Top 12 Best Architecture Schools In The US In 2024

Best Architecture Schools In The Us

Are you passionate about design? Or do you dream of building exceptional design skyscrapers or inspiring people with extraordinary museums?  Then, pursuing architecture can be an ideal option for you! A range of top-notch architecture schools in the US provides students an opportunity to learn from experienced faculty, leverage hands-on projects, and develop suitable skills in a supportive environment. The top architecture programmes offer a comprehensive education to international students, combining design, theory, technology, and social responsibility under one roof. However, while selecting the best architecture schools in the US, aspirants must seek aspects like faculty, college reputation, acceptance rate, overall curriculum, practical learning opportunities, and more. 

How To Choose One Of The Ideal Architecture Schools In The US?

As an aspiring architect student, conducting thorough research and fact-checking among the best architecture schools in the US ensures that you apply to an ideal school that meets your goals. Sounds confusing? Let us explore a few factors that will help you effortlessly finalise your perfect architecture school. 

  • Practical Opportunities: Seek programmes that offer a range of practical opportunities like internships, research-based opportunities, and hands-on experience to acquire the right industry knowledge. 
  • Faculty Expertise: Your ideal architecture school must include experienced faculty members who are the best industry practitioners or great field scholars. Professors who are great practitioners can provide valuable industry insights to students and offer thorough guidance. 
  • Adequate Resources & Facilities: Consider applying to architecture schools that provide quality labs, studios, libraries, and accessibility to advanced technology and tools. 

12 Ideal Architecture Schools In The US To Consider

Are you looking forward to embarking on your journey filled with innovation and creativity? Well, you have come to the right place! To help you learn and explore essential aspects of architectural design in the right environment, we list top US architecture schools to simplify your research procedure. 

1. Rice University

Image Source: Rice University Official Website 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$30,00- to $40,000
Acceptance Rate6%
Programme AvailabilityCore Design Studio, Contemporary Practices, Principles of Architecture

Rice University offers extensive research opportunities, practical and collaborative teaching experience, and top-notch resources. If you are seeking great architecture schools in the US with individual attention, this university is the right option!

In addition, this architecture-based programme at Rice University fosters providing students with a preceptorship – which means students can seamlessly complete paid internships with famous architecture companies in the US or other international countries during their fourth or fifth year of education. 

2. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)

Image Source: Britannica Website 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$50,000 to $60,000
Acceptance Rate4%
Programme AvailabilityArchitecture, Architecture Design Studio II, Science in Art and Design

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) is a renowned university whose goal includes training future scientists, scholars, and engineers. Students seeking to enrol in the MT architecture programme will likely experience collaborative design environments. 

One of the renowned architecture schools in the US, MIT strives to provide students with adequate knowledge and creativity to prepare them for their journey in this field. On average, 250 students enrol in the master’s programme every year, and MIT is the most preferred architecture school by international students. 

3. University Of California, Berkeley

Image Source: TCLF Org Website 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$22,000 to $35,000
Acceptance Rate12%
Programme AvailabilityArchitecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning

Suppose you aim to become an exceptional designer in the field of architecture. In that case, you must consider the University of California at Berkeley as your ideal architecture school in the US. Students pursuing architecture programmes at this university to practice architecture with adequate career exposure. Depending on training, experienced students can easily select their career path within a well-designed curriculum of 2-3-year programmes.

4. Harvard University

Ivy League Schools Ranking
Average Fees (Per Annum)$55,000 to $60,000
Acceptance Rate3%
Programme AvailabilityArchitectural Imagination, Design Speculations, Landscape Architecture

As we know, Harvard is one of the best architecture schools in the US. However, this university cultivates leaders to create change via excellence in teaching, learning, and research opportunities. 

The Architecture programme at Harvard University trains students to make them future-ready. In addition, Harvard University focuses on future architecture and encourages students to learn from ancient design. 

