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why study in glasgow

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January 13, 2021

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city, sometimes overshadowed by visitors in favor of Edinburgh, the capital of the region. It is arguably one of the most genuine and friendly cities in Scotland. It is a city brimming with tradition, beauty, and a lively, unique community of its own kind. Glasgow was recognized as the Second Capital of the British Empire from the 1830s to about 1914. 

In reaction to the need for labor in manufacturing, Glasgow’s population grew steadily during the 19th century; it became a town of opportunity. Many of the traditional prosperity of the city comes from the cotton industry, which produced over a third of the employment in the city. From the 1840s onwards, the manufacturing trade in the cities turned to coal mining, iron, machinery, and shipbuilding, of course. 

Over the years, Glasgow study abroad has turned into a fascinating location for pursuing higher education with prestigious institutions and a youth-friendly ambiance in the city, attracting students from all around the globe. 

Why Study in Glasgow: Reasons to Study in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the top 20 “Best of the World” destinations for National Geographic Travelers. In a Rough Guide poll, the city was also voted “most friendly city in the world” and described as a must-visit destination by the New York Times, The Guardian, and Wanderlust.

Architectural Exquisiteness:

While tenement buildings are famous throughout the United Kingdom, in Scotland, they are particularly popular. Built during the industrial era in the 18th and 19th centuries to provide accommodation in the rapidly growing city, these student housing Glasgow are still the go-to style of choice with many buyers wherein these striking red Victorian sandstones make up the majority of buildings in some of the most vibrant locations accommodation in Glasgow.

Glasgow is regarded as ‘Scotland with Elegance,’ considering its industrial origins. With striking examples of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s signature Art Nouveau style in the likes of Glasgow School of Art and House for an Art Lover, the city is a shrine to architecture and design. The Lighthouse, the Center for Art, Construction and the City of Scotland, also houses a changing exhibition and event program and plays a central role in a variety of important design initiatives.

Cultural Uniqueness:

The history of Scotland is famously unique, from bagpipes to kilts, and Glasgow is the perfect place to learn more about it. Why study in Glasgow? There are a number of museums and art galleries to visit, and the Hunterian University of Glasgow is currently Scotland’s oldest museum. 

Meanwhile, with about 1.3 million books, the Mitchell Library is one of Europe’s biggest public reference libraries. Moreover, In Glasgow, something cultural is still happening, and if you like festivals, then it’s the best place to be. Festivals such as the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, West End Film Festival, Merchant City Festival, and much more can be enjoyed during the year. 

The recently refurbished Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the spectacular Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Burrell Collection on the south side of the city, and the Glasgow Film Theatre are other cultural icons of the city. Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera are both based in Glasgow, contributing to the thrilling international appeal of the city and making it easy to see why Glasgow was once voted as “European City of Culture.”

Musical Vibrance:

Glasgow, which was chosen a UNESCO City of Music in 2008, is host to some fantastic music. Why study in Glasgow? You’ll find plenty of opportunities to listen to amazing live music, whether it’s massive arenas like the Royal Concert Hall and the 13,000-seater SSE Hydro or smaller environments like the famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and The Art School. There are many creative people and bands to explore in Glasgow, too, so before they become popular, you might get the chance to see up-and-coming musicians.

Friendly Atmosphere:

Glasgow’s residents are well known for being welcoming. In particular, in 2014, Glasgow was voted by Rough Guide readers as the world’s friendliest area. This ensures that, as you graduate, you will be able to encounter people quickly and learn about different cultures. Within 16km, there are already four colleges, so you can find there are plenty of other students around.

Sports Opportunities:

Glasgow is a true sporting city. It hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and the inaugural 2018 European Championships are being held jointly. Football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, and swimming are all very popular in the city, and you can enjoy a variety of sports. While you can go and see a Highland games festival outside of Glasgow, you can get a glimpse of the Scottish sporting culture at its finest. Probably most renowned for football, Glasgow boasts the biggest football stadium in Scotland (Celtic Ground, Ibrox Stadium, and Hampden Park) and three professional football clubs in the area.

