Studying Abroad? Here Are The Ultimate Bucket List Ideas For University Students

Written by Bistriti Poddar

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June 23, 2020

One way or the other, you are going to reminisce about your university days. You may look back upon the classes you skipped, the friends you made, the ridiculous dishes you cooked and the memories you made. So, why not create an entire bucket list of ideas for university students everywhere! 

Here are some ultimate bucket list ideas but you can and should customise it to give yourself the best trip down memory lane some years later. 

Write a letter to yourself in the future

You are going to grow older (obviously) and you are going to change. The things you like now, you may not some years later and things you can’t stand, you may probably fall in love with. The best way to encapsulate these differences is by writing your future self a letter. Talk about your dreams, talk about what you like right now and what your idea of the future is. For a little fun, add a couple of new tech-innovation ideas that you think will have been invented then.

Till scientists make time-travel a thing, use this letter as your own personal time machine. 

Watch a movie on a class projector 

Tread carefully! 

This may probably be the craziest bucket list idea but it’s worth the adrenaline rush. Find an unused classroom in between lectures and sneak in a movie on a pendrive or on your laptop. Connect it to the class projector and voila! You have your very own private screening. 

But for safety purposes, you may probably want to pick a shorter movie. You have been warned! 

Join a club

Your classmates are definitely some amazing people you may meet but they may not necessarily share the same interests as you. You know that thing you are secretly possessive about? What if you found someone equally as invested in it as you! The answer is, JOIN A CLUB. Look through the options your university has and find a club of your liking. Believe us, the friends you make there, they’re going to last you a lifetime. 

Ask random students to help you move in

The beginning of university can be tough. You may not know many people and you may not have made as many friends. The fastrack to this is to ask random people around your dorm to help you move in and set up. This way, you don’t just make new acquaintances but also understand different tastes in decor and set-up. It’s a win-win, really! 

Have a cultural potluck

Studying Abroad? Here Are The Ultimate Bucket List Ideas For University Students

An international university is a melting pot of cultures. The likelihood of you making friends of different cultures is naturally high. One of the best ways to really get to know your classmates and friends is by having a cultural potluck. Ask every participant to bring their most cultural dishes to the potluck and get together for dinner discussing the significance and importance of each dish. This bucket list idea is one you will never forget. 

Participate in a campus tradition

Every university has their own traditions that may seem ridiculous to outsiders. But once you’re in, you’re in! You will proudly want to associate with every aspect of your university. The way to connect with and relate to decade-old batches is by being a part of your campus’ traditions. 

So, find a few seniors and look around for age-old traditions that your campus has. 

This will not just add to your ‘crazy bucket list ideas’ but also help you really dive into your university. 

Attend a concert or festival

Most states with universities boast of cool concerts and festivals. And what better way to spend a weekend at a festival than your uni days! 

Grab a couple of your friends and find out about festivals closest to you. To make the weekend even better, take a road trip there!

Once you’ve graduated and real life is ahead of you, you are going to miss these days and fondly think about them. You may even sit your grandchildren on your lap and talk about the days gone by. So, make the best of this time and make sure you’ve done enough crazy things that your stories make your kids want to beat the list!

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