Universities With The Most Nobel Prize Winners In 2024

universities with the most nobel prize winners

Winning a Nobel Prize is a challenging feat! Years of research and hard work go into the work of those who make it to the list of nominations. Being an alumni or a faculty member of institutions that back these Nobel Prize winners is often credited. Several universities and Ivy League colleges have multiple lists of winners. This read will help you understand such universities. So, keep reading to know more! 

What Is A Nobel University? 

A Nobel University is the university with the most Nobel laureates. These institutions have brilliant students from different backgrounds. They possess exceptional talents and have sharp minds that encourage innovation and discovery. What makes a university a “Nobel University” is its ability to provide the highest academic standards. 

Universities With The Most Nobel Prize Winners

The Nobel Prize is given to folks who have shown exemplary work in their research fields every year. They have paved the way for newer initiatives and innovations. Such is the allure of Nobel Prize winners. It is presented every year in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The hall of the home is often part of some large universities, which are their alma mater. This list will help you understand the same!

Harvard University

– Location: Massachusetts Hall, Cambridge, MA

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: Over 150

Columbia University

Columbia University is rich in history. It has totalled the number of winners of the Nobel Prize in its 250 years of existence. The university boasts an esteemed alumni faculty and several Nobel Prize winners. Some winners include President Barack Obama, scientists such as Max Planck, and celebrated authors such as Gabriela Mistral, Nadine Gordimer, and Mario Vargas Llosa. 

– Location: 116th and Broadway, New York

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 103 Winners 

The University Of Cambridge

– Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 121 Winners

The University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago was founded in 1890, and approximately 89 Nobel Prize winners have been named since then. They are either alumni or faculty members of this Chicago university. The recognised list included Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Harry M. Markowitz, and Gary S. Becker. 

– Location: Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 99 laureates 

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)

– Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 101 Nobel Prize Laureates

University Of California

Founded in 1868, the University of California is a public research university in Berkeley, California. The university is widely known for its Nobel Prize winners, including physicists Willis Lamb (1955) and Steven Chu (1997), chemists Harold Urey (1934) and William Giauque (1949), economist Daniel Kahneman (2002), and Medicine winners, biochemist Selman Waksman (1952) and biologist Andrew Fire (2006). 

– Location: Campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 71 Nobel Prizes

The University Of Oxford

Founded in 1096, the University of Oxford is a public research university in Oxford, United Kingdom. It is said to have about 58 Nobel prize winners. Literature winners T.S. Eliot (1948) and William Golding (1983), economist Sir John Hicks (1972) and former Canadian prime minister Lester B. Pearson (Peace, 1957) are some of the most famous Nobel prize winner graduates from Oxford.

– Location: Wellington Square, Oxford, UK

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 69

Stanford University

Stanford University was founded in 1891. It is amongst the leading universities with the most Nobel Prize winners. Alvin E. Roth (Economics, 2012), Roger D. Kornberg (Chemistry, 2006), Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell (both in Physics in 2001), John Harsanyi (Economics, 1994), and Randy Schekman (Medicine, 2013) are some of the Nobel prize-winning graduates from Stanford University. 

– Location: Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: Stanford University is home to 20 living Nobel laureates.

Yale University

Yale University stands tall with the list of alumni of Nobel Prize winners, as this university has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners alone. The university was founded in the year 1701. Some of the notable winners are Ernest Lawrence (1939) and Murray Gell-Mann (1969), as well as chemists John B. Fenn (2002) and Brian K. Kobilka (2012). 

– Location: New Haven, CT

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 65 Nobel laureates

University of Paris

– Location: Paris, France

– Number of Nobel Prize affiliations: 51 Nobel winners

Summary Of Universities With Number Of Noble Prizes

The universities mentioned above provide a total environment for great minds to gather and grow. In the following list, you can see a summary of the total number of winners. 

University NameNumber Of Nobel Prizes
Harvard University150
Columbia University103
The University of Cambridge121
The University of Chicago99
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)101
The University of California71
The University of Oxford69
Stanford University, USA20
Yale University, USA65
University of Paris, France51

Thus, this was all about the best universities with the most Nobel Prize winners. These Nobel prizes contribute immensely to a university’s reputation. The institutions mentioned in this blog post are famous names in academic excellence. The Nobel prize-winning alumni and faculty further enhance the popularity of these leading universities. 


What is the meaning of a Nobel Prize?

This prize is given to folks who contribute to physics, physiology, medicine, literature, economics, or peace and make a name for a discovery, research or contribution. 

What countries have the most Nobel Prize winners?

The majority of winners in several categories are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. 

Out of several universities worldwide, which has the most winners?

The university with the most winners is the Harvard University. 

In the list of Nobel Prize winners, are there any  Indians who have won in Science?

Yes, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (1888-1970) was the first Asian and Indian to receive the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics. 

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universities with the most nobel prize winners

Universities With The Most Nobel Prize Winners In 2024

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