Things To Do During Summer Break

Things To Do During Summer Break

The time of the year we all intently wait for, Summer! It’s all fun and games till you are on your 6th Netflix Marathon and have slept more than 12 hours, it can eventually get super boring. There are so many other things to do during summer break that you haven’t tried yet! 

Well, Is your favourite series over? Rewatched Game of Thrones all over again? Now is the perfect time to start something new, maybe a cool hobby? Let’s see some of the things to do during summer break that will make it one of the best summers of your life! 

1. Time To Learn Something From Scratch

Take things into your own hands and start something that you never really tried before! Let’s list a few down below:

  • Cooking: No matter how many times you must have heard people say this, cooking can be therapeutic and so much fun. Experiment with different things to become a MasterChef of your favourite cuisine. Try making foreign recipes. For more added fun, invite your friends and have a baking competition. That little muffin or pie you bake will definitely make your day! Get started. 
  • Crochet or Sewing: Did you ever want a dress so bad but couldn’t find it anywhere? Did you know that you can make those cool trendy pieces that are selling for quite a sum of money out there? Well, it’s not so hard, if you have a sewing machine then that’s great but if you don’t then no stress, there are tons of DIY videos on Youtube and Pinterest, all you need to do is start! Alongside crochet is a skill that you can easily learn (talking from my personal experience) and the kind of clothing you can make from it is radiant. Go buy a needle and yarn ball and get started. 
  • Pottery: This may sound funny to some people, and if you may ask “Why pottery?” Firstly, the process of making something on your own will help develop your brain. The process is highly relaxing, working with clay will clear your mind. This is a way of self-care that you might not even know! After pottery, you will be surprised by how productive and creative you can be in other areas.

2. Learn A New Language

Communication skills can really change your day-to-day life as well as in a long run. Summer break will come with a lot of free time and why not spend it polishing your language skills. Imagine you start learning Korean or German, and dream of working in one of those countries someday, your language skills will help you immensely. You can either join an e-learning program or talk to a native speaker online or even learn it through an app like Duolingo. There are many possibilities and ways to learn it. In this process, you may explore a whole new culture and kind of people. You may even end up making friends from different cultural backgrounds.

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3. Watch Educational YouTube Videos

When I say educational youtube videos, I don’t mean anything related to academics or some research that bores you. Go online and start watching videos that boost your knowledge on a specific topic. Are you an animal lover? Go watch videos that give you a different perspective and insight into the animal world. Let me tell you, it can leave you dumbfounded by the things you can learn online. Do you enjoy learning about spirituality, but never actually dived into that subject? This is your time to learn something new by watching educational videos that will help you broaden your schema. 

4. Get a job | Things To Do During Summer

Don’t stress too much about what will it pay. Rather focus on what you will learn while you earn. If you enjoy baking, go work part-time in your local bakery. It will not only help you polish your baking skills or customer service skills but also here you are spending your time productively. Maybe go for a summer internship, you will end up making some cash which you can spend on the next thing I am about to tell you! 

5. Join The Gym | Things To Do During Summer

Joining a Gym is probably the best decision you can make. There are only benefits to joining the gym. Your physical health will ultimately improve your mental health. You may question, “But I am working out at home and go for a run every day?” Yes, very true but the gym setting and working out between like-minded people will give you a push to do better. And honestly, working out is even therapeutic for some people. Maybe you haven’t yet explored that part of yourself. Well, it’s a good time to start!

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6. Read | Things To Do During Summer

Reading will change your life. The number of things you can learn from a book is unimaginable. Below are five books that you must add to your list and start reading:

  • The Alchemist: Paulo Coehlo 
  • Everything is fu**ed- A Book About Hope: Mark Manson
  • Ikigai-  The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life: Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia. 
  • The Power Of Moments: Dan Heath and Chip Heath 
  • Sapiens: Yuval Noah Harari

These books will change your perspective towards life. Go ahead and dive in, who knows these books might shape you into a divergent self. 

7. Reconnect With Nature

We often forget how beautiful Nature is; in our everyday stressful lives. Nature will help you mentally and give you peace of mind. Go on a hike with your friends and sit at the top of the mountain. You will realise how small all your problems are, giving a sense of tranquillity. A day picnic in a park with your friends, flying a kite, or a visit to a nearby lake will fill your heart and mind with everything good. 

These 7 things will not only keep you occupied but also help you physically and mentally. Make your summer wholesome by trying something new. Good luck!

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Things To Do During Summer Break

Things To Do During Summer Break

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