Here’s Why You Should Bunk Lectures Once In A While

Why you should bunk lectures

One of those memories that will always be treasured in most of our lives is college. If there is a single word that travels through every single student’s veins and nerves, a word that every student has sworn by at some point in his or her life, if there is one word that is sufficient to unite students regardless of any previous differences, it is a “BUNK.” Read along to know why you should bunk lectures every once in a while! That should answer your question on ‘Is bunking class good?’

It is the holy grail of the language of a student and the back-benchers’ watchword! 

Bunking school is considered to be a fun thing for any teenager to do. Something oldies will never get back is the excitement of running out of class and missing those boring lectures.

Never will one come across any student who has not bunked school or college in his/her lifetime. Reasons are a-many why students bunk classes; despite parents and other elders providing advice on not to skip classes for those important lectures, we students know otherwise, don’t we? 

Everyone says that bunking lectures are not good, but have you ever looked at the positive side? No? 

So, In this blog, we’re going to let you know how to bunk classes and why sometimes bunking lectures is good!

#1. To make happy memories

The sheer joy of bunking a lecture is an experience in itself while other students are busy listening to the teacher. A professor’s fear of being caught, which lurks somewhere in mind, adds to the excitement of why you should bunk lectures.

The best memories are made when, during college hours, you make spontaneous plans and go on an unexpected joyride with your friends. Or maybe the movie that was released recently. Or perhaps a girlfriend/boyfriend of yours wants to hang out with you. For a lifetime, the memories that such moments give us are the ones to be cherished. And aren’t these memories that make you so happy when you look back on your days at college?

#2. A take it little easy attitude is right for you

Tasks, regular tests, practicals, classes, and a busy schedule can sometimes put you on a monotonous life and under inevitable pressure. Wondering why you should bunk lectures sometimes at least? To break this monotony! Is bunking class good? Once in a while, Yes! To remind yourself to take it a little loose and to relax and unwind. Life is nevertheless not meant to be taken very seriously. Dance while the music is played.

#3. For love and bonding

Sometimes students plan how to bunk classes in order to spend with their partners for the sake of love. College is a time where you get to meet people from different cultures; you make lots of friends. Bunking school also helps to bond with friends over endless cups of tea and coffee.

#4. The best way to live is by listening to your heart

A famous statement that many of us have blurted out: “I don’t feel like studying today; let’s go on a bunk.” Yeah, you just don’t know why you don’t feel like attending a lecture sometimes. And that’s why you should bunk lectures simply cause you don’t feel like it. You have to do it at those times! 

Why you should bunk lectures

Why you should bunk lectures once in a blue moon is simply for fun! It’s not really a major sin because we students love to have little excitement and adventures in our lives, such as escaping from our lecturers’ sharp eyes, giving our friends proxy attendance, and so on. It can be a great idea to bunk lectures and mix with your pals, but avoid doing it too often, especially in the same subject lectures. Maintaining a balance between studies and fun is essential. Indeed, you don’t want to get in trouble for low attendance. 

When you are busy bunking lectures, you’re also creating memories but ensure you learn to handle your studies and study the essential concepts taught in class!

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Why you should bunk lectures

Here’s Why You Should Bunk Lectures Once In A While

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