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10 Bars And Pubs In Camden That Rocks!

pubs in Camden

Camden is a city that encourages drinking. Whether you’re in the area for the live music scene or not, you’ll find a welcoming place for a pint here. People may visit Camden for the markets and food, but they stay for the lively pubs. Unlike in many other parts of the city, Camden’s pub scene is not only alive but thriving, with a plethora of independent bars and pubs dotted throughout the cool enclave. Looking for the best pubs in Camden? Don’t miss this guide to the area’s best boozers, which includes everything from gorgeous beer gardens to Amy Winehouse’s old haunts.

#1 – Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle, a true classic, is one of the venues that serve as a proving ground for any up-and-coming band. It’s dim and far from hospitable: upholstered couches, plastic flowers, fingerprinted mirrors, and posters adorning the walls allude to the bands who’ve played here, from Madness to Blur. We adore it, and we believe you will as well.

#2 – The Black Heart

The Black Heart is a rock ‘n’ roll watering hole that lies in the middle of an American biker bar and a traditional British rock pub. It is located off the beaten Camden path. Live music is a blessing here, just like in many Camden pubs, and there is a good selection of regional beers for the thirsty. Take a look at the menu, a killer vegan roast will meet all your expectations.

#3 – World’s End

Without stopping by The World’s End, a pub crawl through Camden wouldn’t be complete. This historic pub draws a diverse crowd of people that reflects the vibrant energy of the North London borough. The interior is enormous and blends industrial and steampunk design. Although it does get busy on the weekends, you should arrive early to secure a spot.

pubs in Camden

#4 – Edinboro Castle

Are you looking for a Camden bar with a beer garden? You can find a garden decorated with bright lights hidden between shady trees at the Edinboro Castle. Pick up a pint from the impressive array of beers on tap, which includes Hells Lager (a Camden Brewery beer). Not a beer fan? There is a wide variety of international wines and spirits, so there is no need to worry.

#5 – Brewdog

With options for vegetarians and vegans on half of their menu items, this storied pub chain is excellent for brunch (half their premier beer selection is vegan too). With its welcoming ambience and unpretentious interior design, this establishment gives visitors a laid-back vibe. This bar welcomes dogs, so bring your pet along. Visit for some traditional pub fare and a selection of craft beers.

#6 – The Hawley Arms

The Hawley Arms is a must-visit on any Camden pub crawl. The Amy Winehouse pub in Camden is the name given to this well-known pub. This is because it was the late singer’s neighbourhood pub back in the 2000s. Since then, it has grown in popularity in the British indie music scene, with guests including Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss, and Pete Doherty.

#7 – Colonel Fawcett

This independent pub takes pride in its extensive gin selection (there are over 30 types). It’s a 19th-century-themed restaurant and pub. They don’t hold back when it comes to food and have developed a reputation for delicious pub grub. Colonel Fawcett hosts live music, pub quizzes, and even comedy nights on occasion. This is an excellent choice for a delicious lunch and a wide range of beverages.

#8 – The Oxford Arms

The Oxford Arms, located in the heart of Camden, is a cool family-run pub that has been serving locals beers since 1968. Snuggle up with a drink inside the cool interior, which retains some Victorian touches, and dine on the hearty food menu. Everything is homemade, and the food is some of the best in the area.

#9 – Lock Tavern

This is another must-see Camden pub with a beer garden. The Lock Tavern is a Camden lock pub serving some of the best burgers in the city. In their main bar downstairs, they have 18 beer taps. There are three more areas in the pub: the beer garden, the cocktail bar, and the rooftop terrace. Join them between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday for their happy hour special.

#10 – The Elephant’s Head

The Camden Town brewery used to own this historic pub. It is a 19th-century pub that prides itself on being a genuine Victorian London pub with light bites and a good drink selection. The house DJ at Camden Elephant’s Head pub plays music from all over the world, including Motown, Reggae, Garage, Punk, Rock, Metal, and RnB. If you consider yourself to be a good musician or singer, why not pay them a visit on Wednesdays when they host an open mic night?

The Takeaway

That concludes our list of the best Pubs in Camden. So get your pints ready, and find your ideal spot! We’ve chosen ten of our favourite pubs in Camden, ranging from historic locations filmed with musical and glamorous history to modern pubs for an epic night out.


1. Which pub in Camden serves a vegan menu?

The Black Heart pub in Camden serves the best delicious vegan menu.

2. Which are the best pubs in Camden for students?

Dublin Castle, The Black Heart, and The Oxford Arms are some of the best pubs in Camden for students.

3. Is Camden good for pubs?

Camden has a plethora of pubs: whether you’re searching for a grunge hangout, hidden drinking holes, or chic cocktails, Camden has it all.

4. Which are the best pubs in Camden?

Camden has a lot of pubs. Some of the best pubs in Camden include Dublin Castle, World’s End, The Hawley Arms, Brewdog, The Elephant Head and many more.

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pubs in Camden

10 Bars And Pubs In Camden That Rocks!