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Located in central Scotland and true to anything Scottish, Stirling is a city that is steeped in history. Surrounded by Glasgow and Edinburgh, the city finds itself as the protagonist of several centuries-old stories and tales. Boasting a number of historical sites across the city, it is especially known for Stirling Castle which is among the most famous tourist attractions next to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. The city has a range of attractions to enjoy and one can never run out of things to do in Stirling. 

The city is especially frequented by students enrolled at universities in the bigger cities of Scotland who love to explore neighbouring cities and towns such as Stirling on the weekends or on their days off at university. Mostly quaint in its disposition, the city is a treat for history and nature lovers owing to its rich heritage set against the magnificent backdrop of the Scottish countryside. Frequented by a young crowd, it has also adapted to serve a thriving nightlife and other exciting things university students might enjoy. 

Looking to visit Stirling and confused about where to start off? There’s no need to go any further. In this article, we have compiled a list of seven exciting and interesting things to do in Stirling, what makes them popular tourist spots and whether they would be your cup of tea or not. 

Seven Exciting Things To Do In Stirling

Without further ado let us go through the top places to visit in Stirling. 

  • Stirling Castle: Hands down, one of the most famous things to do in Stirling is paying a visit to Stirling Castle. An impressive symbol of Scotland’s independence and rich heritage, many recognise the castle from the movie Braveheart where the film’s fight sequences were filmed. Situated on a craggy rock, the castle’s history features some of the most renowned names of Sottish history. Constructed during the 12th century, the castle is flanked by a number of other noted attractions across the city. 
  • National Wallace Monument: Built as an ode to Scottish patriot and martyr Sir William Wallace, the monument is among the most famous and recognisable pieces of Scottish architecture and history and one of the most popular Stirling attractions. With visitors from far and wide clamouring to get a view of the 150-year-old site on The Abbey Craig, the story of the Guardian of Scotland never fails to amaze tourists. 
  • Loch Lomond: For many in the United Kingdom and its neighbouring countries, Scotland is synonymous with lochs with stunning views amidst its large bodies of water. Amongst the more serene things to do in Stirling is paying a visit to Scotland’s largest freshwater lake, Loch Lomond. Situated in the Trossachs National Park, visitors can opt for several tours that take them around the loch and the country’s first national park. 
  • The Old Town Jail: Exploring the history of crime and punishment in the old days is a fascination for many and The Old Town Jail is right up the alley for such folks. A short walk from Stirling Castle and located in the heart of the Old Town, one can take a trip down to understand what the justice system looked like in Scotland across the centuries. The jail’s guided tours and views from the rooftop observation tower make it one of the sought-after things to do in Stirling. 
  • The Battle of Bannockburn Experience: An interactive experience to take one through the vibrant history of Scotland, The Battle of Bannockburn Experience is easily among the most exciting things to do in Stirling. The 3D battle simulation has transformed the way people learn about the battle that resulted in the victory of the King of Scots Robert the Bruce against King Edward II of England in 1314 which essentially shaped the history of Scotland. 
  • Dumyat Walk: A walk adorned with spectacular and immensely scenic views on all sides, Dumyat is surely among the must-visit things to do near Stirling. A fairly easy hike surrounded by the Forth River and Forth Valley, it surely is an exhilarating and unwinding experience. One can benefit from researching the paths in advance across the Dumyat walk to give crowded spots a miss while exploring the scenic place. 
  • The Queen Anne Gardens: What served as a royal garden during the 1400s, the lush green space is overlooked by the Queen’s Tower and the Prince’s Tower in Stirling, and a tour of the gardens is often coupled with those of Stirling Castle. Picture-perfect well-manicured lawns are a delight and among the pleasant things to do in Stirling. 

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List of Best Things to do in Stirling 2024 – UniAcco

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