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San Francisco is one of the best cities for food in the world. You can find reliable, fresh and memorable food destinations easily throughout the city. Enjoy a 16-course meal at the supper club including street-style tacos and vegetarian dining in America, at the top restaurants in San Francisco. There are many top restaurants in San Francisco that provide the best dining experience.

We have got you covered with the best places to dine in San Francisco. The list of the must- try restaurants in San Francisco has some excellent Italian restaurants which provide affordable fine dining. 

Top 10 Best Restaurants in San Francisco

1. Mister Jiu’s

Location: 28 Waverly Pl.

Cost: $65 to $75

Best Dishes: BBQ Pork Bun

Why Visit: Chef Brandon Jew is a known chef of Mister Jius. He prepares cuisine, which is an inspired western take on traditional Cantonese cooking. The wooden tables are equipped with Susans for communal dining. The tables are spacious and accommodate events or family occasions, so bring a crew to the restaurant. This restaurant is the perfect place for a special occasion with a group. The service is very fast, and you can enjoy delicacies at an affordable cost.

2. Liholiho Yacht Club

Location: 871 Sutter St.

Cost: $60 to $65

Best Dishes: Hawaiian-Inspired Dishes Like Tuna Poke, Baked Hawaii, And Homemade Spam

Why Visit: Liholiho Yacht Club is one of the most polished restaurants in San Francisco, which is one part Californian, one part Hawaiian, and one part Chinese. If we talk about the food, you won’t be able to find similar dishes anywhere in the city. From the duck liver toast with pickled pineapple and jalapeno to the octopus with curried raisins, olives, butterball potatoes, and fresh coriander, everything on the plate served is the product of Ravi Kapur’s imagination. He is a great chef. The drinks served at the restaurant are also Island-inspired.

Tartine Manufactory restaurant san francisco

3. Tartine Manufactory

Location: 595 Alabama St.

Cost: $31 to $50

Best Dishes: Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Frangipane Croissant And Quiche.

Why Visit: Tartine Manufactory is a bright and chic restaurant with a choose-your-adventure setup. It is one of the few restaurants in San Francisco to have a bakery inside. You will see an ice cream window, a coffee counter, and a small wine bar at the restaurant. Make your dining experience memorable by trying their sweet dishes. Order the coddled eggs with fresh horseradish, sea trout roe, and za’atar toast. You can also have dinner here and try delicacies like fresh-milled durum pappardelle, ricotta, and lamb neck ragu.

4. Cala

Location: 149 Fell St.

Cost: $31 to $60

Best Dishes: Sweet Potato Main Dish And Mexican Food Which Is Served As Small Tapas Styles

Why Visit: The interior of this one of the top restaurants in San Francisco is straight out of the La Condesa which is a trendy modern district of Mexico City. The credit for this goes to Chef Gabriela Camara who is from the capital of Mexico where she runs Contramar. Chef Camara ensures that every dish prepared in this restaurant has a trifecta including quality ingredients and also an artful presentation. The sweet potato served at this restaurant is broiled until it becomes creamy. It is then tossed into the fire until the skin becomes crisp. The potato is served with bone marrow salsa and tortillas. 

5. Hawker Fare

Location: 680 Valencia St. #1126

Cost: $30 to $41

Best Dishes: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi lemak, Laksa, Char Kway Teow,

Why Visit: Thai spot Hawker Fare packs serious culinary cred. Customers of this restaurant are encouraged to be merry and eat the Isaan-style pork sausage and fried chicken with their hands. If you’re in the mood to visit a secluded place with a watering hole inspired by the works of Alejandro Jodorowsky, you can check out their upstairs bar which is known as the Holy Mountain.

spruce restaurant san francisco

6. Spruce

Location: 3640 Sacramento St.

Cost: $31 to $50

Best Dishes: Beignets And Chocolate Sauce Creme Anglaise

Why Visit: The decor of Spruce is as posh as the interiors of any other elegant restaurants in San Francisco. The ambiance is elegant without being very stuffy. There are white tablecloths, a marbled bar, leather chairs, and dark tones under a cathedral ceiling. The liquor bottles of this restaurant are organised by colour. The food of this restaurant is majorly Californian cuisine. 

7. State Bird Provisions

Location: 1529 Fillmore St.

Cost: $60 to $200

Best Dishes: Kimchi Pork Belly, Aromatic Broth, Tofu, Guinea Hen Dumplings, Steak Tartare, And Grilled Pepperoncini

Why Visit: The 45-seat chic dining room of State Bird Provisions is packed. You should make a reservation in advance. Most elite foodies in San Francisco eat at this restaurant regularly. The food is served here dim sum style. The chef of this restaurant has a knack for finding eclectic flavours. You should try the pork belly with namesake state bird and citrus salad. 

8. Lazy Bear

Location: 3416 19th St.

Cost: $165 to $185

Best Dishes: Duck, Seared Endive, Sliced Grape, Ham & Barley Broth, Chicories, Charred Pink Lady Apple, Fudgy Yolk, And Charred Onion

Why Visit: Chef David Barzelay at Lazy Bear cooks mouth-watering food liked by everyone. The midcentury space of Lazy Bear provides an ambiance for the theme of this restaurant which is 1950s era supper club. About 15 courses are introduced to the people as soon as they arrive at the restaurant. You should try the items like porcini with egg yolk in a mushroom broth or a bay scallop with pine nuts, celtuce, and little gem.

9. La Taqueria

Location: 2889 Mission St.

Cost: $11 to $30

Best Dishes: Tacos Or Burritos And No-Frills Taqueria

Why Visit: Taquerias are like sports teams to the people of San Francisco. People are die-hard fans of the Taquerias of La Taqueria. This is because this old-school taqueria stays true to its roots. The Taquerias of this restaurant are cited as one of the best burritos in America. Remember to get your carne asada or vegetarian dish in El Dorado-style.

10. Zuni Cafe

Location: 1658 Market St.

Cost: $31 to $50

Best Dishes: Anchovies, Oysters, And Squash Blossoms Appetize

Why Visit: Walking into Zuni Cafe feels like entering a hidden gem. This bi-level bistro had vested bartenders’ live and soft piano music. The food served here is thoughtful and classic. The cuisine of Zuni Cafe is California, with Italian influences and heavy French. You should try the chicken of this restaurant which is roasted in a wood-fired brick oven and served with a bread salad of garlic, dried currants, and mustard greens. 

Hence, you should visit any of these restaurants in San Francisco which serve authentic food with excellent customer service. Some of these restaurants also offer catering services for your convenience. The welcoming atmosphere of these restaurants attract people to gather with their family and friends for a delicious meal.

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Best Restaurants in San Francisco 2024 – UniAcco

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