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best things to do in australia

Australians mark Australia Day as a national holiday on the 26th of January. This day honors the anniversary of the arrival in 1788 of the First Fleet in Sydney. There is a wide variety of activities around the world, including festivals, beach parties, and parades bringing people from all backgrounds together. Here are Things To Do in Australia and this is how you will appreciate it.

Quick Details

Where: National
When: January 26
Price: Key activities are free of charge

How To Get There?

There could be road closures in capital cities during Australia’s big events, which means the most secure way to cope is public transport. Plan the ride until you head to the websites of public transport and give plenty of time.

Things To Do In Sydney On Australia Day

Here is a list of the most popular things to do in Australia.

Witness Incredible Shows Of Firework

The top things to do on Australia day includes witnessing the incredible shows of firework. Australians enjoy a fireworks show, and on Australia Day, there are some of the largest and best. Go to the Parklands in Brisbane to hear bands, eat out at pop-up bars, and watch fireworks light up the city skyline in the evening. Drive on Street Sand, Australia’s only man-made in-town beach, when you’re there. Go to the middle of Perth, to Langley Park, overlooking the Swan River, for families wanting carnivals and a petting zoo, to get closer to Australian wildlife. This is still the perfect site to look above the water at fireworks and lasers. Go to the middle of Docklands in Melbourne to watch the nighttime fireworks and chill in the seafront lounge.

And if you’re in Sydney, Darling Harbor is hosting every day a jam-packed entertainment program to date with all but one, as well as fireworks from now onwards.

Discover A Classic Barbecue Beach

Australia Day is observed outside in parks or at the beaches right in the middle of the Australian summer (December to February). Pack a lunch and become an honorary Australian by the day: enjoy a chocolate-cake lamington (sweetened sponge cake), don an Akubra hat, or wear the green and gold national sports colors. There are lots of barbecue parks in Sydney, including Bronte, North Bondi’s Grassy Knoll, and Centennial Park. The tradition of purchasing an inflatable neon float and spending the day on the water has also become Sydney.

Catching An Open-Air Exhibition Or March On The Streets

The best things to do in Melbourne on Australia day include taking part in festivals and open-air activities on Australia Day in various city centers. In Adelaide Elder Park, there are over 40 000 residents in the city who have been headlined by the Human Spirit, Jimmy Barness, and Sly Sound System in the previous years for their street parade, fireworks, and concerts.

Thousands of people in Melbourne attend the annual Swanston Street Australia Day parade. You will enjoy cart racing, live entertainment from local musicians, and market stalls in the northern suburb of Kensington Melbourne, a 15-minute drive from the city center. During the Sydney Festival event, Australia Day can take you to the website for a peek at the schedule of shows.

See The Legendary Ferry Rivalry

The Australian day Ferrython in Sydney is a tradition. At 11 am, specially decorated shuttles depart from the Circular Quay to Shark Island in the inland harbor and return to the terminal station below the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Since the ferries do not have seats themselves, guests will take the view to Circular Quay or Sydney Opera House or walk across Sydney Harbor Bridge to the front of the competition.

Dinner Cruise Australia Day

The Australia Day Dinner Cruise is suggested for the night. This 4-hour dinner cruise involves three courses and outstanding beer and wine—some part of the light show at night (and possibly fireworks, if the weather permits).

The Rocks

From 8:45 am to 10:30 am, the road to The Rocks includes the annual 10K Wheelchair Run. George Street or the Cahill Walk is the perfect spot to watch the action with the view of birds.

The events will take place at 10 a.m.

  • George Street Party from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m.
  • Aboriginal myths, poetry, song, and dance appear in the Tallawoladah point.
  • The Warrane DJ Stage to build up by 9 pm for superb Aussie musical talents.
  • A chill-out section of the Overseas Passenger Terminal to learn about the Aboriginal community through the Immersive Warrane.
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best things to do in australia

List of Best Things to do in Australia 2024 – UniAcco

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