The Guide To Creating The Perfect Study Space In Your Room

Studying at home, in your dorm or a common space is something no one can avoid. Some time during your course you will have to study outside of class. And that is why, we have put together this guide to help you create the perfect study space in your room or how to make your room better for studying. 

If you’re studying in your room, you can consider more permanent changes like buying a desk. But if you know you are going to study out of libraries and cafes, then it is important to create a mobile and portable study space.

In either case, here is a list of things you should consider while creating the best place to study!

Get Your Essentials | Perfect study space

  • A comfortable chair/seating space

You may be sitting in front of a desk, on the floor or on your bed. It is essential to have a comfortable seating area. If possible, avoid studying on the bed and invest in a chair and table. 

  • An external mouse
The Guide To Creating The Perfect Study Space In Your Room

You will most likely be using a computer,laptop, tablet, etc for study. It has been proven that a mouse is more ergonomic than a touchscreen/trackpad. 

  • Books and relevant study material

The purpose is to have everything in close reach so that you waste very little time in not studying.

  • Stationery 
The Guide To Creating The Perfect Study Space In Your Room

Have relevant stationery handy like a notepad, plenty of pencils and pens, a calculator, a scale and anything you may need in your course.

  • Lighting

A quick stroll through your nearest supermarket or online shopping address and you will find hundreds of affordable desk lamp options. Having good lighting is a must for creating the best study space or creating a study space. 

Focus On The Lighting

Various studies have proven that students are more creative under warm light yet concentrate better under cold light. So ensure you perfect study room near a window to have as much natural light flowing into your space as possible. 

Grab a lamp with a dimmer and explore how the brightness of the light affects your performance. Longer study sessions under bad lighting are sure to leave your eyes watery and strained and hinder your concentration. 

Pay Attention To Temperature

If you are in a space where you can adjust the temperature, please do! Temperature that’s too hot or too cold will leave you consciously distracted and unconsciously making more mistakes. 

If you cannot control the temperature that you are studying in, then invest in accessories that assist you, like a fan or mini air conditioner if it’s too hot or a mini heater or warm clothing if it’s too cold. 

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness | Perfect study space

We didn’t learn this phrase for nothing, you know! Studying in a messy area will leave you distracted and feeling mentally cluttered. A clean study space is directly linked to unconventional thinking and creativity. Experiment with how you like your desk, cluttered or clean and then work towards achieving that!

Create An Ergonomic Set-up

By keeping your feet on the floor, having a straight back, a screen at eye-level and wrists in a neutral position, you have created an ergonomically correct study space for yourself. Not doing so will leave your back messed up.

Get Comfortable Without Getting Too Comfortable

There’s no harm in studying or working in sweats and t-shirts but you have to find the line between comfortable and too comfortable. No matter how you like to study, in sweatpants or formals, make sure you change out of your pajamas to alert your brain that you mean business. 

It is important to create a study place in your room or wherever you may be but you have to make sure that you don’t get so focused on the creation of the space that you forget to actually study!

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The Guide To Creating The Perfect Study Space In Your Room

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