Connectivity and Transportation:

Why Study in Glasgow? Within 45 minutes of the city center, Glasgow boasts three international airports: Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport, and Edinburgh Airport. This means that the rest of Europe and beyond can easily be explored. Getting around Glasgow is also very quick and cheap, thanks to the city’s subway. It’s the third-oldest underground metro system in the world, dubbed “The Clockwork Orange” because of its distinctive hue.

Trendy Shopping Hubs:

Glasgow is Scotland’s premier luxury center and features some of the best shopping in the UK outside of London. From high street retailers on Buchanan Street to designer shops in Merchant City, you can find anything. The “Style Mile” is dubbed Glasgow’s top shopping district, but there are also charming antique shops in the West End, where you can find several exclusive pieces.

Relaxing Space and Youth-friendly Nightlife:

In the hustle and bustle of a busy city, it’s easy to find some breathing space. There is enough time to chill on your own or with friends, go for a stroll or just admire the charm of this ‘beloved green spot’ with over 90 parks and gardens throughout the city limits.

To create an unrivaled nightlife that draws tourists from all over the UK and beyond, a stunning selection of pubs, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and cinemas all merge. Glasgow’s annual activities diary, in addition to these permanent attractions, is a busy one, with the region hosting major international events such as Celtic Links in January, a music festival showcasing classical Celtic music, and in Every March, the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. All and all, in this vibrant metropolis, there’s never a boring moment.

Scenic and Naturally Beautiful Places to Visit:

Scotland is known for its stunning nature, and Glasgow provides a great place to go out and enjoy the countryside. You would be fascinated by all the breathtaking scenery, whether it’s the Highlands with their mountains and lochs (the Scottish term for ‘lakes’) or islands with castles and beaches. Certain locations from the Harry Potter series, you can also identify. That is a great reason to Why Study in Glasgow!

An Array of Reputed Institutions:

Studying in Glasgow has its own perks. There are a number of great institutions to choose from in Glasgow which has achieved an international reputation, like the University of Glasgow, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Kelvin College, The Glasgow School of Art Royal, Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of Strathclyde.

To add on a lighter note, Glasgow is extremely famous for its premium quality whiskey produced here. Glasgow itself was a center for the manufacture of whisky, but all but one of the distilleries closed at the beginning of the 21st century. Two of them have reopened with a new twist in recent years. Glasgow also provides a variety of traditional pubs and bars from which you can try a number of favorites from the nation and a selection of whisky tours to choose from. Amidst other things, 

Why Study in Glasgow? Glasgow is also famous for Scotland’s Women’s Only Library. It is the only UK library completely devoted to the lives, backgrounds, and contributions of women. It reflects not only on women’s past but also on their future, and one of their main priorities is to inspire women today. Also, Crossing Glasgow Rivers Clyde, the city’s Kingston Bridge, is also unexpectedly recorded as the busiest bridge in Europe, carrying an estimated 150,000 vehicles a day.

To conclude, Glasgow gives you a good experience to study at Glasgow uni. The city expands higher, accomplishes more, and is full of vitality and creativity. At the heart of this fantastic city, and what separates Glasgow from any other university city, are its talented citizens.

People around Glasgow are studying, innovating, exploring, from medicine to the arts, architecture to dance, industry to healthcare. In an ambitious and inspiring city, exploring, learning, educating, collaborating, and sharing ideas – it is the people who provide Glasgow with the most persuasive reason to study here. 

Why study in Glasgow university? Glasgow University is ranked 77 in QS World University Rankings, renowned for pharmacy and veterinary medicine, Glasgow uni study abroad is one of the 24 colleges of the Russell Group, committed to the highest degree of academic excellence.

For cracking clubs and vegan cafes, glorious architecture, and green spaces, students should look no further than Glasgow!

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