The Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne

Chinese Restuarants In Melbourne

Written by Shreya Berry

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Last updated Dec 3, 2020

When in Australia, one can always find himself thinking, “Where will we get good Chinese food almost regularly in Melbourne?” “Where are Melbourne’s best Chinese restaurants?”

We searched the city in order to find the best rice, dumps, and pork buns fried for you! So let’s take a look at the best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne. 

Din Tai Fung


Two of the best posts in the world can be paired along with Dumpling Juggernaut Din Tai Fung on the top floor of Emporium. This Chinese haven was founded in 1974 in Taiwan by the black master Din Tai Fung who now has a trillion shops all over Asia, the USA, and Sydney in his first restaurant. It’s easy to think he knows what he’s doing. We also advise you to try buns of fried rice and pork. It is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne.

Dainty Sichuan

South Yarra

A hub of fine Asian nosh, Dainty Sichuan, one of the oldest Chinese haunts in Melbourne. Unlike Chinese restaurants, Dainty has an immense and spacious interior—the entrance is dominated by a fountain.  Chinese art is embedded in the walls, and you are dining with in-set hotplates on rounded tables. Dainty is known for chili love, where the most popular pieces are generous hotpots and beef dishes. And they’re really delicious.

Simon’s Peking Duck

Box Hill

Any of the strongly accounting Beijing Ducks in Melbourne are host to Simon’s Peiking Duck. The man, Simon Lay (Melbournes Chinese food godfather), himself died at the start of 2017, sadly. But his family still runs the business, and the duck is as safe as ever. Here are two different offerings for banquets, and each set contains a whole tender duck with homemade soft pancakes, crispy duck skin, new spring ointment, turmeric, and special sauce. Banquets feature free duck soup with curd bean and additional food or noodles.

Lau’s Family Kitchen

St Kilda

Lau’s Family Kitchen is a family-run restaurant in the heart of Saint Kilda, a favorite of many. Located in Bang on Port Phillip Bay (which I believe is an unusual occurrence for Chinese restaurants). The indoors are just as relishable, with lovely wood paneling and high decks that offer a lot of serious design porn. All this fantasy comes at a price — reservations are strongly recommended.

One Noodle Friendship


While the calling card is a handmade noodle in big springs, all the ancient Chinese classics will be on the show. Ears are on the menu with fried rice, dumplings, and even hot pigs, but it is the homey feeling that will get you back every week. It’s all really conventional Chinese, but it just makes one noodle relationship more iconic. It is just to suggest that the decor won’t transform it into Vogue Living. It’s simple, BYO, and “noodle” has fun. Defs are attempting to eat pigs’ ears—you’re going to be surprised.

Gold Leaf

Preston, Sunshine, Springvale, Docklands

You will avoid cries of sadness at one of oldest Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne by booking a special Gold Leaf dinner. The banquets featured are excellent for groups 4 to 10 and come with Penfolds Bin 8 Shiraz bottles with a sautéed lobster or mud crab consisting of ginger, shallots, and noodles. These people are clearly aware of their audience. Szechuan chili calamari, packed deep-fried scallops with fluffy raspberry pudding, and ice cream are other highlights on the menu.

Bamboo House


Since 1984 the Bamboo House has been a Bourke Street classic and serves authentic Cantonese. It is elegantly red and gold, bamboo-lined, but you realize that when you see the white, cheap tablecloths at a nice Chinese old restaurant. The Peking Duck is a must in Bamboo Kitchen, but its spicy calamari and Sichuan beef are other favorites. Book a service or literally go to the front door for a table, and at any time of the week, Bamboo House is the first-rate.



Wonderbao is less common but still tasty. You can take Melbourne potentially better and most effectively. I may be partly, but this little street kitchen seamlessly churns sensational fodder behind RMIT’s city campus. For those with a fear of meat, think of barbecue pork bao, chicken bao, and even a shiitake and tofu bao. Wonderbao is great for a lunch hit or for a quick cure to your three-thirty-itis cup of homemade soy milk.

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