8 Most Useful Websites For Students In The UK

useful websites for students in the UK

University life can be overwhelming at times. But trust us, adapting to a new uni life is a lot easier if you know where to look for help with budgeting, mental health support, and everything essential for dealing with the University life.

Being a student is a lot of fun, you get to experience new things, meet new people but at the same time, there are a lot of things that you need to manage by yourself. Try not to get too stressed by all of these though. After all, university life is what you make of it. If you have a knowledge of things that will be needed to make your life easy and reduce stress, you can’t go wrong with the uni life. 

So for every student who feels that the struggle is real, here are some really useful websites for students in the UK that’ll make your life easier

8 Most Useful Websites For Students In The UK


This British institution is an exceptional place to keep informed of the news ranging from a global to a regional scale. Since 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation has been presenting fair news coverage to the masses in the UK. The BBC news site will give you a feel for the concerns currently hitting the UK and expectedly familiarise you with the local geography. This is one of the top student websites in the UK.


If you already have friends at other universities or other cities in the UK whom you’d like to visit during holidays or simply want to explore the country, the best, cheapest and the most convenient way to travel is by train. Trainline is one of the most useful websites for students in the UK. The UK’s train lines are widespread and the Trainline website is the best place to check out routes and prices. Also, it is always advised to Travel off-peak to save money.


If you haven’t experienced the most popular eBay, then you are in for a real treat. This online retailer sells new and second-hand goods to the highest bidder, with auctions that usually start from just £0.99. That signifies you can probably get a piece of clothing, university textbook, or beauty products for less than £1. Before you start shopping for everything you need in university, don’t forget to check out eBay and you can also consider purchasing cheaper second-hand goods from within the UK. It is one of the most important websites for students in the UK.

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Aren’t we all looking for ways to save money? So here you go! One of the best money-saving student  websites in the UK  available for you is Groupon. Ranging from cheap beauty treatments to discounted gym memberships or restaurant deals, Groupon is an excellent place to find cheap and exciting deals in your university town. Before you settle in the UK and while you are planning to do so, search for your location to see what kind of deals are available for you! It also features amongst the most important websites for students in the UK.

The Student Room

Everyone going to study in a new country is worried about how he/she will manage everything alone. To make your life easier, you need to check The Student Room which is one of the biggest online communities for students in the UK. The Student Room will keep providing you loads of advice on university life and also opportunities to discuss anything you feel like with current students living and studying in the UK. You can also use the website to make friends and get to know your neighbors at the university before you even arrive in the country! It is one of the most helpful websites for students in the UK.

Dialect Blog

So you’re all set to start your exciting journey in the UK, but have you ever thought about how on earth you are supposed to understand the regional accents of the country you’re going to face? That’s where the Dialect Blog comes in, it provides a guide to various British and Irish accents as well as more in-depth posts on different slang and pronunciation that are needed while living in the UK. Trust me, just stay updated with the Dialect Blog and no one can stop you from speaking like a local in no time

NHS Student Health

What is more important than your health and well-being? The UK’s National Health Service is a lifeline for student health advice ranging from things like how to manage mental pressure to maintaining safety while consuming liquor They can also help you locate the nearest health services and explain to you everything regarding how to register with a UK doctor. It is one of the most helpful websites for students in the UK.

The Sunday Times Culture

There isn’t a better place than The Sunday Times Culture to get a feel for UK culture. It’ll turn out to be a great platform for all your needs. The online version of the Sunday Times culture supplement is updated weekly with the latest film, theatre, and restaurant reviews. You can also check the interviews with popular musicians and a guide to the latest record releases.

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useful websites for students in the UK

8 Most Useful Websites For Students In The UK

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