Case Study – Serving Students Throughout The Pandemic

UniAcco is a leading prop-tech company that helps students to find the perfect accommodation abroad.  UniAcco has successfully listed more than 1200 properties since its inception in 2019 and has assisted over 40,000 students in finding their new home. In these case studies, we see how UniAcco and its expert property consultants go out of their way and support the students to find the right place. Let’s start with Case Study #9 – Serving students throughout the Pandemic.


This case was managed by Yukti,  one of the experts of our property consultancy team. Since she started working with UniAcco, she has assisted numerous students with their accommodation needs and has solved every possible issue a student faces. In this case study, we’ll get to know how Yukti attended to a student who was flying to Preston for her post-graduation and was visiting the UK for the first time in her life. 

Case Scenario

After looking for accommodations since September, this student got to know about UniAcco through Gumtree and selected the property which was just the perfect one for her, providing everything she wanted in student accommodation. Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, everything was quite uncertain and there were multiple changes in her plan of moving-in. She wanted help with delayed check-in and was not okay with making the payment before shifting to the property.


Her plan of flying to the UK got postponed several times because of a shift in her course date and the flight cancellations which were happening during the pandemic. This led to a change in the agreement every time her plan got postponed. Also, the student wanted to pay the amount while checking-in and did not agree with making prior payment which made the situation more challenging.


The student was flying to the UK for the first time to start her post-graduate degree in Preston. She was very satisfied with the accommodation which she selected and how Yukti was beside her in every step of finding the accommodation. She wanted a room which was cozy and as she was alone in the new country, she desired that the property be helpful and flexible. All the properties listed on UniAcco are no less than home and people are always there to assist regarding whatever you need.

While Yukti was managing the student, she was not really okay with making payment before she moved in and was ready to pay the amount on arrival as the student had experience in being deceived on previous occasions. No one would want that to happen again. Also, a delayed move-in date was given by the student because her flights were getting canceled on numerous occasions and there were a lot of difficulties during the pandemic. Yukti was helping her throughout this and spoke to the property managers regarding her concerns and was in touch with both, the student and the property manager constantly to make the necessary changes. She managed to alter her move-in agreement thrice as per the changing course date and flight dates, which is commendable. Also, she made sure that the student does not have to pay anything extra and only paid for the duration while she was staying in the property. Yukti also convinced the property manager to let the student pay on arrival as she was skeptical about paying the full amount in advance. 

While the student was looking for options, she got offers of rooms at cheaper prices but UniAcco offered something of more value to her. A- Z amenities and various social events for indulging in a new environment which also helps students to mix up with each other easily. 

The student was very impressed by Yukti because of the quick response time, and the personalized service provided for solving her issues. Yukti also didn’t fail to take her feedback after she finally moved in and was in touch with her throughout. 


When the flights finally resumed and her course started, the student flew to Preston and was extremely satisfied with the room and the property. Her budget was kept in place, and ultimately, she was satisfied with the service offered. She was thankful to UniAcco and Yukti for being beside her whenever there was an issue. She also recommended UniAcco to two of her mates who had different requirements. Yukti helped them as well to find the most suitable accommodation.

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Case Study – Serving Students Throughout The Pandemic

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