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Walking Streets In London

The path less travelled by or the route of paradise, a good long walk can do wonders for the body, mind and soul. Walking during the sunrise or the sunset and basking in the glory of the changing colours of the sky are some of the simple pleasures in life that are priceless. Additionally, walking in a fabulous city like London will be a treat to all the senses. London has some of the most pristine walking routes complimented by various environments. Whether it is to run an errand or simply refresh for the day, walking is the cheapest and most natural way to commute. The blog below showcases some of the best walking routes in London.

Top Walking Routes In London For Students

The people of London generally opt to walk when traversing around the city due to the many great benefits it offers. However, to someone new to the city or a tourist, below are some incredible walking routes in London.

Thames Path: Best For A Walk Along Flowing Waters

The feeling of walking beside a river with the serenading flow of water, the harmonious birds, and the fresh fragrance of flowers in the air can feel like a dream. This is exactly what Thames Path offers, a scenic walk through the city’s heart. The trail is a staggering 298km long and goes through some monumental and lush nature. The course begins at the Thames Barrier and goes through central London, finishing at Woolwich. The path goes through Greenwich, Richmond, Windsor, Oxford, Northmoore and plenty of other places. Some exciting places people may encounter along the way are the House of Parliament, The London Eye, The Tower of London, The London Bridge, etc. Additionally, green meadows, rural villages, historical ruins and pebble roads are part of these magnificent walking routes in London.

Hampstead Heath: Best For A Blend Of City And Nature

This walking route is not shy of a good blend of nature and city as it traverses through hills and concrete roads alike. The Hampstead Heath route is 7.32km, and the longer version adds another 3km to it. It starts at the Hampstead Underground Station and finishes there too, yes it is among the circular walks London offers. The route follows Parliament Hill, which offers a panoramic view of the city and adds a whole different flavour during sunrise or sunset. The Hampstead Hill Garden Pergola is another magnificent spot encountered along the route, with woodlands and bathing ponds. There are a good amount of pubs and eateries scattered along the route to grab a quick bite before continuing.

City of London: Best For Exploration Of London

If a nice London walk is what helps relax a person, then the City of London walking route is the one to try. The trail is a perfect 4.6km which is ideal for embracing the beautiful locations that come along the way, and the whole walk won’t take more than 3 hours. The route starts at the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral and ends at the captivating. This route is a delight for a photographer as places like the Sky Garden, Leadenhall Market, the London Stone, Mansion House, and many more are part of this journey. Expect to find a lot of architectural beauties that take back to the past. Each waypoint has a certain history and culture, flavouring the walk even more. If time permits, try to catch a performance at the Shakespeare’s Globe. A London tourist walking map would be a great carry-on if the person wants to reroute or check the best direction to another spot.

Camden To Primrose Hill: Best For A Short Walk Around The City

As one of the smallest walking routes in London, Camden to Primrose Hill is just about 1.62km but is packed with vibrance. Long routes are not comforting to everyone, and some prefer a quick and brisk walk around the city, taking in the fresh air and getting a quick cardio in for the day. The Camden to Primrose Hill, as the route suggests, starts off the Camden market, which is underneath the Camden Lock signed bridge and ends at the London skyline from Primrose Hill. the journey can start with shopping at the bustling markets of Camden and end with a peaceful walk in the lush greens of Primrose Hill. Folks can even picnic on the hills and enjoy the great views. 

Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial Walk: Best For Experiencing History

Princess Diana was a historic icon in the United Kingdom, and this walk is a commemorative journey through her life. This walking route in London has to part the itinerary for any history buff or, in general, anybody who wants to embrace the culture. It is an 11km walk and comprises monumental locations that honour the life and legacy of Princess Diana. The walk is marked by 90 distinctive circular plaques embedded in the pavement, making it easy to follow. The route starts at Kensington Palace, the former residence of Princess Diana and finishes at Westminster Abbey. In between, there are locations like The Mall, where royal processions often occur, Buckingham Palace, the official royal residence, St James’s Palace, Hyde Park, and St. Clement Danes Church, also known as the Church of the Royal Air Force. A London walking map of this historic place can also be acquired as guidance during the walk.

Epping Forest’s Oak Trail: Best For Embracing Nature

It is easy to get lost in the noise and commotion of a busy city bustle and forget how important relaxing and being away from this stress really is. The Epping Forest’s Oak trail is the ideal walking route in London to be one with nature. This route is away from the city of London and is in total 10 km long, perfect for a weekend getaway. Begin the walk at The View Visitor Centre, located near the Chingford entrance of Epping Forest. Further, markers are laid throughout the trail so that the designated path is followed. The trail goes through the Connaught Water, a beautiful lake, a charming village at the centre of the forest, an Iron Age hillfort called Loughton Camp and plenty of other mesmerizing sights. The whole trail is cradled by beautiful trees and graceful flora, filling the air with fragrance. Finally, the trail ends either at Theydon Bois or Chingford. A walking map of London attractions would not be required here since every corner presents attractive and appealing allure.


Currently, people are seen spending a lot of time in front of screens and on chairs which is detrimental to health. A simple long walk can counter the ill effects of sitting, and if a habit of walking is created, it can carry many long-term benefits as well. The city of London accommodates some great sights and locations, and the best way to experience all of them is to walk. The walking routes in London pose as not only a good embracement of history and culture but also as crucial exercise. 


Q1. How long do London walks take?

Ans: London trails come in all shapes and sizes some of them take 20mins to finish, while the longer ones can go up to 5 hours. The choice is up to you.

Q2. Is London good for walking?

Ans: London boasts of being a beautiful city, there are places there are encompassed with flora and fauna and other places that embrace the city’s wonder. Therefore a walk down any trail will present you with one or the others.

Q3. How much does London walk cost?

Ans: The best part about using walking trails is that most of them are entirely free. Very few do have entry a fee, but they are extremely minimal.

Q4. How do I plan a walking route UK?

Ans: This depends on the route length, if it is a short one, then it can be finished in 30 mins however the longer ones do require proper scheduling. Just the right gear, lots of water and a couple of mates are all that is required.

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Walking Streets In London

Walking Routes In London Made For Students

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