Reasons Why is Group Study Not a Good Idea?

group study

Self-study vs group-study: Which one is better? There is no simple or logical answer to this question. Everything depends on personal preference. Like most things in life, a combined study has both advantages and disadvantages, but the key is knowing what to expect and when to prefer group study over solo study. Many students are unsure whether it is more efficient to study with a group of classmates or alone.

Students sometimes prefer the independence that comes with studying alone.

Other students require the assistance of a study group to help motivate them. We must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of group study and self-study in order to maximise the benefits of both types while minimising the drawbacks.

Group study has been in fashion for as long as we can remember. When we are in school or coaching, we study in groups. We often study in groups when we invite our friends to our home. But between the former and the latter, there is one enormous distinction. The reasons why group studies are not successful are listed below:


A diversion from studies is one thing we all face when we are seated with other people. For a continuous-time, it is difficult to focus on one thing, and to top it; there are other people as well who can distract you. It’s not something that helps at all.

It is often easier to study alone than in a group because then you are not disturbed or distracted by it. Very frequently, there are individuals in a society that do not wish to study in the first place. They interrupt everybody who is there to explore in that situation.

Efficiency is Not Up to the Mark

The productivity or the consistency of what we learn decreases dramatically when we study in groups. It’s because one thing where many objects around you are moving or speaking is difficult to focus on.

We also seem to notice what others are doing instinctively, even though we don’t want to. That’s just how it functions in our brain. Studying alone provides you with the time and space needed to improve this efficiency.

Not Learning Your Way

Dynamism is brought into action by the group. Since no one is the same, things are also different in the way we learn. We also prefer to learn it in a group in the same way that everyone is. Perhaps there’s something you’re saving for the last one because you want to take your time on complicated subjects.

But at a party, it will happen that you have to learn it sooner because it is done by everyone else. That is why learning alone gives you the ease of pursuing your study plan and gaining stuff in your own way.

Coping with Difficulty

Often, it may happen that you take more time than others to cover up certain subjects. Before you do, other students might finish things off. It can be very daunting to ask them to slow down. That is why it is easier to study alone, so you can do things at your own pace.

You Can Get Stuck on a Tough Subject

You can, at some point or the other, get stuck on tough issues and concepts throughout the course of your research. And if you have no support at hand, they might stay unresolved for a while and frustrate you.


Group studies are not the best way to learn very deeply about something. If there is a popular subject that everybody wants to discuss, then it might be a great idea to consider. Otherwise, group studies usually hamper the learning process much of the time, and the curve of learning falls rather steeply.

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group study

Reasons Why is Group Study Not a Good Idea?

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