Top 7 Best Dating Apps For Students In The UK

Exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time, dating in the UK as an international student is a one-of-a-kind experience. You’re a stranger in a strange land; you don’t know anyone, and you’re probably getting used to diverse cultural customs. It is obvious that many overseas students who are looking for a mate use dating apps. After all, interacting with potential mates online is frequently less stressful than meeting them in person.

Every individual has a distinct experience of dating in the digital era. If you’re an immigrant, perhaps you wish to meet someone who has a similar background. Are you considering using the dating applications yourself to test them out? Are you sick of using conventional dating apps and wish to try something different? Wondering which are the best dating apps for students in the UK? Look no further! To help you get off a good start, we’ve compiled a list of the best dating apps for students in the UK. 


Many overseas students use Hinge, which describes itself as “the dating app designed to be deleted.” Because of the sophisticated matching algorithms deployed, the developers of the Hinge dating app are confident that you will be able to meet a lifelong mate with the app. Through a basic set of questions, the app swiftly ascertains your ideal date and presents you to folks that most closely match your answers.

When it comes to swiping, it gives you a better sense of individuals’ personalities since you can read their peculiar responses to prompts like “My dream dinner guest would be…” or “You should not go out with me if…” Statements like these act as icebreakers and make it much more intuitive to get to know people and start a conversation.  Hinge, like many of the world’s best dating apps for students, is available for free — or you can upgrade to a paid subscription if you prefer.


best dating apps for students in the UK

Are you seeking an alternative to the traditional dating app format? You have it now. While Bumble matches people in the same way that Tinder does, it is up to the woman to initiate the conversation. Bumble might suit you if you’re a lady who likes to take the initiative. Women start conversations on this dating app, and their matches have 24 hours to respond. Remember that this only applies to matches between men and women. For same-sex relationships, the initiative can be taken by either party.

Bumble, one of the best dating apps for students in the UK, provides two extra ways to grow your network: Bumble BFF aids in creating enduring connections, and Bumble Bizz is focused on career opportunities. You can switch to the Bumble BFF function to start enlarging your social circle if all you want is to meet some new folks in your social circle. The app also includes a “travel mode,” a paid feature that enables you to switch your location to a different city before or while on vacation. This feature is useful if you want to meet people in new places.


SALT is an award-winning faith-based dating app that provides users with a better way to meet, date, and get married. It was created by Christians for Christians. You may sign up for free, make a profile, and begin virtually interacting with other Christians in your vicinity. You may also choose to switch to a premium account if you feel that you would benefit from additional features.


JSwipe is the top Jewish dating app and is owned by JDate, a well-known matchmaking site for Jewish people. The user-friendly, varied design gives swipers the choice to browse several profiles at once or many at once. Additionally, users can choose in advance their preferred kosher status and denomination. The fact that JSwipe is free to use makes it one of its top qualities and is ideal for a student’s budget.

Salaam Swipe

The Salaam Swipe app is made exclusively to connect Muslims. Salaam Swipe, also referred to as the “Muslim Tinder,” facilitates introductions between users based on location, shared interests, and self-identified religion. This app is mainly focused on helping people find love and marriage even though its interface is relatively similar (swipe right, swipe left).

Indian Cupid

This dating app is a great choice for international students who have migrated to the UK from India because it was created to allow non-resident Indian (NRI) singles to connect and match with one another. You create a profile on IndianCupid, look at other users’ pictures, and start a conversation to show your interest.

Color Dating App

What if you could quickly find someone with a background similar to your own? As one of the best dating apps for students in the UK, the purpose of the Color Dating App is to encourage the meeting of like-minded folks by highlighting racial and cultural preferences. Users can pay for premium features like limitless likes and the opportunity to see who has liked their profile in addition to the free features.

The Bottom Line

Making friends, acquiring new skills, managing finances, having fun, and using dating apps should all be part of college life. You can try new things, discover more about yourself, and figure out who you want to be throughout this phase of your life. The perk of attending university is that you achieve the independence you have always desired. No matter how confident or hesitant you are, dating should be an integral part of your life. This does not imply that you should rush into getting married, in a relationship, or become fixated on it. Since the majority of millennials are likely single, dating could simply include getting a cup of coffee with a stranger. 

These are the best dating apps for students in the UK, which we think you should give a try at least once! If you’re sceptical about online dating, embrace it and see what other folks are up to.  It will either make you adore it or loathe it.


Q1. What is the most used dating app in the UK?

Ans: The most used dating app in the UK is Tinder, followed by Bumble and Plenty of Fish.

Q2. Which is the best dating site in the UK?

Ans: The best dating site in the UK varies depending on personal preferences, but popular options include, eHarmony, and EliteSingles.

Q3. Which dating site is free in the UK?

Ans: Some dating sites that offer free services in the UK are OkCupid, Plenty of Fish (POF), and Bumble.

Q4. Is online dating popular in the UK?

Ans: Online dating is quite popular in the UK, with a significant number of people using dating apps and websites to find potential partners.

Q5. Is dating easy in the UK?

Ans: Dating experiences can vary, but with the abundance of dating apps and sites, there are opportunities to meet new people and potentially find a compatible match in the UK.

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Top 7 Best Dating Apps For Students In The UK

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