5 Best Student Banks in Australia You Should Consider

Student Banks In Australia

Opening a bank account that can be used as your regular bank account. For international cash purchases, paying your bills, and handling your student accommodation is one of the essential items to remember before moving to Australia. If you know exactly what to consider, it’s easy to find the best student banks in Australia, best bank for students in Australia, best bank for international students in Australia.

Exactly what you need to do is compare student bank accounts, savings accounts, and credit card characteristics, so here is a list of Student Banks In Australia providing transactional accounts:

List of Best Bank for Students in Australia

Westpac Student Bank in Australia

The Westpac Choice Student account matches full-time students with a big bank searching for a fee-free account.

Advantages? Up to 12 months before your arrival, you can open your account online, move money from anywhere around the world, shop online securely using a Debit Mastercard linked to your Choice account, and control your cash on-the-go with award-winning mobile banking services. At any big bank ATM in Australia, including Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, NAB, St. George, Bank of Melbourne, and BankSA, you can also pay no withdrawal fee. Online, over the internet, in-branch, or via BPAY, you’ll enjoy unlimited free transactions.

Access to the overseas ATM comes with a $0 account fee. However, it will cost you a $5 ATM charge and a 3 percent foreign exchange commission if you want to withdraw money overseas.

ANZ Bank in Australia

The ANZ Student Access Advantage account keeps your money safe while making daily spending readily available. It is the best banks for students in Australia since it comes with a $0 account fee. You would need to be a full-time student to be eligible and present a valid student card to an ANZ agent at the beginning of each year.

To make withdrawals at overseas ATMs, your debit card could be used, but note that it costs a $5 ATM charge and 3% foreign exchange commission.

Commonwealth Bank in Australia

It is one of the oldest and most prominent banks in Australia. If you arrive in Australia within three months, this helps you to open an account. Commonwealth Bank has a monthly charge of $0, making it ideal for students who choose to use a transaction account on a day-to-day basis. With free access to exclusive deals and competitions, you can easily use your debit card to shop in stores or online.

The bank offered a free health check that lets you find out the best banking programs that suit your needs.
Using the CommBank app with the Spend Tracker to monitor your student budget, you can monitor and arrange your money from anywhere.

NAB Student Bank in Australia

The NAB Classic Banking account is like that: a classic regular banking account. It has no recurring account fees, no overdrawn fees from any NAB or rediATMs, and no direct ATM fees. Via the internet and phone banking systems, you can access your account quickly. You can own a VISA debit card at no extra cost to shop anywhere Visa is approved. It is noteworthy to mention that you can do your ordinary banking from any Australia Post Office with the NAB classic account.

This NAB student account has a 3 percent foreign exchange commission and a $5 foreign ATM withdrawal fee. It also comes with a security guarantee from NAB Defence, letting you know that your account is protected from fraud. You can always connect to a NAB isaver and pass money whenever you need it. It is among the best savings accounts for students.

Citibank in Australia

With a vast network of ATMs in Australia, it is one of the best banks in Australia. The Citi Plus account lets you enjoy fee-free banking in Australia without a monthly account fee and free ATM withdrawals inside the Citi ATM network. Anywhere MasterCard is approved, the Debit MasterCard is approved and can be used at ATMs worldwide for cash withdrawals. Via Citi, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne, and Bank SA ATMs, fee-free ATM withdrawals can be made in Australia.

This Citi Plus Transaction account allows you to instantly move cash from anywhere in the world to any bank account in the world free of charge or to an overseas Citi account.

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Required Documents for Opening an International Student Bank Account

There are numerous criteria for each bank, but it’s almost a guarantee that you can use your passport as your ID. You will also need your letter of admission from the university confirming that you will be a full-time student and your proof of residence. To process your new bank account, it’s super important to do your due diligence and thoroughly examine your bank needs.

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Student Banks In Australia

5 Best Student Banks in Australia You Should Consider

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