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Student Accommodation Oxford

The city of Oxford is a well-known educational centre as well as a vibrant student city. The University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, is located in Oxford. It also houses Oxford Brookes University, which attracts a large number of students looking for Oxford student accommodation. The city has everything, from exquisite student halls to low-cost student lettings in Oxford.

Oxford is a developed city in England with a dense population, architecture, shopping malls, educational facilities, and so on. According to Oxford University figures, it serves 22,000 students throughout the year. There are many student houses in Oxford that provide safe and secure housing. The rooms offer a variety of trendy and modern studios with a private en-suite bathroom and kitchen, smart TV, cosy bed, and adequate storage place to keep your items, as well as Wi-Fi, bills, and contents insurance.

Oxford is a fairly green city, with various parks and nature trails within the city limits, as well as other places just outside the city limits. Apart from academic brilliance, there are also venues for refreshments. You can select from 400 clubs and organisations to help you engage and socialise with other students. The city is cosmopolitan, with a plethora of exciting activities and places to visit.

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Student Accommodation In Oxford

Oxford Student Accommodation

Oxford is well-known for being a student city that offers a high standard of living as well as a world-class education. Bright minds from all over the United Kingdom travel to Oxford to study at one of its prestigious universities. The city itself is also a great place to live, with a diverse range of bars and restaurants, a thriving cultural scene, and an abundance of parks and green spaces. Private Student accommodation in Oxford could be found at reasonable prices in the city.

About Oxford

Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spires, is well-known throughout the world for its university and historical significance. It has been a home to royalty and scholars for over 800 years, and an established town since the 9th century, despite the fact that people have lived in the area for thousands of years. Nowadays, the city is a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis. Oxford has two theatres, a diverse range of bars and restaurants ranging from chain to independent eateries, and a variety of high-street shopping options. There is no shortage of arts and artefacts that tell the storey of the city's fascinating history in this culturally rich city.

Student Housing In Oxford

When deciding where to stay in Oxford, you have a lot of options. Choosing whether to live on-campus or off-campus can be a difficult decision. On-campus student accommodation in Oxford may be more expensive than your budget, and finding a room to book can be difficult at times. Many off-campus student halls in Oxford are available within walking distance of universities. UniAcco provides some of the most modern & flexible student lettings in Oxford.

Best Places to Stay in Oxford

UniAcco offers many options of student accommodation in Oxford. The locations of these private student accommodation in Oxford are very affordable and are located close to your university radius. 

  • iQ Alice House iQ Alice House located near the River Cherwell, offers three stylish studios, each with a private en suite bathroom, kitchenette, and smart TV. This property provides studios that include WiFi, bills, and contents insurance. This is one of the student rooms in Oxford which is ideal, because it is close to many colleges, including the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University.
  • Between Towns Court - Between Towns Court provides en-suite rooms in shared apartments as well as en-suite studios with private mini-kitchens. The rooms are all fully furnished. They have a comfortable double bed, plenty of storage space, a workspace, and an en-suite shower room.
  • Slade Park - Slade Park student housing offers a variety of studio rooms. Expect a Wi-Fi connection, a study desk, and a bed regardless of the room you choose. Students have access to on-site staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Student Castle Oxford - Student Castle Oxford student accommodation in Oxford facility offers studio rooms as well as apartments. Whatever room you choose, a Wi-Fi connection, CCTV camera security, and a double bed will be provided. Students have access to on-site staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Cost of Living in Oxford

The bottom and maximum bounds of expected living expenses for 2021-22 are shown here. These expenditures are based on a single full-time undergraduate or graduate student living in Oxford with no dependents. We offer the monthly cost, which you may multiply by the number of months you anticipate to spend in Oxford.

  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   680
  On-Campus Accommodation   633
  Food (60 meals)     348
  Utilities  72
  Groceries  72
  Transportation  55
  Entertainment  37
  Clothes  33


Oxford Transportation


Oxford is home to the United Kingdom's first integrated transportation system outside of London! You may utilise any operator's bus within the Oxford Zone with the convenient SmartCard. When you're not using your SmartCard, you can lend it to someone else.


Oxford Trains now has a brand new out-of-town rail station! From Oxford Parkway to London Marylebone, there are currently two trains every hour. They are close to the student accommodation in Oxford offered by us.


Oxford presently has only one Boris-style system and several app-based dockless bike programmes.

Car Sharing

Oxford is infamous for being car-unfriendly. As a result, if you want to get outside the ring road, you may need to use a car on occasion.

Car lift or car sharing can be the ideal solution, and as ever there are plenty of options!


Oxford Attraction

1) Oxford University's Historic Colleges

This is what everyone has come to see, and with good cause. The University of Oxford's 38 colleges are renowned, aesthetically distinctive, and perennially atmospheric. Nobody is going to see them all, therefore you must be selective. Some of our favourites are Magdalen's riverbank grandeur, Worcester's magnificent gardens, and St Catz's daring modernity. Learn more about these and other university sightseeing options on our University Sightseeing website.

2) The Ashmolean Museum

The oldest public museum in the United Kingdom is also one of the best. Its collections range from ancient Egypt to modern China, and each has been complemented by its exquisite, light-filled settings. Wind your way to the top of the galleries, then celebrate with tea, cake, and panoramic views of Oxford from the museum's rooftop Restaurant.

3) Christ Church Meadow

A gorgeous flood-meadow so exquisite that you'll have trouble believing it's in the middle of a metropolis. It's ideal for strolling, picnics, punting, running, and, most importantly, watching the University's very own herd of longhorn cattle (which, legend has it, were originally a gift from Bill Clinton). It's especially nice early in the morning, when a coating of mist typically hangs over the river.

4) The Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums

Either of these museums would be worth a visit in its own right, but because they are both housed in the same building, they cannot be missed. The Natural History Museum's bright, colourful environs offer a welcome diversion from the Pitt Rivers' evocative dinginess. While examining the latter, make a point of seeing the cabinet of shrunken heads.

5) Punting

The classic Oxford activity is also the finest way to explore many of the city's riverbank attractions. Pack a picnic, put your phone away, and be prepared to get wet. More information and critical advice on how not to fall in may be found in our Punting Guide.


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FAQs on Student Accommodation Oxford

Student housing in Oxford provides a comfortable experience at a reasonable price. You can choose from a wide range of properties, including flats, student halls, studio apartments, private apartments, and many others.

You can find fully-furnished rooms equipped with facilities such as a furnished kitchen, wardrobe, study desk & chair, sofa, bathroom, and more.

Yes, students who book in advance typically receive good discounts and pay lower rent in Oxford. You can save money by making a group reservation. Other cashback offers are constantly available, keeping an eye on our website to stay updated on the same would be very useful for you.

Regretfully, as a non-student, you will not be able to live in student housing. These are properties designed specifically for students and their needs.

Yes! Please contact one of our property experts and we will arrange a virtual tour of property for you!

Yes, you may rent student accommodation in Oxford for short term basis of 8-12 weeks.

Yes, you can! There is a wide range of private student accommodation in Oxford that you choose to live in. Pick the one that's perfect for you.