5 Incredible Rooftop Bars In Seattle With Stunning Views

Rooftop Bar In Seattle

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, you might want to stop by a rooftop bar. There are numerous great places to grab a drink, enjoy brunch, and even take in views of the Space Needle or Capitol Hill. Downtown Seattle has a wide variety of stunning city views to choose from, so take a look at some of the best rooftop patio or bar options. The Seattle hotels with rooftop bars provide breathtaking views of the city, Puget Sound, and mountains. If you enjoy the ambience as well as good drinks, our guide will give you the best rooftop bars in Seattle to visit! 

Whether you’re looking for a casual outdoor bite with friends or a romantic date, these rooftop bars in downtown Seattle are ideal for taking in the scenery and enjoying the good weather! Check out our list of the best rooftop bars in Seattle and start planning your next trip!

The Smith Tower Observatory Bar

The Smith Tower Observatory Bar

The Smith Tower Observatory Bar is without a doubt one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle, WA. It’s been around for over a century, offers a stunning view of Puget Sound, and offers a wide range of drink options. You might be interested in some happy hour draught beer, fresh liquor, and cocktails inspired by the surrounding area. It is true that it is more exorbitant than some of the other options, but given the variety of food available, it will satisfy all of your cravings. At this bar, almost everyone should be able to find something they like.

Location: 506 2nd Ave #35, Seattle

The Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club

If you’re in the U District, stop by The Graduate Hotel. That is where you will find the Mountaineering Club, one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle which will provide you with a stunning view of the city. You can get a better look at Mount Rainier, see downtown Seattle from above, and see students from the nearby University of Washington (UW) on their way to class. Because there are some distinctive options on the menu, such as oysters, your server will be competent to suggest a few drink pairing options. It’s one of the most common ones in the area, so make a reservation in advance.

Location: 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle

The Fog Room

The Fog Room Bar

If you ask someone where to go in downtown Seattle, you’ll most likely be directed to The Fog Room. It launched in 2018 and is located on the roof of the Charter Hotel. It is located on the 16th floor of the building and is named after Seattle’s popular overcast skies. There are some stunning views of the waterfront, and you can sample some of the city’s best cocktails. Some of them have been named after different landmarks, so don’t be afraid to ask the bartender for some suggestions if you’re not sure what they are.

Location: 1610 2nd Ave, Seattle

The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

When the sun begins to set, The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar will be packed. It has an amazing staircase that will catch your attention as soon as you walk in the door, but if you desire some of the best views in town, you must go all the way to the rooftop.  Since this rooftop bar is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, you will be surrounded by skyscrapers, providing unrivalled views of the city. While you’re probably more familiar with beer flights at Seattle breweries, this wine bar also offers wine flights. Have you never had one? This is your opportunity! Pair it with something like lobster mac and cheese or poutine.

Location: 1225 4th Ave, Seattle

The Nest

The Nest Bar

The Nest, one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle is yet another popular rooftop bar in the downtown area. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of Elliott Bay if you find it on the roof of the Thompson Hotel. There are plenty of delectable menu options, including some fresh seafood. As we all know, there is no better or more fresh seafood than that found in Seattle, so even the bars know how to do it right! You should definitely try some of their speciality cocktails. During the summer, you should make a reservation ahead of time because it is one of the city’s most popular spots.

Location: 110 Stewart St, Seattle

Final Thoughts

The many rooftop bars in Seattle are numerous; these are just a few of them. Find a bar with a great view of the Seattle skyline and take advantage of everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, whether you choose to ascend to the top of a skyscraper or just relax and take in the expansive views close to the U District. 


1. Which is the very best Rooftop Bar in Seattle?

This question is challenging to answer because each of the restaurants on the list above offers a distinctive atmosphere. It really depends on whether you’re going for a sophisticated vibe or a relaxed, chill atmosphere where anything goes. The Smith Tower Observatory Bar & The Mountaineering Club are some of the finest Rooftop bars in Seattle.

2. What’s the best area in Seattle to experience rooftop bars?

If you want to go bar hopping, downtown Seattle has some of the best options to experience rooftop bars.

3. What are some highly-rated rooftop bars in Seattle, WA?

Tower Observatory Bar, The Mountaineering Club, The Fog Room & The Nest are some highly-rated rooftop bars in Seattle, WA.

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Rooftop Bar In Seattle

5 Incredible Rooftop Bars In Seattle With Stunning Views

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