5. University Of California, Los Angeles

Image Source: Arkansas Data USA 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$32,000 to $40,000
Acceptance Rate10%
Programme AvailabilityUrban Design, Projections, Histories of Architecture and Urbanism

The University of California in Los Angeles is one of the renowned architecture schools in the US. It supports a forward-thinking culture and is located in one of the best cities in the US. This university offers adequate resources, an exceptional reputation, and student opportunities

6. Columbia University

Image Source: Vincent Castillo – Columbia University

Average Fees (Per Annum)$60,000 to $70,000
Acceptance Rate3.7%
Programme AvailabilityAdvanced Architecture Design, Urban Design, Modern Building Technology

Along with being one of the best research institutions, Columbia University is among the most preferred architecture schools in the US. It offers a unique learning experience, which makes it an ideal choice for international students. In addition, the architecture programme at this university emphasises liberal arts education. 

7. Cornell University

Image Source: Cornell University

Average Fees (Per Annum)$27,000 to $35,000 
Acceptance Rate8%
Programme AvailabilityAdvanced Architectural Design,  Architectural Science,  Landscape Architecture

Cornell University embraces a revolutionary spirit to support students with adequate resources, learning experiences, and a range of opportunities to make a change at the local and global levels. This makes Cornell University an ideal architecture school in the US. 

8. Georgia Institute of Technology

Image Source: Britannica Website 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$15,000 to $25,000
Acceptance Rate21%
Programme AvailabilityFundamentals of Design, City and Regional Planning, Media + Modelling

Georgia Institute of Technology is dedicated to making change through advanced science and technology. However, the university aims to produce leaders who can advance technology and enhance the architecture industry. One of the ideal architecture schools in the US has a strategic plan to educate students to craft a better future with adequate skills and experience. 

9. Yale University

Image Source: Michael Marsland – Yale University

Average Fees (Per Annum)$50,769 to $65,987
Acceptance Rate6%
Programme AvailabilityDesign and Visualisation, Technology and Practice, Urbanism and Landscape

Yale University’s architecture programme combines the factors of architecture schools with liberal arts education. After completing this programme, graduates need to apply for a license to work successfully as architects. With various opportunities and a learning environment, Yale University is one of the preferred architecture schools in the US.

10. University Of Pennsylvania

Image Source: Scott H. Spitzer

Average Fees (Per Annum)$55,000 to $65,000 
Acceptance Rate7%
Programme AvailabilityIntroduction to Architecture,  Design Fundamentals, Landscape Architecture

The University of Pennsylvania is regarded as one of the top architecture schools in the US. The architecture programme at Thai University provides a thorough curriculum with a range of activities that enhance adequate knowledge in Architecture. 

11. New York University

Image Source: LinkedIn

Average Fees (Per Annum)$56,876 to $70,045
Acceptance Rate13%
Programme AvailabilityHistorical and Substantial Architecture, Urban Design and Architecture Studies,  Art History

The programme, including Urban Design and Architecture Studies (UDAS) at one of the top-notch architecture schools in the US, provides an analytical approach to this field. Moreover, this programme trains students in city planning and public administration or meeting with urban issues seamlessly. 

12. University Of Michigan

Image Source: IVY Scholars 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$49,232 to $60,056
Acceptance Rate23%
Programme AvailabilityArchitecture Design and Research, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning

The University of Michigan offers exceptional quality education across its 19 colleges and schools, experienced faculty with a global reputation, and varied departments with 250 programmes. In addition, it offers multiple architecture degrees to international students based on their goals and preferences. 


1. How Long Does It Take To Earn An Architecture Degree?

A pre-professional bachelor’s degree at the architecture schools in the US takes 4 years. A professional master’s degree takes an additional 2 years. 

2. How Do I Know If Architecture Is Right For Me?

Visit architecture schools, review accreditation status, and consider whether your career goals and expectations meet with the architecture programme curriculum. 

3. What Are The Career Prospects For Architecture Graduates?

Graduates can pursue careers as architects, urban designers, construction managers, and more at firms of all sizes after completing programmes from the top architecture schools in the US.

4. What Kind Of Facilities And Equipment Do Architecture Schools Have?

Architecture schools have specialised facilities like design studios, woodshops, digital fabrication labs, and material libraries. 

5. What Kind Of Hands-on Learning Experiences Are Available?

Architecture programmes emphasise hands-on learning through design studios, model-making, and project-based courses. 

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Best Architecture Schools In The Us

Top 12 Best Architecture Schools In The US In 2024

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