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study in Dublin

Thanks to Dublin’s rich heritage and tradition, excellent colleges in Dublin Ireland, affordable tuition fees, stunning coastal scenery, and lively nightlife, these are all the reasons which Dublin is a very popular destination for students from abroad. The Irish are well recognized for being polite and accepting outsiders to add to this, so individuals realize they will be treated with dignity. Ireland has fantastic universities all over the country, but the place to go in Dublin.

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Dublin is a big city with tons of entertainment always going on. There is always something to occupy yourself when you study abroad Dublin, with bustling bars and pubs playing live folk music, beautiful architecture, and fascinating museums. If it occurs in Ireland, the possible situation is for it to happen in Dublin. Let’s see what’s studying in Dublin like.

study in Dublin

Great Foreign University Choices

There are several universities that rate very well on an international level in Ireland, so it is never too shocking to learn that Ireland is commonplace for students from all over the world. Let’s get the answers to the asked question: why study in Dublin?

The seven universities in Ireland are listed in the top 700 worldwide, whilst the top five highest-ranked universities in the nation are in the top 450. Dublin is host to three of the best, and these are Trinity College Dublin, Dublin University College, and Dublin City University.

Back in 1592, Trinity College Dublin was founded, rendering it the oldest high school institution in Ireland. It was based on the renowned colleges of Cambridge and Oxford. It is the most highly praised university in Ireland today, and it is rated as the 104th best university in the nation. In the Classics, Arts, and Social Sciences, there are about 17,000 students participating.

Back in 1854, University College Dublin was established and is rated as the world’s 193rd best university. It has nearly 34,000 students and is divided into five colleges, 18 academic institutes, and 34 schools. In the past, it had several very famous students, such as the actor Gabriel Byrne, the author James Joyce, and the director Neil Jordan.

Compared to the two historic universities above, Dublin City University is quite new, as it was founded in 1975 and gained university status 14 years later. It has rapidly developed itself as a really successful university since then and is rated as the world’s 422nd best university. It has about 17,000 students and some on-campus amenities are highly impressive. These top-notch universities are one of the reasons why students love to study in Dublin.

Fair prices for housing

As Dublin has become a quite common city for people to live, study, and work in, it can be very tricky to find accommodation at affordable rental rates. However, thanks to new laws and regulations that limit rental rates and promote further construction, things are improving. Therefore, you will probably discover a good and inexpensive place to live while you study in Dublin for international students .

As for where you live through your studies, you have a variety of different options.

You might decide, for instance, to live on a university campus. This is a really nice choice because you are right on top of your classes, you are surrounded by people like you, even while you are not in a class, there are plenty of amenities to keep you amused. Accommodation is very common on campus when you study in Dublin and is easily picked up, so if you don’t want to lose out, you have to get in early. The expense of campus housing varies from 500 to 1000 euros a month.

If you are trying to pay a little less on accommodation and you already have costly student loans, so anywhere to share an apartment or student accommodation off-campus will be your best choice. You may be able to rent a single space in a shared apartment or house for about €400 per month if you take the time to search, which is fairly affordable if you ask us.

Living with a nearby family might be another choice for you. Dublin homeowners are actually being encouraged to hire a student a spare room, and several are giving it a try.

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So, if you have no trouble living with a band of Dubliners, this can be a perfect opportunity to hold your expenses down whilst knowing more about the great city in which you reside.

study in Dublin

Public Transport Reliability

Due to the vast public bus lines, moving around is quite easy while you study in Dublin for international students. Similar to living in Toronto, you just get on a bus anywhere you want to go in the city and you’ll be there in no time at all. The last daily bus is at 23.30, although there is a night service operating between midnight and 04.00 if you are out late on Friday and Saturday night.

You can also go wherever you like to go by getting on a tram. There are two sections, red and green, serving most regions as well as a few suburban areas in Central Dublin. The last tram from the City Centre is at 00.

47 on weekdays and Saturdays, whilst the last one from St Stephen’s Green is at 00.41. They end an hour early on Sunday evening.

In the city, there is also a rail service running on five separate routes that will take you to other cities and towns outside of Dublin, such as Dundalk, Longford, Portlaoise, Dunboyne, and Gorey. So, if you don’t mind having a bit of an everyday drive, you could suggest living in one of these places as the rental rates are going to be lower. If you feel like taking a day out or a weekend break in one of the other major cities in Ireland, such as Galway or Cork, then you can still take a train to get there.

A taxi or Uber is another means of transportation open to anyone in Dublin. In the city center on O-Connell Lane, you will find the main taxi ranks, but if you don’t want to stand in a long line, there’s always the choice of attempting to hail an empty taxi from the street.

Then you can try renting a bike if you want to stay fit. Dublin is one of the world’s most bike-friendly communities and has over 120 kilometers of cycling roads. If you choose to hire a vehicle or a motorbike, then you will have lots of various choices open.

Public transit expenses will add up fast when you live and study in Dublin, so we suggest that you get a Student Leap Card if you want to save money. People who use this pass will save 50% on public transport. To add to this, you can even use it to get good deals all over Ireland on leading products and brands.

Pleasant, entertaining, and open-minded community

When you come to study in Dublin, one thing you ought to be mindful of is that the locals would be very open-minded and straightforward. One of the Irish people’s best qualities is that they’re never shy to tell you what they think. If they think you’re a bit of a prat, they’re probably not going to think twice about letting you know.

Do not be too shocked if anyone walks at you and tries to join you for a talk if you are out in the bar enjoying a nice drink by yourself. Do not be scared or threatened when this happens to you, as the citizens of Ireland are incredibly nice and just enjoy talking to strangers. They can come and talk to you once they know that you are from another neck of the woods since they are usually interested in finding out all about where you are from and the reason for being in Dublin. They would also be able to address any concerns about Dublin that you have. Being polite, fun, and open-minded is only part of Irish culture, and if everyone was like this, the world would certainly be a better place.

World-Class Entertainment Options

Now, we know you’re going to study abroad Dublin and get higher education in Dublin, but every now and then you deserve to let your hair down, go out to restaurants, enjoy and there’s no better place to do that than the capital of Ireland. There is so much to do in Dublin when it comes to a culture that you can never get bored. Probably, if you discover you’re lonely and don’t know what to do when studying abroad in Dublin, then you’re undoubtedly doing something wrong.

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Why Study in Dublin? | Top Reasons to study in Dublin

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